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I hate Pink Floyd

Posted by Laura 
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Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 04, 2005 12:29AM
so did i. let's hope they fill the vacuum mp left.............winking smiley
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 04, 2005 03:06PM
"well, that is certainly not the intention", said Nick Mason (who still knows how to miss a beat) when asked by the BBC whether or not this was the start of a new 'something' for Pink Floyd. He went on to say that "no, no tears, we're English" in regards to the first meeting with Roger Waters after so many years. "It was very civilized".

They were awesome to watch live. Absolutely awesome. The sound of that band, and in paricular that guitar...tears in my eyes!
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 04, 2005 03:16PM
it was nothing short of magic to me.

I agree it seems it's not been the intention of he band to stage a full scale reunion. however, all 4 seemed to really enjoy themsleves, so i'm still stubbornly hoping something will follow.

snah rocks with vox
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 05, 2005 12:33AM
trie to listen to piper at the gates of down, thats a real good album
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 07, 2005 02:26PM
Enjoyed live8 a lot too. You knew they were together from that first bassnote of 'Breathe'. Made me go and dust off my Floyd-collection...

It was good to see the four of them together and having fun (although I did not see mr. Waters and mr. Wright look at eachother once).

Also a great sight was that wonderful old Fender Strat around mr. Gilmours' neck instead of those hypercharged modern Lace Sensor-equipped Strats he favoured for the last couple of years.

One can only hope for one big reunion-concert with Syd Barrett as guest of honour.


Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 08, 2005 12:29PM
>>although I did not see mr. Waters and mr. Wright look at eachother once

this may also come because the bbc hardly realised mr.wright was there at all.
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 08, 2005 01:17PM
It was really moving, yeah. You knew that there are a lot of videos from the live 8 available to watch at winamp? (winamp library -> winamp.com videos)
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 08, 2005 06:43PM
this = 1 lousy treat

always considered M-psycho as the pink floyd of the 21st century
They also bring a wall of sound and timeless songs.

I hate Pink Floyd , got to be joking or dumb , choose your pick dear Laura

Ever watched the concert @ pompei vid ? ,

Pink Floyd fan from when I was 'bout 11year or something , always open for discussion

now it's your turn :-)

The concert a Hyde park recent during Live8 was an historic event if you know the full history of the band....this is one is for Sid
i got the shivers when Waters said these words

Pink Floyd fan from when I was 'bout 11year or something , always open for discussion....
now it's your turn :-)


Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 10, 2005 12:42AM
Yes, the Live 8 show was very very touching to witness. I just loved to see Gilmour and Waters together, because for more than 16 years I was convinced it was never gonna happen.

And then re:re:re:

It's not fair to bash an album like dsotm in favour of cult classics like piper or the pompeii dvd, just because too many people bought it and because it sounds so neatly produced. If you guys and gals listen to the live tapes of early 1972, when the Floyd were first constructing dsotm, many of you will love it, because it sounded a lot more like Meddle; more spaced out and without all the studio tricks.

I can understand why some of you think that the 1967-1972 period was the coolest, but you're WRONG.
Of course, pompeii is extraordinairy, no band has ever made such a live video before or ever since. And Piper with Syd, is of course something totally different.

But listen to the album Animals.
It is such a strong statement, more than any punk record from that era. And it rocks, it does not sound like the more polished albums DSOTM or WYWH, at all.

And why does hardly anybody love THE WALL ? It's one of the greatest musical works of the last century. It's something so incredibly beautiful and intense.
And it lasts. Forever (as far as I'm concerned).

These are timeless masterpieces, something which I cannot say of 'ummagumma' (although the albums opening track AD is definitely very awesome).
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 11, 2005 06:10PM
yes, "animals" - what an album, def. my fave!

Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 12, 2005 01:49PM
i do agree that the animals album is underrrated.

but judgeing on their live shows, i feel 70-71 is by far the best period.

to me, it feels as if their later shows were more structured. they still extended their songs, and they still improvished, but it doesn't go 'beyond belief' as many of the early 70ies shows do for me.

Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 13, 2005 02:02PM
dude you have no diea what your talking botu i cant stand ppl who think pink floyd is just some drug/overhyped band they have no clue what there talking bout and yet they say systm of a down is amzing wtf i own about every pink flyod album there is cept theres a few i dont have(post waters stuff) and man there music has great lyrics(the best of the best) the best gutiar player(check out time and confertibly numb) and the best records of all time and i wouldnt check out echoes(even tho its sooooo awesome) your just going to say its to long and boring plus thats some heavy floyd right there not meant for starters but check out one of the highest selling albums of all time dark side of the moon
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 14, 2005 04:52AM
I consider "The Wall" to be less of a musical achivement for floyd rather than a poetic masterpiece. First of all the whole album is really a story about Roger Waters life begining at the end of the world war (the movie explains a lot of it but i personally didn't like the movie much, prolly because of the actor...) There are tons of great songs but it is less psychedelic than dark side of the moon, wish you were here, obscured by clouds. There aren't too many solos that have that hypnotizing feeling like in wish you were here or in Time/on the run. I still consider it to be one of their best workd, however, i wouldnt recommend it to someone who has never listened to floyd as the first album. First listen to wish you were here, and the Dark side. (Have a cagar from wish you were here! awesome song. By the way it is the only album where floyd had an outside singer. Guess who?..... Roy Harper, yeah i dont really know him that well. In fact, Zeppelin dedicated a song to him because Jimmy was good friends with him and knew that Roy wasn't known that well. It's called Hats off to Roy harper, pretty cool song) Long live Pink Floyd Yeahhhhhhh
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 14, 2005 02:39PM
i think the wall is a great movie. but i totally agree with your views on the actor. it makes it harder to watch as time goes by sad smiley
Raving and drooling
July 17, 2005 07:48PM
Hmmm, I think Bob Geldof did a pretty good job. Oh well...

Sumthing else, I listened to the MONO version of saucerful of secrets yesterday, and it just blew me away. How can EMI (and the exact same thing goes even more for the beatles catalogue) just ignore these superior mixes over the more commonly known (inferior) stereo versions.

Well, at least the mono mix of the Piper got out on CD.
But we NEED a saucerful remaster w/ the mono mix.
And also the existing 'true' stereo mixes of the early singles, which are GREAT, and to my knowledge only partly available on this obscure rare dutch 'the best of' lp from 1970 (which I happen to own).

Speaking of this lp, I saw a new re-issue on vinyl of this lp recently in stores and fairs with many bonustracks. Can anybody confirm that it is official ?

Also, we need a 4cd box which all the existing BBC recordings.

And a live album from the early DSOTM live gigs from 1972 (just listen to the 'Best of 72' boot!).
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 18, 2005 12:36PM
the re-issue of the dutch 'best of ' lp is a fake. apart from the print on the sleeve being inferior to the original, the easiest way of telling is to check the text at the bottom of the backside of the sleeve: on the original it reads 'EMI Heemstede' or so. on the fake it reads 'EMI Hemstede'.
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 18, 2005 01:14PM
btw: the '74 release 'masters of rock' has the same trakclisting as the original 'best of'. it was pressed in large quantities in several countries and far more common than the 'best of'. i'm not sure if the mixes are the same, though.
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
July 18, 2005 04:15PM
>the re-issue of the dutch 'best of ' lp is a fake.

Thanks. I suspected this already. They probably used the common cd sources for this lp.

>btw: the '74 release 'masters of rock' has the same trakclisting as the original 'best of'.

Yep, but with a different sleeve.

>..... i'm not sure if the mixes are the same, though.

I have never heard the MOR release, so I can't confirm this.
But it seems very likely.
Gordon Jönsson
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
August 01, 2005 10:11PM
Halluluja Laura! Fan, jag som trodde danskar hade, nästan, genomgående god smak. Jag har suttit några gånger i christiania, och andra suspekta platser i Danmark, och joddlat om just Floyd och alla har vi varit överens om att The Wall är ett riktigt dåligt album i jämförelse med tidigare storverk. Jag ska nog köpa en Roland 70 tals synth och utklassa Dark side of the moon. Det är nog skitlätt! Ha-Ha-Ha
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
August 05, 2005 04:35AM
Dark side of the moon is ok nothing special, it has maybe 3 actual songs on it and the rest is ambient filler. The Wall however is probably the worst album I've ever heard. Once again there are only a few songs on it and the rest is noises and talking and mumbles. Of the few songs on the Wall Brick in the Wall part 2 is the only one that is halfway decent. The album is horrible. Deathy horrible.
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