Need Help
April 01, 2005 09:27PM
Hi all!

I've first heard Motorpsycho on the german movie "´Crazy" and the song was "Grindstone". The song sounds very "metal-like" and now I'm searching for other metal songs like Grindstone. Was "Grindstone" the only metal song that they ever record?
Are there other bands, with the same style like MP on "grindstone"?
I'm very sorry for my bad english...
Re: Need Help
April 01, 2005 11:33PM
check out their album "demon box" (1993) as well as the accompanying EP "mountain" & you should find what you're looking for.

Re: Need Help
April 03, 2005 02:35PM
And the song "Timothy´s Monster" on the "Daemons and Angels at play" Album.
Re: Need Help
April 06, 2005 03:39PM
you might as well sheck out their first album; lobotomizer. some real heavy stuff there.
Re: Need Help
April 07, 2005 12:00PM
Actually, I wouldn't recommend "Lobotomizer" that much. Not bad, but there are some annoying elements.

I'd like to agree with fillmore and Kid A, and add "Heartattack Mac", also from the "Angels and daemons..." album.
Re: Need Help
April 20, 2005 05:49PM
Indeed, the early stuff (Lobotomizer - Ruth) is passable, but nothing compares to Demon Box (Feedtime - title track) and Mountain EP (Fleshharrower).

Bands that sound alike: difficult. Stonerrockers Helmet come close here and there, also Sonic Youth in a repetitive mood, I'm just guessing here.

The band you should check out maybe is The Stooges. Especially 'Fun House' was a big influence on early Motorpsycho, but 'The Stooges' and (my absolute fave) 'Raw Power' are great too.

Hope I helped...


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