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Should I?

Posted by Lars 
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Should I?
August 16, 2005 02:02AM
Should I buy the Timothy's Monster LP box at a local record stor for the prize of 1200 NKR? It's omly made 2000 copies, but is it realy worth 1200NKR?
Re: Should I?
August 16, 2005 02:47AM
Well, since they rereleased it and now there are more copies available than 2000, I'd try and find a more reasonable price.

Say 3-400,- NOK.

Unless you absolutely want the Harvest label in the middle of the vinyl, of course.
Re: Should I?
August 16, 2005 03:28PM
Its nowhere near worth 1200Nkr. I hate sellers who sets the price this high just because of the name Motorpsycho.
Re: Should I?
August 17, 2005 09:02PM
the original might very well be worth that sum, imo. after all it's a 3LP box incl. poster limited to 2000 copies released 11 years ago by a cult-band. 150 euro for such an item - easily justified, imo.

Re: Should I?
August 19, 2005 10:38AM
He says that he will be giving it away if sold it to be for less then 1200NKR... He also say that I sell it on eBAY for 1500 to 2000NKR..
Re: Should I?
August 22, 2005 01:26PM
You can buy a re-issue for 40 euros, tell him to shove it up his ebay.
Re: Should I?
September 01, 2005 10:37PM
i saw the re-release of timothys monster LP on sale for 129 NOK on Platekompaniet in Trondheim... thats not alot
Re: Should I?
October 12, 2005 10:46AM
i was at a record fair in tønsberg a couple of days ago and saw number 15 with the poster and unplayed vinyl. 1500 kroners. for me its a reasonable price really, though i could never afford it.
Re: Should I?
October 14, 2005 11:02PM
I think it's the music not about how many copies in a first serie. You would be throughing your money away. Buy two or three albums instead.
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