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Larvik, Sanden Scene 30/09/2017

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  • Started 9 months ago by shakti
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  1. shakti

    From memory...2hrs 40 mins

    Dream Home
    The Tower
    Heartattack Mac
    Flick of the wrist
    Ship of Fools
    You Lied
    Into the Sun
    Fool's Gold

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  2. shakti

    And a few quick comments:

    - good gig, but never hit the absolute peaks IMHO. Might have had something to do with me - had to drive and stay sober.
    - quiet crowd, which was both good and bad...Bent commented on it several times
    - nice setlist, but momentum absolutely killed by a weak Lacuna/Sunrise (still a nice theme in search of a song, and a poor excuse for a jam) and the perennially overrated Flick of the Wrist (Motorpsycho are masters of the one chord drone, but leave the two chord jams to Neil Young). That was 15 minutes of my life I won't be getting back.

    - Tomas is brilliant. Jazzier than Kenneth, but also heavier when he wants to. Brings a new touch to familiar material.

    - High points:
    1) intrepid Explorer a brilliant opener
    2) August was best version I've heard, Tomas absolutely killin' it!
    3) The Tower much better than on album
    4) Ship of Fools just perfect. What a song!
    5) Bartok just insane. You can just tell that they love to play it and know that it is an absolute killer.

    - things to criticize: Lacuna/FLick as mentioned above...blaah...Spin is nice on album, still doesn't work live.

    BTW; V.S. and Fool's GOld both written as encores, but on the same line, so I think they intended to choose one.

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  3. Punj Lizard

    @Shakti -That's so funny what you say about Flick of the Wrist. I was listening to it yesterday and thinking - this is great, just a like a killer Neil Young and Crazy Horse jam.

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  4. Spacebandit

    Yes, dear fellow Psychonauts...early time for some real fine psyched music...just got
    through the marvellous ViKING recording. No flaws audible for me...everything's played
    with precision and "guts". For us here in Tyskland: "Meine Fresse, da kommt was auf uns zu!"
    I#m not argueing about "Flick of the wrist", it's in my Top10 MP songs. Also like "Lacuna"
    very much, a moment to breathe. The encore of "Fool's gold" was pure magic. A very nice
    switch from the HBM encore. If complaining on highest level is allowed here:
    I'm not into those heavy tunes to end the set. Instead of jumping into "Bartok" they
    could've spaced out more on "Into the sun" which is - by 7:32 min. - way too short.
    That was really weird in Beelen. I could go without "August" happy, but it's their choice
    to play, if they love the song, all ok with me. Superstooge is always great to hear, as I
    also really like the "You lied->Spin3x" sequence. Latter they already did with a "Hogwash"
    ending...Cryptical development?
    No, from my heart...I'm very satisfied with what I got to listen. And I keep my fingers
    crossed for a HH/PA/HB WHEEL on the start of "Southern Europe" tour. At least maybe a lazy

    Something's up on DIME in a few moments...

    Posted 9 months ago #

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