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  1. Sjur577

    The middle segment(with the flute) of In Every Dream Home is absolutely stunning!

    Posted 10 months ago #
  2. mikke

  3. dongonz

    well... my copy arrived yesterday morning and i listened to it three times and now for the fourth time. I really like it! At the moment I like Ship Of Fools most. Sounds a lot like Yes in some parts. As well Intrepid Explorer (more Floydish) and ASFA (very tight). Great stuff! Love It!

    Posted 10 months ago #
  4. 3/4 way through, so good. Isn't the end melody in maypole [edit:a pacific sonata i meant] kinda adapted from taifun?

    Posted 10 months ago #
  5. marc

    Speaking of Maypole, there is a nice little guitar melody which keeps reminding me of The Sailboat Song

    Posted 10 months ago #
  6. Phoots Flower

    Grows more and more. This álbum is amazing.
    Any news about 24bits hi-res album? The album deserves this

    Mellotron in A Pacific Sonata is similar to Dekdektiven røker om natten.

    Posted 10 months ago #
  7. mybestfriend83

    Well ship of fools is great and in the end that organ at 13.16 min and before Sounds like If Ray Manzarek is back from the dead and is mighty pissed off... Thats what comes to my mind...

    Posted 10 months ago #
  8. supernaut

    Ah so it's not too bad then? Still on holidays for another week while my copy waits in my postbox back home. Could listen to it on youtube but And stoked to hear Alain Johannes is involved, I hope he and Dave Catching spread the word!

    Posted 10 months ago #
  9. DandelionPowderman

    Intrepid Explorer is genius!

    Posted 10 months ago #
  10. Bartok

    Listening to the TOWER made me want to share a few thoughts:

    Initially I was happy that the songs didn’t automatically click, always a good sign, and I feel that most of the Kenneth-era studio records have been too straight forward, you get the drift of every song after one listen. The notable exception is of course the great Unicorn which just might be the beautiful and weird sister of this album. Apart from that I think Trust Us was the last MP-record to give me such a BUZZ. This is abs great stuff! A great album, and I´m pretty blown away that they managed to pull this out of the hat as I have long missed the weirdness and kraut/stoner/trippy-drone rock that MP always did so well, and which has been absent since whenever.

    It's hard to pick out any favourite, initially I felt Bartok was a slight low-point, too much adrenaline for my taste, but hey, why not, it's pretty fun and a killer riff and not a dudd like eg. Neverland. Even Revolver had Got to Get You into My Life, right? This is maybe the strongest collection of songs in their career imo. All the golden oldies are of course hard to beat, there's no Taifun or PPPP here, but compared to this newfound complexity and production and with SNAHs wild playing and Bents songwriting chops more dynamic than ever the 90s actually seem slightly old and dusty, finally. This is def a career highpoint (of many). And, live, wow, can't wait. And for the future, I can't wait, this new trio combo is SOLID! NOW, get yourselves over to the US for some gigs!

    Thank you!

    (This is of course just MY opinion, and saying all this I also find a lot of the Kenneth-era records consistently great, though not consistently GREAT;)

    Posted 10 months ago #
  11. Bartok

    I do take some self-criticism w the constant and tiresome comparisons to their early catalogue but that's what fans do I guess, nerd away and write lists!

    Now, it would be fun with some more reflections on the album. I see that the tour starts this week somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean (must be an awesome setting) – looking forward to read some reviews! And people – YouTube away! Meanwhile I'll be tripping away on the Pacific Sonata;) Peace🤘

    Posted 10 months ago #
  12. shakti

    Bartok - are you my twin separated at birth? I could have written the exact same thing about this album. It's a home run. I haven't been able to let it all sink in yet, but my sentiments were exactly like yours - it didn't hit me immediately, yet I instantly knew there was something there to be discovered. Slowly, it's beginning to creep in, and you get *THAT* feeling...the buzz, the goosebumps...thinking about the album while busy at work, wanting to replay the track you just heard because it was so awesome, but can't skip because the track that just started is equally great...

    The most important thing is; this album has "THE SPOOK" as Neil Young would say. Maybe not consistently across all the songs, although I will not say that for sure until I've had time to let it all sink properly in.

    If anyone was worried that Thomas Järmyr wouldn't be a good fit, you can let all your worries fade away. He is *perfect* for the job. Somewhere in between Geb's amazing musicality and telepathic understanding of the music, and Kenneth's muscle and technical skills. Like Bartok wrote, I also felt *something* went missing in the Kenneth years...a certain weirdness and edge that was polished away. I am not going to badmouth the Kenneth years, but as I have said before, I appreciated the albums more than I loved them, with a few notable exceptions. This album, at least at its best, reinstalls a lot of that weirdness. And as Bartok says - I *finally* feel like Motorpsycho has moved out of the unbeliavably tall shadow of their 90s output.

    I don't have the lyrics at hand, but first impression is that these are the best lyrics Bent has written in years and years. And perhaps that's part of the success of this album - it just feels inspired, necessary and relevant in a way that the Kenneth era albums never succeeded in doing.

    I suppose most of you here have heard the album by now, but just a few words on my album faves so far:
    - Bartok of the Universe: one of the few tracks that actually live up to the advance reports of "heaviest" Motorpsycho album in a whole album it's not particularly heavy and actually very varied, but this one is pure Sabotage-era Black Sabbath, and I mean that as the highest compliment. Perhaps the closest thing to stoner rock they've done, which would normally have been a turn-off for me, but this is irresistible. The riffage is just completely off the chart, and there's a new twist at every turn.
    - A.S.F.E.: I was lukewarm at first, but in the context of the album it's a driving rocker with a lot of catchiness and just enough weirdness.
    - Intrepid Explorer: this one is hard to describe...ethereal, psychedelic, kraut-y and drone-y...can't really compare it to anything else they've done, but when it's over you really feel like you've been on a trip. Beautiful.
    - The Cuckoo: OMG. Again, one of the hardest things on the album, and Bent is pissed off. This would have fit right in on King Crimson's Red album, with a middle section lifted from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, and the goosebumps are impossible to stop.
    - Ship of Fools: another centerpiece of the album, a grande finale, and the kraut factor is high in the end section.

    The final verdict isn't in as far as grading, but it's tempting to use the boring description...BEST ALBUM SINCE TRUST US!

    Posted 10 months ago #
  13. Bartok

    Hey shakti, beautifully put. I totally agree. THE SPOOK! Aw, Neil, the wizard.

    Posted 10 months ago #
  14. Nice review, O could not write it better

    Posted 10 months ago #
  15. GBD

    Note to self; NEVER write a review of an album before you've allowed it a couple of spins on a good pair of headphones (Slaps own head!)

    This album is just stunning! nuff said!

    Posted 10 months ago #
  16. shakti

    In case anyone cares...The Tower has officially cracked my top 5 MP albums in a draw with AADAP. Here's my full list, not counting live albums, mini albums or "special release" albums and excluding Lobotomizer and Soothe which, dare I say it, I still don't own.

    1. Timothy's Monster / Trust Us
    3. Blissard
    4. Demon Box
    5. The Tower / Angels & Daemons at Play
    7. The Death Defying Unicorn
    8. Behind the Sun
    9. Black Hole/Blank Canvas
    10. Child of the Future
    11. Little Lucid Moments
    12. Heavy Metal Fruit
    13. Let Them Eat Cake
    14. Here Be Monsters
    15. Still Life with Eggplant
    16. It's a Love Cult
    17. Phanerothyme

    Posted 10 months ago #
  17. kippenhok

    1. Blissard
    2. Trust Us
    3. AADAP
    4. Demon Box
    5. HMF
    6. The Tower
    7. Timothy
    8. Phanerothyme
    9. Cake
    10. Child
    11. Black Hole Black Canvas
    12. LLM
    13. Love Cult
    14. Death Defying Unicorn
    15. Here Be Monsters
    16. Behind the Sun
    17. Lobotomizer
    18. Soothe
    19. Still Life with Eggplant

    Roadwork 1 would rank shared 1st with Blissard
    Starmelt EP en Roadwork 3 rank shared with Timothy / Cake / Phanero

    Posted 10 months ago #
  18. kjellepelle

    Dagbladet anmeldelse

    Posted 10 months ago #
  19. mybestfriend83

    Man youre so different from me.. lol

    1. Its a love cult
    2. Phanerothyme
    3. LTEC
    4. LLM
    5. Trust us
    6. BH BC
    7. Blissard
    8. Timothys Monster
    9. HMF - eggplant
    10. Angels and demons
    11. Unicorn
    12. Here be monsters
    13. Behind the sun

    I cant say yet where the tower would be but i guess at least in my top 7...

    Posted 10 months ago #
  20. Bartok

    Ok, here I go, this is of course no exact science(!), but as of today it feels pretty right. Demon Box is sort of difficult for me these days, but I guess I’m actually happy it’s being topped by more recent stuff. As for the EPs, don’t get me started, it’s a shame I don’t listen to them much because of my equipment situation, but the Manmower, Hey Jane, Wearing Yr Smell, Ozone, Starmelt +++ EPs are all pretty much installed in my DNA so I guess I’m doing fine. And as for the (for me) newly discovered Blissard Pidah mixes, man, can't stop listening, like discovering your favorite person has a twin:) AND SAYING THAT: When can we expect the Trust Us box set?

    1. Timothy's Monster (how can you beat it, c'mon)
    2. Trust Us (how can you beat it, C'MON!)
    3. Blissard (The Pidah Mixes) / Angels & Daemons at Play
    5. The Tower
    6. The Death Defying Unicorn
    7. Demon Box
    8. Child of the Future
    9. Black Hole/Blank Canvas
    10. Little Lucid Moments
    11. Behind the Sun
    12. Phanerothyme
    13. Lobotomizer (Really! Such a gem)
    14. Let Them Eat Cake
    15. Here Be Monsters
    16. It's a Love Cult
    17. Heavy Metal Fruit
    19. Soothe
    18. Still Life with Eggplant
    19. Barracuda

    Posted 10 months ago #
  21. marc

    Currently....Album as a whole 8,5/10

    THE TOWER (8/10) Great opener, although a bit lengthy. solo part from min 4 on pales a bit in comparison to that of bartok.

    BARTOK (9/10) riff monster no.2, really well structured. as written above, the solo section is more on point and contributes very well to the song as a whole. snah on fire.

    A.S.F.E. (9/10) immediately liked it, but took a while to fully appreciate it. makes perfect sense in the context of the album. fantastic track for driving on the autobahn

    INTREPID (6/10) difficult one. probably great live, but the only song I occasionally skip. I think I understand where they want to go with this one, but I find it's a bit of a missed chance. Far from being a really weak track, but regarding its length, I would have hoped for more varied layers of sound. Zoning out on a desert porch, licking on a toad, it probably makes perfect sense.

    STARDUST (8/10) nice travel back to the early '00s, IMO a much better acoustic effort than spin,spin,spin for instance (which never really grew on me).

    IN EVERY DREAM (7/10) a cool one, but with all the riff-heavy songs on the album, there are stronger contenders.

    MAYPOLE (10/10) same as for stardust. extra goosebumps at 0:38 when the synth kicks in, sweet nostalgia, instantly 18 years old again (for a moment)

    PACIFIC SONATA (10/10) happy/sad perfection!!! that transition at 4:24 with snah's guitar sneaking in, is just pure, sublime bliss beyond words. the song takes its time to unfold, yet does every second of its vast playtime justice. brilliant!

    CUCKOO (10/10) brilliantly merges the two main characteristics of the album into one track. heavy riffing combined with the lightness of the acoustic songs. my fav of the loud ones

    SHIP (8,5/10) the song kicks off in a supercool way, fucking great guitar sound/riff and perfect groove from tomas. i really like how they tone it down in the middle section and build it up again, but the last couple of minutes are a bit...annoying would be too harsh..well, rather tiring. would have prefered a more compact, focused end to it. still, eager to find out how they treat it on stage.

    Posted 10 months ago #
  22. coldnebraskablue

    Any news about 24bits hi-res album? The album deserves this

    I bought the WAV file download from, turned out to be 24/96 for £7.99. Bargain! Whole album was a 2.6GB download.

    Posted 10 months ago #
  23. shakti

    Did anyone mention that the album sounds really, really good? I haven't been able to pick it up yet and due to work situation I can only play vinyl very occasionally during the weekends, so my listening so far is through Spotify, but the sound of the instruments and the mix is just perfect.

    Tomas deserves extra mention for being the newcomer and absolutely nailing it on first try. His performance on Bartok is unbelievable - he manages to out-Ward Bill Ward.

    And Snah is in absolute peak form. Sometimes, in less inspired moments, his solos can be padded out with slightly meandering noodling, but here everything is to the point and inspired, complex and layered. Bartok is a prime example - the middle "solo" section could easily have turned into a shredfest or pointless bluesy noodle just to add yet another guitar solo. But here it helps to further build complexity and add to the suspense until it's almost impossible to contain. Can't wait to hear this one live - should be massive! I keep talking about this song, and it's not because there aren't other highlights, in fact, almost every song is a gem in one way or another, but because with Bartok of the Universe I finally feel like they've recorded a real hard rocking track that is at the same level of genius as S.T.G., Superstooge or Feedtime, yet sounds nothing like any of those tracks. Motorpsycho 20 years ago couldn't have made this track, but it is just as brilliant as anything they did back then or any time since then. The same could be said of several other tracks, but when it comes to the real rockers, then this and Cuckoo really stand out.

    Bent is, as always, Bent. Master of ceremony.

    Posted 10 months ago #
  24. Mark

    Guys, you convinced me to buy the album. I stopped buying MP albums several years ago (I don't want to solely blame Kenneth for that), but your arguments are strong. Thanks.

    Posted 10 months ago #
  25. Vegard B. Havdal

    A Song For Everyone, but noone was still wondering about this, I guess.

    Posted 10 months ago #
  26. dongonz

    Guys... I read the comments from Bartok and Shakti, or the one from Mark... and I must say I feel a bit sad. Sure, it's your personal opinion whether you like the stuff from the last ten years or not. But seriously... i don't like this whole comparison between Tomas and Kenneth. IMO they are both equally brilliant in their drumming! Sure, they have a different style and hey, I totally get why Kenneth went (or was sent away... still not sure). The albums with Kenneth... I love them all, they are great! I was so sad when the Band announced Kenneths departure but yes, the Music of the last albums went in nearly the same musical direction and it was time for doing something different since this is one thing about Motorpsycho we all love so much. So now, Tomas is here, he did a really good job on The Tower and I am glad and happy. And I must say, not like Bartok, the Album got me from the first note on! I kind of listended to nothing else since last friday, now I am starting to play the whole MP Discography in shuffle mode again to integrate The Tower in this unbelievable overall MP Experience. KUDOS again!

    Posted 10 months ago #
  27. Kid A

    Just realized, something’s missing:

    Posted 10 months ago #
  28. tkm

    This makes me sad

    Posted 10 months ago #
  29. otherdemon

    Yeah, sad shit.

    The same guy is also selling HBM vol.2 for 5 times the amount I paid for it.

    Not to mention some other guy on there is trying to sell Strings of Stroop for 2700 NOK
    That's just retarded.

    Posted 10 months ago #

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