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Stephen O'Malley reissues

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  1. ThorEgil

    If you want a picture of Motorpsychos new drummer - or just happen to like dark ambient drone metal - here's your chance:

    From the presentation:
    "Extremely limited copies...

    At the end of 2015 Stephen O'Malley released a trio of solo albums: End Ground, Dread Live and, most famously, Fuck Fundamentalist Pigs; a crushing, personal and intensely emotive retort to the fascists and fundamentalists who undermine his and our sense of personal liberty and freedom, particularly in the wake of attacks that had just been suffered by Charlie Hebdo magazine and the residents of Paris during late 2015, and the countless poor souls who’ve suffered in the Middle East, Kenya and North Africa.

    The three albums each sold out within 48 hours of their release, and all three have now been re-printed in a second and final edition of 250 copies.

    If you missed out first time round, here's your chance to pick them up and avoid daft second hand prices."

    Fuck Fundamentalist Pigs is a recording from Blæst, Trondheim. The cover photo is my picture, with Tomas Järmyr as the poster boy.

    And - "All profits on this release [Fuck Fundamentalist Pigs] will be donated to the French Red Cross. Know that by purchasing this record you are in turn donating to that charity."

    Posted 11 months ago #
  2. kjellepelle

    To relate this post further towards MP, several of the Hiwatts used in the performance at Blæst belonged to MP (and Finni/3rd & The Mortal who also supplied the guitar as well)

    Great droney performance and excellent pic from TE as well...

    Posted 11 months ago #
  3. ThorEgil

    And - Bent got his SUNN Model T amp from Stephen O'Malley

    Posted 11 months ago #

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