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MP vinyl for sale: Lobotomizer, Soothe, Demon Box, EPs, singles, related

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  • Started 2 months ago by petterfe


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  1. petterfe

    I'm selling the following items on commission for a friend:

    Lobotomizer. LP original 1st press with lyrics on inner sleeve, but no poster. Very nice copy! EUR 400
    Soothe. Mini-LP standard edition, i.e. no metal box. But still very nice! EUR 250
    Demon Box. 2xLP original 2nd press on VOW, i.e. sides A/B and C/D. Never played! EUR 400
    SOLD! The Tussler. 2x10". EUR 60

    SOLD! Wearing Yr Smell. 10" EP. EUR 30
    SOLD! The Nerve Tattoo. 10" EP. EUR 30
    SOLD! Manmower. 10" EP. EUR 30
    SOLD! Starmelt. 10" EP. EUR 30
    SOLD! Ozone. 10" EP. EUR 30
    SOLD! Hey, Jane. 10" EP. EUR 30
    SOLD! The Other Fool. 10" EP. EUR 30
    SOLD! Walkin With J. 10" EP. EUR 30
    SOLD! Serpentine. 10" EP. EUR 30

    SOLD! 3 Songs For Rut. 7" EP. EUR 80
    SOLD! Into The Sun. 7" split with Hedge Hog - Surprise. EUR 40
    SOLD! Mad Sun. 7" split with Alice Cooper - Nobody Likes Me. Yellow sawblade shaped vinyl. EUR 80
    Go To California / Black To Comm. 2x7" split with The Soundtrack Of Our Lives. EUR 20
    SOLD! Sinful, Wind-Borne. 7". EUR 40
    X-3 (Knuckleheads In Space). 7" on black vinyl. EUR 30

    Deathprod recording The Jörg Mager Trio. 7" on clear vinyl in original sleeve. EUR 100
    Arne Nordheim / Deathprod - A Forum for the Arts / Studio. 7" on Prisma Records, 2014. EUR 30
    SOLD! Motor Home - Country Chris / Life is a Little Lie. 7" feat. Motorpsycho + Martin Hagfors. EUR 30

    Please contact me at if you want to buy any of these records or have any questions or concerns.

    All records and sleeves are in EX condition or better. Pictures can be provided on request.

    Discounts can be given at my discretion if you buy several items.

    All sales are final and payment must be made within 4 days of purchase. I accept PayPal, Vipps and bank transfer. If you pick up the records in Oslo you may also pay with your credit/debit card or in cash.

    I will ship to anywhere in the known Universe. Shipping including tracking and insurance will be extra (starting at EUR 16 to Norway, EUR 36 to Europe, EUR 40 to rest of World), but is recommended, as these items cannot be replaced.

    Records will be shipped outside their sleeves, inside protective plastic sleeves and proper mailers, to minimize the risk of damages. Please note that I'm not responsible for lost shipments, delays, damages or additional costs (import tax, handling fees etc.) caused by third parties.

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