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I hate Pink Floyd

Posted by Laura 
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Re: I hate Pink Floyd
March 30, 2005 04:22PM
I used to love Pink Floyd, but now I think they are wearing a bit thin.

I loved Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Meddle and Ummagumma best. DSOTM and WYWH are truly beautiful albums, production- and musicianwise. But Atom Heart Mother as a suggestion? Alans Psychedelic Breakfast for a first-timer? Come on! ;-) They started to take themselves too seriously later on (Animals, The Wall) imho.

Maybe the best introduction to early Floyd is Relics, a compilation-album and a lot of fun!

Speaking of Can: Finally got round to buying Tago Mago and THAT resounded deeply in me for a couple of weeks, especially the first four songs. They have a light touch, they don't have a lot of heavy baggage to carry into outer space (like Roger Waters' basslines) and this works very well. I will try to find that Can Box...

Anyroad, greets and have fun,

Denis Popov
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
March 31, 2005 12:28PM
pink floyd?
my advice - NEVER listen to crap like Dark Side, Wall or Animals...buy the best album ever - THE PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN, 10\967
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
March 31, 2005 10:12PM
while i listen to floyd almost exclusively live 1970-1977 "animals" is probably my favourite album by now, even surpassing "wish you were here" or "piper". you just gotta love "dogs", don't ya?!

Re: I hate Pink Floyd
April 01, 2005 02:52AM
A subjective matter:

Yes, Pink Floyd is the most overrated rock group of all time, but they made some absolutely stunningly original music in between the years of 1967 and 1972, and while "Dark Side Of The Moon" might have been the beginning of the end as far as I'm concerned, I can't think of ANY band who could have taken their place before that one.

1. 1967 Singles Sampler EP
2. The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Mono version)
3. In London 1966-67
4. Saucerful Of Secrets
5. Ummagumma
6. Atom Heart Mother
7. Meddle

Then top it off with the
8. "Live At Pompeii (Director's Cut)" DVD, and you have an ace collection! Still interested in more? Get the
9. "The Pink Floyd And Syd Barrett Story" DVD, and you can immense yourself in the laughing madcap.

Now, the Floyd continued to evolve, and I'm not writing off some of the good stuff from "DSOTM" and "WYWH", but by "Animals" I've had enough.

Unfortunately, many fans take Floyd dreadfully seriously, and if I ever have to argue back and forth about the overblown vagueness that is "The Wall", I think I might as well kill myself straight away. Late 70's through to mid 90's Pink Floyd is so irrelevant it's almost frightening. But we still miss them, don't we?

(... If you must buy 10 items by the Floyd, wait until the grand 50th anniversary reunion in 2015 WITH Barrett, and get yourself a ticket!) winking smiley
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
April 09, 2005 02:31PM
TvdR Wrote:
. I
> will try to find that Can Box...

You can order the book belonging to the Can-Box at www.yeahbooks.com
(By the way th best site for musicbooks you can find on the web!)

Re: I hate Pink Floyd
April 30, 2005 04:44AM

most OVERRATED? i think they're a bit UNDERRATED...

i can listen to the barrett stuff, but after he left it just got better & better
--until waters left...

if you can't get past Another Brick in the Wall, then you're missing out BIGTIME.

THE WALL is probably the greatest rock masterpiece EVER...
followed closely by DARK SIDE and WISH YOU WERE HERE

1. The Wall
2. Dark Side of the Moon
3. Wish You Were Here
4. Animals
5 etcetera...

i'm not lucky enough to have more of the pre-Dark Side stuff, but personally, it's not as interesting. DSOTM was a sort of revolution within the band that took all their previous stuff & turned it into gold.

Best Songs: (not in order of favorites--basically--SO HARD TO DECIDE!)

Comfortably Numb, Another Brick in the Wall, Wish You Were Here, Echoes, Pigs (three different ones), Dogs, Have a Cigar, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Time, Money, Brain Damage, High Hopes, The Great Gig in the Sky, On the Turning Away, Hey You......

They are the GREATEST band in the history of rock--they're crazy and they're DEEP
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
May 10, 2005 04:29PM
Kid A: A little late, but thanks for the tip! And btw: love your pseudonym!


Re: I hate Pink Floyd
May 10, 2005 05:37PM
dogie Wrote:
DSOTM was a sort of revolution within
> the band that took all their previous stuff &
> turned it into gold.

DSOTM took all their previous stuff and turned it into POP. In my opinion they got worse and worse since Barrett left.

Re: I hate Pink Floyd
May 11, 2005 02:48PM
Ah, this discussion...

It doesn't make sense to compare the PF with Barrett and the one without as if it is the same band.
He was such a big part of the creative process of the first two albums and that part instantly stopped when he was forced to leave halfway through their 2nd studio release. Sure, the name and the others carried on, but the madcap didn't.
Whether or not one band is better than the other is a matter of taste.

Meddle and the stuff they did live around this album is on the top of my list.
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
May 17, 2005 01:37PM
pink floyd got tedious, boring and pretentious with the dark side album. until then, they were one of the most exciting bands ever. i still listen to meddle, ummagumma, more, obscured by clouds or the whole pompeii thing in awe.
but then, dark side, wish you were here, and every post-waters record, they're all big bubbles of nothing (animals is pretty cool, though). sadly, these are the records they're known for most, so it's no surprise that a lot of people with great taste still think that floyd is boring crap.
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
May 25, 2005 04:44PM
To me Pink Floyd never capture that unique sound of Syd Barrett after he was out of the band.Of course they never wanted so because they wanted to escape from Syd.I always though that they were wrong to keep the name - Pink Floyd-cuss it was a totally different band.If you listen to -a saucerfull of secrets to atom heart mother- you can see that Pink Floyd was trying hard to imitate Syd style but Syd at the time was into something else.(madcap-Barrett)Pink Floyd after Syd sounds more serious and dramatic.Syd was more humoristic and exiting!I 'm not ready to say that i hate them after Syd but i love Syd stuff better.
Re: I love Pink Floyd
June 01, 2005 09:19PM
i love pink floyd the greatest band ever in my eyes they changed music withevery decade seen off the sex pistols and the who. floyd have two of the best albums ever under there belt in dark side and the wall if you dont like the music you cant say there rubish look at the satistics. floyd always have huge crowds at gigs and every ablum has sold pkent of copies so get there cases every member from barret to gilmour or mason waters are abserlute musical greats and there aint a person alive can denie that. ps i am only 16 and have got every floyd ablum and love them all even the final cut
Paolino Paperino
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
June 03, 2005 05:57PM
Well...i HAVE to love a band who made an album like Meddle....simply amazing....i think that not every PF album is great, but really many of them...of course, no band in the world makes only perfect albums....or not?

Except Led Zeppelin, of course.....
The Golden Blissard Demon
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
June 06, 2005 11:03AM
I dunno whar urged you to post this tread, but i can tell you this; If i was to write a post about each band i hate, i would probably crash this forum. As for your statement; I've always been amazed by motorpsychos ability to "jam out" their tunes (especially live). meaning that they take some of the main groove elements, and spice them up with wonderful improvisations which make the tracks fuller and more enjoyable (stuff like hogwash, the weel, the golden core and tristano really rock my world when played live). And i think one can thank the floyd for some of this, as they were uncrowned masters of improvisation in the late 60s and early 70s, and MP has probably recognized this fact, and used it as inspiration for their own musical productions). So instead of dissing them like u do, i think you should thank them. And as mentioned above; Try listening to albums like; Meddle, Atom Heart Mother, A saucerful of secrets and ...if in the right mood UmmaGumma). They might just change your mind.
Good albums with a large variety of musical experiences.

Re: I hate Pink Floyd
June 13, 2005 05:28PM
... Some have waited 24 years for July 2nd 2005...
THe Golden Blissard Demon
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
June 14, 2005 02:46PM
LEt's just hope it's worth the wait!
Salute to Gilmour and Waters for working out their differences!
pink adolf
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
June 22, 2005 06:33PM
to me, Pink floyd was another band after syd was out of the band. it was still psychédelic but that period lasted to much time.By 69 70 bands were not that psychédelic anymore! even the king of psychédelia, Syd Barrett, was into more mellow normal kind of tunes in 69 70.I think Pink Floyd in the seventies were more a band like yes, genesis etc. Actualy i think that Pink Floyd extended to much their songs and it's ok for tracks like interstellar overdrive, atom heart mother or echoes but it was to much for tracks like embyo or fat old sun.in 75 and 77 long tracks were not that fashionable anymore! the punk mania was what the new youth was looking for in music. anarchia, easy songs 3 cords and that's all. Pink Floyd were hated for being the kind of perfectionist musicians playing pretentious riffs! perhaps Syd was recognized by the punks.
shut up
June 29, 2005 05:45AM
Pink floyd is the best band ever known ive never heard anything more talented and beautifull dont diss on dark side of the moon that was pure talent. pinkfloyd and the doors are both amazing bands. they are the greatest thing thats ever come to music.
Re: I Pink Floyd
July 03, 2005 02:02AM
It's a sickness to Pink Floyd. All of their albums are just awesome...they are actual songs with lyrics that mean something. They stir your thoughts and make you think.
tongue sticking out smiley
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 03, 2005 08:52PM
i really enjoyed the live8 performance. :-)

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