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Translation for realy old video

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  1. woutervuden

    So, as a 26 year old, I was recently digging up some Motorpsycho history and I found this really old NRK interview from 1994 (I was 3 :|) on youtube here:

    Unfortunately the only Norwegean word I know is Motorpsycho. It's a weird thing to ask, but is there somebody here, crazy enough, to privide a translation? I'm so curious.

    ow yeah, and then this: Snah was bald

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  2. paul

    isn't this on the THIS IS MOTORPSYCHO video / HAIRCUTS DVD (subtitled)?

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  3. Rolf

    I can't remember having seen this before, maybe it's available on Haircuts with subtitles, but anyway, I found it to be really nice, so here's a rough translation:

    Bent: It's not passion, it's not love, it's just something you have to do, it's beyond passion and love, it has to mean so much to you that you're willing to kill, you know, there and then, if not it will not speak to anyone, neither you nor the audience.

    Geb: When Demon Box was released it was lift off, in the sense of good reviews and lots of attention from the media, suddenly [all the big newspapers] were interested in

    Bent: this small punk band from Trondheim.

    Bent: The range of that album is insane, everything from folk music to pure noise, at least what most people call noise, feedback and "bad sounds" ("ulyder", hard to translate)

    Bent: You stand up there [on stage] and show off your soul, at least that is what I'm trying to do, when you feel like you succeed with that, that feels very very good, and when you don't feel like you succeed at all it is the most frustrating thing in the whole world. So being on stage can be anything from heaven to hell.

    [Blueberry Daydream starts]

    Geb: It's not like in your childhood dreams of playing in a rock band, lots of women and booze and full speed, because it's so damn much work, playing and playing, we've never had any problems with lots of women and

    Bent: [points at Geb] is that any wonder? Just kidding..

    Geb: That cliché, all the groupies and all that

    Bent: Per Vestaby, the bassist in Mercury Motors said it very well one time: "There are no female groupies any more, only male groupies", and that is correct, there are these guys who ask us which pedals the guitarist uses and what our tunings are and such things, that's the kind of groupies you get.

    Bent: Of course our music is full of rock&roll clichés, you borrow some things, if there is something you feel can help emphasize something then you use that. We think it's kinda fun, to flirt with the clichés, that's a part of Motorpsycho.

    [repeat of intro about love & passion]

    [Nothing To Say starts]

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  4. Mark


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  5. PsychoAnna

    Thank you so much for translating this video for us. I love this band since I was 12.

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  6. Smarti333s


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  7. woutervuden

    @rolf thank you so much!!!
    @paul Good tip, unfortunately It's out of stock everywhere. Maybe I'll find one one day.

    Posted 10 months ago #

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