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anybody seen this man?

Posted by winston/edgar federal 
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winston/edgar federal
anybody seen this man?
April 09, 2005 08:50AM

kid charlemagne,
hangs around with two guys, one of them on a pony.

acts like jesus .
Re: anybody seen this man?
April 18, 2005 04:02PM
Last time i saw him he was hanging out with charlie freak and charlie with the lotion and the kinky hair. Freak didnt say much though. To be perfectly frank he looked quite dead, and the pony was nowhere to be seen. Anyway, the kid was constantly looking over his shoulder, he seemed very nervous. I thought about walking over to them, to say hello and stuff, but as i was thinking this my phone started ringing. It was rickie, she hadn't lost my number. I was so glad to hear from her again that i totally forgot about the kid and the charlies. Later that day i met her at the diner, we had big black cows for hours chewing the fat. She made fun of my bad sneakers and i told them to turn the jungle music down. It was just like the old days, the good old days before kathy lied.
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