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Tromso 2017-07-21

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  • Started 12 months ago by Spacebandit
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  1. Spacebandit

    Setlist as listened to...

    All is loneliness->
    In every dreamhome
    On a plate
    You lied
    Spin/spin/spin (the most heavy ever!)
    Intrepid explorers (woah!)
    The cuckoo
    Into the sun

    59 minutes show. Yeas, too short. Next festival stop will be twice the length, of course!

    Posted 12 months ago #
  2. Krist Rampage

    Cool setlist! It is the same as the one on Hogwash was supposed to be played before Into the Sun.

    Short set indeed! Can you say something about the lenght of the songs?

    Posted 12 months ago #
  3. odindahle

    I was standing at the front and could barely hear anything but Bents bass. The review in the local newspaper gave them 3/6 because of bad vocal performance, but I can't comment on that as I didnt hear any vocals. Not my fav setlist, but really fun to see the guys play well together. Tomas delivered! Heard him talking with Snah and Bent at the airport, and he said he was in heaven on stage that day!

    Posted 12 months ago #
  4. Spacebandit

    Fine recording up on DIME now. Enjoy and spread on motortrades as well.
    I'm preparing for Burg Herzberg Festival now (and it's raining like hell!) until I'll get
    my premiere of the new songs at home lawn Krach Festival.
    Yes, the vocals are very low in the mix, but does that bother us too much? Maybe the paper
    reviewer is a fan of acoustic music and he'll probably never understands what's it like
    inside the fave: "You -> Spin -> Explorer". Mindmelting!

    Posted 12 months ago #
  5. Thx a lot Spacebandit! I will listen to it when I drive to Herzberg today. See you in the rain

    Posted 12 months ago #
  6. Juergen

    Thank you for all the efforts!

    Was it on July 21st or 22nd? The official website lists it as July 22nd.

    Posted 12 months ago #
  7. pfnuesel

    It would bother me, if I couldn't hear the vocals.

    Was it the mixing, that the reviewer didn't like?

    Posted 12 months ago #
  8. doglicksman

    @pfnuesel: no, the 'reviewer' said that he just found out that the band should get a 'real' singer. And this is a guy that claimed to have seen our fearless heroes live around 40 times. What a jerk... Anyone that comes to a MP gig for the vocals must be dumber than a bag of hammers.

    Posted 12 months ago #
  9. kjellepelle

    Just for the information. Stig Jacobsen is the former mastermind behind Vampire State Building and The Lonely Crowd. Used to live in Trondheim in the 90s


    Posted 11 months ago #

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