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Fall tour 2017

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  1. Spacebandit

    Good luck, good weather out there...see you soon.
    Oh, btw...something MÖSTER is up on DIME...

    Posted 4 weeks ago #
  2. Vortex155

    Just ordered my ticket for Botanique 29/10

    Unfortunate I can't go to the Casino event few days early..else I would have done the double.

    (Had a listen again to Golden Core which they played 'back in amazing 16mins jam session) Botanique is always a magic place for Motorpsycho.

    Posted 2 weeks ago #
  3. Spacebandit

    Woohoooo..I've missed looking at that. Hannover on 11/11/ you who's been there?
    Tusen takk for the MP's for an almost Bielefeld Forum experience. But as BI, it's all up
    with no barriers in front. I really like it like that. Starting HH and endingin H.
    Hannover is a great choice and worth playing there, maybe the same enthusiastic crowd as in
    48 BI...meeting friends, staying close to the venue...what more do I need?

    Posted 4 days ago #
  4. Foxn


    Anybody have an extra ticket for the Bergen show at 26th of sept(tuesday)? I eant it! Email at

    Posted 3 days ago #

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