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2017-11-03 Campus Industry - Parma

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  • Started 11 months ago by BronYAur
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  1. BronYAur

    Very good concert, very bad sound (who stole the drums???)

    I forgot the setlist in my car, I'll get it later in the morning, sorry
    Briefly, they played all the Tower album except the two acoustics and Internet Explorer.
    Than they played No Evil, In our Tree, Hey Jane, Superstooge, You Lied, Heartattack Mac, Kill Some Day, Feel, Plan #1, Mountain and the Golden Core... 2h40!

    Notably enough, this was a KENNETH-FREE concert: nothing was played from the Kenneth-era albums!
    I suppose it never happened in this tour?

    Posted 11 months ago #
  2. Be

    Kill Some Day! Yeah! One of my favourites.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  3. Juergen

    Thank you for the setlist (I hope that it will be confirmed).

    I can't find any song from the "Kenneth-era" in Biel, either. Did I overlook anything?

    Biel, Coupole 01.11.17
    Ship Of Fools
    In Every Dream Home
    Heartattack Mac
    Un Chien D’Espace
    A Pacific Sonata
    The Cuckoo
    Go To California
    Bartok Of The Universe
    In Our Tree
    High Time
    You Lied
    The Tower
    The Golden Core

    Posted 11 months ago #
  4. Thomas

    "Internet Explorer" is probably the cutest variation of a song name so far

    Posted 11 months ago #
  5. otherdemon

    @Jurgen: Nope, no Kapstad-era songs in Biel, either.(if that's the accurate setlist)

    Posted 11 months ago #
  6. Vortex155

    another epic GC as encore

    Golden core

    Posted 11 months ago #
  7. marc

    Kill Sime Day
    Dream Home
    Heartattack Mac
    Ship of Fools
    Pacific Sonata
    In our tree
    You lied
    No Evil
    Hey Jane
    Plan #1
    The Golden Core (not on the setlist, but it apparently happened)


    As transcribed from a photo on Facebook

    Posted 11 months ago #
  8. BronYAur

    Setlist correct, but then they came out again for Golden Core. Which was apparently out of setlist. Well, great gift then!

    Posted 11 months ago #
  9. marc

    Just fix it. Thanks

    Posted 11 months ago #
  10. shakti

    I wonder why they seem to have dropped Intrepid Explorer entirely? It was one of the highlights in Larvik, I thought it worked extremely well live.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  11. Seems they just don't play it every night for the time being. Instead A.S.F.E. seems to have moved in the opposite direction, from sporadic to regular.

    Intrepid was last played four concerts ago in Frankfurt, four concerts before that, in Sint-Niklaas, and the day before in Amsterdam, while it was rested in Bremen and London. Before that it was a regular.

    I agree that it worked very well in Larvik (judging by recording). Beautiful and far out, and almost 13 minutes long, while most versions have been around 11. Also in Copenhagen was it a highlight, with a great space-out.

    Ironic that the song has not been part of what has been considered the most psychedelic concerts of the tour so far, like for instance Bremen, Brussels and Biel.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  12. Very intense version of Heartattack Mac. Overpowered in the loud parts, but the hauntingly beautiful ending is well worth the effort.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  13. BronYAur

    Highlights of the show:
    Mountain double solo (kris ad Snah), and also the very final part, which was usually skipped live.
    Heartattack Mac (also because it was my first one in thirtythree concerts!)
    Superstooge central jam, very "Roadworkish"
    The Tower - wow, powerful live beast!
    The Golden Core

    Weakest moments:
    A.S.F.E. - very weak version compared to the other "Tower" songs
    Pathetic Sonata - a good sleep
    In Our Tree - are you serious!

    Posted 11 months ago #
  14. elNibi

    Nice concert yesterday in Parma,
    Bent has the flu so the vocals were under the average, but they managed it

    Kristoffer Lo: he adds a great mood and attitude to the set, probably the best 4th member of the last 15 years.
    Cuckoo: 1st big surprise of the new album, a bomb!
    Heartattack Mac: I was waiting for it from 1997! finally. Very intense noise part, even a quite straight climax in the middle.
    Superstooge: one of the best versions so far, great jam by Smah and Kristoffer with Ben just watching
    The Tower: I was really impressed by this track live. on the album iT does not emerge from the others but live is massif, a real sonic attack, an instant classic IMHO
    TGC: great and intense version, I'm double happy that it was not on setlist

    Negative notes (sort of):
    Sound. I rarely complain about sound but yesterday it was very bad at least until Superstooge! In the first 20 minutes it was really horrible and it spoiled kill some day. From plan n°1 the overall volume was 30-40% higher than before, I've never faced such changes. The drum was mostly inaudible (really). Terribily high keys at the beginning of TGC...bad
    ASFE. No redemption in the live version, it was lame compared to the other rock n' roll an example, the old "no evil" was way better
    Ship of Fools. Maybe too long and the sound ruined the complex guitar interaction, not bad but I was hoping for more
    In our tree. The real weak point of the setlist

    Before the concert I've got a short talk with Bent with other italian psychonauts. He's very happy about the tour. I've found the way to give him a t-shirt of my band

    I'm confident that they will do an excellent show in Trezzo tomorrow

    Posted 11 months ago #
  15. shakti

    Anders - you're right, it hasn't disappeared completely. I had not paid enough attention. I do like it a lot live though. Much more so than, for instance, Lacuna Sunrise, which is a nice theme but a lame jam.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  16. Punj Lizard

    @ The Other Anders - Intrepid Explorer was played in London. Second track of the night.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  17. Ercarnar

    I have to agree with the negative comments about the sound. I was in first row and then moved towards the center of the audience. I don't think drums were too quiet, i could hear them without effort, but Snah's guitar was painfully loud... I play and love loud music (I mean, I went to a Sunn O))) concert too) but that was really ear piercing. And as somebody else pointed out, keyboards' volumes were not mixed very well.
    Despite all this, it still was an amazing my opinion the only "weak" point was ASFE, but maybe it's just me not particularly liking the song

    Posted 11 months ago #
  18. @ Punj Lizard: Thank you. My mistake.

    @ Shakti: I kindly disagree about Lacuna Sunrise having a lame jam. It is on of the songs that differs the most from night to night. So far we have documented versions of everything from 10 to 16 minutes, and the jams and the whole structure of this piece varies greatly from night to night, depending on who takes the lead, and where it leads them.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  19. BronYAur

    Note the cute imbecille at 6:16

    Posted 11 months ago #
  20. Ercarnar

    God, I hated those guys

    Posted 11 months ago #
  21. Doctor Raus

    Yeah sure and what about the ones with the phone as a film maker?
    Excuse me but i prefer the ones that ears and fells the live concert without that gadgets and sometimes screams, sorry for you...

    Posted 11 months ago #
  22. Doctor Raus

    Anyway that night i didn't hate nobody but the sound.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  23. BronYAur

    Hearing and feeling is one thing. Spoiling other people's hearing and feeling by wanting to be the star among the crowd is another. There's no feeling in screaming where the obvious background of a silent moment is silence itself, just ego.

    Posted 11 months ago #

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