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Motorpsycho on Video

Posted by Motorpsychodelic 
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Motorpsycho on Video
October 02, 2005 02:54PM
Hi there,

I recently recognized that there are some Live Videos of Motorpsycho on P2P program Emule.

- Live at Paradiso
- Live at Castelbuono
- Live in Köln 2002

The files are about 400 to 700 megs and are in *.wmv

I didn't load them up to now because I dont know if it is accepted by the band. Do you know anything about those videos, are they good in quality ? Do you think Bent and Snah would accept downloading sharing these files ?

Does anyone have them ?

I'm looking forward for years to see live footage of Motorpsycho but I never got some. If there was a DVD or Video to buy, I would do that instantly.

But I wont do anything illegal, got my point of view?
Re: Motorpsycho on Video
October 02, 2005 08:47PM
check out the concert@ fabchannel in streaming @ paradiso 02 , these is the same as offered @ the p2p.
Got the iview with the band from vpro year before , with some rare footage while rehearsing for "the let them eat cake" album.

Have also searched for vids , didn't find any exept the illegal stuff , not nice indeed.

Re: Motorpsycho on Video
October 02, 2005 11:47PM
it is possible to buy the documantary from the VPRO on DVD or VHS from the VPRO. Quite expensive for all i know, but it is possible. A friend of mine once did the same with a Nirvana doc, which was broadcasted somewhere in the nineties. He just sent them a letter and he got a letter back, which said that he could buy a VHS tape of the doc.
Re: Motorpsycho on Video
October 04, 2005 05:24PM
Better to wait a couple of months, I say...
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