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Posted by Alfred Q. 
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Alfred Q.
October 02, 2005 04:24PM
Regne med folk e klar over den Motorpsycho-dokumentarn som legg ut på nettsida te Lydverke?

Vess itj:


Klikk på arkiv, og så Lydverket fra 14/Jan/04
Re: Lydverket
October 03, 2005 02:01PM
nothing happens when i click on it..
Re: Lydverket
October 03, 2005 06:19PM
Ok, let's keep ourselves international, shall we?

When you click the above-mentioned link, you should come to a page were a video starts playing (if not, you don't have the required Macromedia-thingies installed I think).

- Click on the "HOPP OVER"-text to the top-left-corner.
- This will bring you to the studio of the show.
- Put the computer-device nicknamed Mouse (cord/cordless, both works pretty well) over to the text on the right where it says "MENY".
- When the pop-up-menu comes within sight, you'll see these options: "SISTE SENDING", "ANBEFALINGER" and "ARKIV"
- Click "ARKIV"

Then you get a grey scrolling-menu on the right, listing all the shows. You have to find the right date if you want to see the Motorpsycho-show.
And the right date for that, is the 14.january 2004.
- When you know this, the only thing you have left to do, is to scroll down the grey scrolling-menu until you find something saying not only slightly similar to this, but precisely this "Lydverket 14.01.04". Click that with your left mouse-button. Once. Please.

There you go. The show starts, and you can watch our heroes being Big in Japan.

Bless you.

Re: Lydverket
October 04, 2005 07:27PM
Or you just use the search function in this forum, search for Lydverket and select "all dates" instead of the last 30 days.. then you'll find some direct links. for example that one: mms://straum.nrk.no/Lydverket/2004-01-14/Lydverket_14_01_04_300_WM_20040114_231001.wmv ... or that one: mms://straum.nrk.no/Lydverket/2004-01-14/Lydverket_14_01_04_900_WM_20040114_231001.wmv - just open them with Windows Media Player or Winamp or whatever.
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