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  1. dongonz

    Hey Folks, here comes a question, which might not be as easy to answer as the one about your favourite MP album. There are so many songs with great lyrics. I have two questions in mind.
    I must say, I definitely have to think about this before answering

    1. Which is your favourite line or passage of MP Lyrics?
    2. Do you think, that every album has on exceptional line or passage which stands out? If so, which one is it in your opinion for which album?

    Posted 10 months ago #
  2. supernaut

    No The Tower in my listings because I haven't got the album yet. Browsed some of its lyrics in here, though, and I get why some already mentioned they're up with if not the best of them.


    Question 1)
    ah,the elloquence of trash
    the persuasiveness of cash
    rings true like the whispered lies
    of half-forgotten lullabyes;
    designed to please ,
    designed to soothe
    designed to shift a million units or two
    designed to mean nothing at all
    for anyone
    but thats OK
    it doesn’t matter anyway
    it’s still those with the least to say
    that will be heard

    From The Nerve Tattoo. For me this sums up the madness and spiritual disorder of our world.

    Question 2)
    I do think each album has a stand out lyric, be it a whole song or a verse or one line.

    This one off The Promise I like for similar reasons like The Nerve Tattoo:
    But there is something outside of this
    valley of consumer bliss
    something too prechious, too great to miss,
    to throw away
    ... a promise
    ... a promise
    ... a promise
    ... a golden promise

    Hell 4-6 spoke to me on a personal level right at the time of release. That was weird but welcome.

    The opening lines for The Hollow Lands gets me for its choice of words:
    They nabbed me poaching last spring
    said I could choose to sail or swing

    I don't know how english sailors talked back then, but I feel the vocabulary on the album is so well chosen to set the proper moods.

    The whole lyric for A Hoof to the Head is just brilliant. As an excerpt:
    I'm the whirlwind that you reap
    Having sown the wind I'll wake you from your sleep
    I am chaos I combust
    To leave your pure enlightened mind fucked in the dust

    I love how one being/force/idea rips every elaborated scheme to shreds not leaving shambles but presenting the simple and clear truth.

    The lyrics to Taifun might not be sooooo spectacular by themselves but I think that's exactly the point in this highly dramatic song. Calm words before the storm.

    Another "what's wrong with you people?" lyric in Kill Devil Hills. It's not that I like these per se. On the contrary, I find most of social commentary songlyrics dumb and generic. But Bent and Snah seem to think those extra miles when they approach such themes. Anyways I can't really quote one or two lines out of this one. The whole song is a effing great statement.

    more to follow, maybe, that's a thinker

    Posted 10 months ago #

    "You make me like What you see when you look at me" un chien d'espace

    Posted 10 months ago #
  4. mefisto

    I'm not a lyrics freak, but Fool's Gold's lyrics are great.

    Posted 10 months ago #
  5. Be

    "I'm still wearing your smell" has a really romantic meaning to me. I don't know, if the song has this in mind.

    Posted 10 months ago #
  6. supernaut

    The Cuckoo
    Keep holding the mirrors up, Narcissus is holding court
    Hope isn't the only thing we might lose today
    Invincible empire, with pride comes the fall
    Grace isn't the only thing we might lose today

    Posted 9 months ago #
  7. Kid A

    There’s this one highly dramatic part of Kill Some Day, that got me as a teenager. Its not only the lyrics but the music in this part as well

    ...but if I tried I could make you come back
    And de-rail that train from its dead-end track
    I'd do anything to be rid of that smile tonight,

    Posted 9 months ago #

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