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Sold Out Vinyl - Old LP - Search :D

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  • Started 10 months ago by dongonz
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  1. dongonz

    Hey there...
    I own a Vinyl Player only since three years, you might imagine, that it's hard to collect MP Records. Already bought every record available on stickman and rune but sure... still many missing.
    I am looking for:
    Soothe (does it even exist on Vinyl?)
    Timothy's Monster
    Angels and Daemons
    Roadwork 1
    Let them eat cake
    Roadwork 2
    Tussler Society
    Little Lucid Moments
    and the whole bunch of ep's

    Any Ideas? Do you expect more restocking?

    Posted 10 months ago #
  2. kjellepelle

    Soothe exist on vinyl, but propably will never be re-released.

    The rest can be found in good vinyl shops or discogs/ebay

    Posted 10 months ago #
  3. pfft

    Why won't Soothe be re-released? Demon Box was.

    Posted 10 months ago #
  4. kjellepelle

    Well you should never say never. I was amazed that that Demon Box got re-released. Rune K must have done a great job dealing between WoW and Mp. There still alot of bad blood out there though..

    Posted 10 months ago #

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