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  1. ThorEgil

    If you can't wait to experience Tomas Järmyr, the new Motorpsycho drummer, he will be touring Europe with the Italian band ZU this spring. You will not want to miss this one.

    Swamp Booking
    February 7 at 3:10pm ·
    Zu will release JHATOR, new album our on HOUSE OF MYTHOLOGY in MARCH 2017!

    They will tour Europe starting from April 2017

    04/04 Italy Arezzo Karemaski
    04/05 Italy Ravenna Bronson
    04/06 Italy Torino Magazzino sul Po
    04/07 France Grenoble La Bobine
    04/08 France Annecy Brise Glace
    04/09 France Gigors Gigors Elect
    04/10 France Marseille Jas Rod
    04/12 France Agen Le Florida
    04/13 France Caen Fermeture Eclair
    04/14 Belgium Diksmuide 4AD
    04/15 Belgium Bruxelles mag4
    04/16 Germany Nurnberg K4
    04/17 Czech Republic Brno Kabinet Múz
    04/18 Germany Stuttgart Komma
    04/20 Belgium Liege KulturA
    04/21 The Netherlands Tilburg Roadburn Festival
    04/23 Italy Mestre Spazio Aereo
    04/24 Italy Parma MU
    04/25 Italy Roma ZUFEST @ MONK

    05/03 Norway Oslo Bla
    05/05 Norway Stavenger Folken
    05/10 Sweden Stockholm TBA
    05/12 Denmark Copenhagen Stengade
    05/13 Denmark Aarhus RADAR
    05/17 Italy Bologna Freakout
    05/19 Italy Bolzano Pippo Stage
    05/20 Austria Innsbruck PMK

    06/13 UK Colcester Colchesterartscentre
    06/15 UK Bristol Exchange
    06/16 UK London London Fields Brewhouse
    06/17 UK Birmingham Supersonic Festival
    06/18 UK Brighton Green Door

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  2. doglicksman

    Yup, he is really gonna have a lot of spare time to practice with our pals, eh. What utter stroke of luck that they found someone that has a lot of spare time on his hands, in addition to really caring so much about their needs and the importance of Motorpsycho being a band...

    Wait, wasn't that one of the things that was a problem with KK? That he spread himself too thin?

    P.S. No drama.

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  3. manbitecat

    Feeling a bit disapointed actually. Looks like we're gonna wait a long time before we can experience the "new" Motorpsycho.

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  4. doglicksman

    @manbitecat: finally someone that actually cares about the band instead of kissing the new guys butt. Kudos!

    You were the one that started the other thread in which I replied, if I'm not mistaken. Where I was accused of being a douche for caring more about the band being a working unit and less about some Swedish dude and his percussion skills or summat.

    You Sir are the rarest thing around here: an actual fan.

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  5. supernaut

    It's not ZU's, nor Thomas' nor Motorpsycho's job to work the way the "fans" want. Their job is to make money as non-mainstream artists, they have bills to pay and mouths to feed. I guess ZU's touring plans have been settled quite a while ago and Thomas, as a pro musician, doesn't let them down just because some weird minded MP fans want him to. They have contracts and friendships to rely on. And come on: Complaining about this is calling Bent and Snah dumb, for they then wouldn't be aware of that or what? Geez, they all have their projects. The new Moster album is out now, if you care to support Snah right now. As a fan. A new Motorpsycho will be done when the time is right. This is the real world. If this is nothing but a fan's rambling then I can't help you.

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  6. manbitecat

    So if you're a fan of a band tou can't complain about the fact that it will be a long time before theres a new concert/ album? Im not a moron i know that people have bills and families and stuff to take care of. But as a fan i'm disapointet about the state of things right now. I'm not saying that the new guy should tell his other bands/friends to fuck of im in a new band noe. Im just saying that its a bummer that mp is not playing a concert in the near future.

    And don't get me started about the new Spidergawd singel (needs more Bent and less Foo Fighters 😫 )

    Posted 1 year ago #
  7. doglicksman

    Hallo? Testing, testing... Anybody out there?

    While my two first posts on this fine board MIGHT have contained slight traces of irony (remember that?) they also put the finger on a couple of issues that often occure when everybody gets too friendly. In that most typical Norwegian way: if you do not agree, you are against us and should shut up. Blowing a raspberry straight attcha, @supernaut

    There is no problem in understanding that working musicians needs to put salt on their food and clothes on their back. noone in their right mind would want to take Järnmyrs wages away from him. that was never even remotely my point. I just do not get this overly excitable fanboy-attitude towards this new guy. So far, he hasn't proved anything besides not being too familiar or even remotely interested in the band. Is that really something that we all have to applaud without any apprehension? Maybe my grasp of your fine language isn't what it should be after close to 20 years up here in the North.

    But still: from what I can gather from that article in Adressa (?), the guy do not really seem to be that into it. Hopefully all you by now rightiously enraged cousins of Bent and Hans Magnus are in the right and what is coming next is truly the golden age of MP. You'd be both simple minded and way more arrogant than what you are accusing this ol' dog of to think that I do not also hope for that to be the case.

    But then again. What if I'm right? what will be happening next? Do we need a drummer that is not there? Who does not care about the needs of the band? Like it or not they are a legacy act now. Yes, they do continue to push forward and hopefully upwards. Good drummers are hard to find. Everybody that understand even the slightest thing about music knows that. But what does it help if somebody is the best drummer in the history of the world if he is not ever available? It is possible to be a fan and still question the wisdom of choices our 'heroes' make, guys. That is called being a grown up (irony alert, no need to get too triggered by that last remark).

    P.S. Let us not talk about the abortion that is the latest Spidergawd single, @manbitecat. There is already too many Foo Fighters in this world. "There was no drama in Bent leaving and the band will be even better without him".

    Posted 1 year ago #
  8. kjellepelle

    Just for the record... last time I talked to Bent, he mentioned there are some heavy rehearsal going on.. So I don't think they are just lying about. Bent will also be part of the new Sugarfoot record that will be released late May so he will be occupied for some time with that. Then I believe it will be full on Motorpsycho I guess.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  9. CaptainAubrey

    I really shouldn't.... but:

    It's quite entertaining watching you yelling at yourself in the mirror, @doglicksman.

    "I just do not get this overly excitable fanboy-attitude towards this new guy."

    I don't see "overly excitable fanboy-attitude" anywhere, but I guess you need it to be there to justify your anger, so why not make it up?

    "So far, he hasn't proved anything besides not being too familiar or even remotely interested in the band."

    Why should he have proved anything at all, so far? They haven't played a single show yet.

    "But still: from what I can gather from that article in Adressa (?), the guy do not really seem to be that into it."

    Way to interpret an article. But then again, I guess it's needed to justify your heroic stand against the mindless fanboys (who are also secretly cousins of Bent).

    And so on, and so on..

    I bet everybody who cares about this band is a bit excited, a bit concerned, cautiously optimistic and terrified about the future. And I guess some people find rude rants of internet-bitching about who is the TRUEST fan/lamest fanboi and interpreting the commitment of musicians through newspaper-snippets (in a seriously flawed fashion), and generally behaving like a spoiled little snotshit who can't open his christmaspresents NOW, and thinks that is reason enough to yell at everybody around him, to be the best way to deal with the excitement, I'll give you that...

    Others might have other ways of dealing with the situation. I'm not one to judge.

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  10. mikke

    seems clear to me, first gig with thomas will be bukta, tromsø. what happen before that don't matter much. let's wait and see.

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  11. Holle

    Feeling a bit disapointed actually. Looks like we're gonna wait a long time before we can experience the "new" Motorpsycho.

    Not too long.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  12. ThorEgil

    The new album is now available for preorder from (This label has quite a series of stellar releases in their catalogue). Really looking forward to this one.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  13. supernaut

    two words:


    Posted 1 year ago #

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