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I hate Pink Floyd

Posted by Laura 
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Re: I hate Pink Floyd
December 27, 2008 10:07PM
top 5 albums:

1. a saucerfull of secrets
2. the dark side of the moon
3. relics
4. meddle.
5. the piper at the gates of down
Re: I hate Pink Floyd
December 31, 2008 02:09AM
Anonymous User Wrote:
> Have to agree with Casey!
> I'm "trying" to sit through 'The Wall' - first
> time viewing it having heard it's brilliant! A
> Masterpiece! A Must See!
> I get the general idea of the movie, but all in
> all, it just seems like overcomplicated PISH!
> Hope I haven't offended tooo many peeps - jus tmy
> opinion.
> Why is everything they've created so complex?
> Intense? Unable to be explain simply and by the
> feeble minded ? So questioning / in depth?
> I understand people will shout "Ah, you just don't
> get it then", but I have to wonder if even the
> Floyd Lads understood what they were writing /
> creating at the time (most likely no) and even to
> this day?!
> Because they were tripping most of the time,
> everyone thinks their work is Epic, Magnificent
> and Timeless. They raised the bar, set the
> standard and NO other band could ever reach their
> triumphant highs.
> It's confusing crap in my opinion. They were
> trying too hard to be the most cryptic,
> misunderstood band in the world......only
> understood and loved by 'true fans' - the ones who
> 'get it'.
> And no I'm not a testy Top-40 lovin` teen here
> trying to case trouble. I'm 34 and firmly believe
> there were plenty of other bands who created
> brilliant music and have left an amazing legacy.
> Pink Floyd - their music is so depressive,
> pseudo-deep and filled with such whacked out
> references / imagery that it makes you truly just
> wears a buddy out!

Jeeeez, the Floyd are as simple and straightforward.as can be. Call it boring for this, I couldn't really argue. But complex and cryptic by purpose? There were some lyrically puzzling moments during a phase after Syd's departure and before DSOTM, but mostly they're just singing about spacetravelling and some other hippiestuff there. And depressing? Did you listen to anything else but The Wall at all? And the movie doesn't give you any idea about the band and their overall stuff anyway. There's lots of happy happy stuff from their very early years. Don't judge an artist by the media image you got.

I like this band, but that goes quite well without adoring them as special and important and cryptic and oooooh aaaahh whatelse. Not really being virtuosos, they managed to create spot on moods and imagery. That's their main accomplishment. Though after Waters' departure they were done for me. Sorry Dave, I respect you deeply, but those last 2 albums weren't much else but bloated.
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