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Tip in absence of psychostuff

Posted by Espen 
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Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 08, 2005 10:10PM
For the unpatient of you who doesn't already know, there are comfort in the last record of Sigur Ròs: "Takk". I searched the forum, but didn't find anything about this icelandic band. I find it somewhat weired, when a lot of their songs reminds me of songs like radiance freq, ozone, the wheel, sungravy or the golden core. Mostly in the way the songs build up, I guess. Check it out if your curious! A bit more sacral and with more bells and strings...

This is the song Glôsôli:
Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 09, 2005 12:52AM
Sigur Ròs is too famous now and about them, when they were just started to pay attention, someone mentioned about them on MP ml or somewhere of course, a long time ago. I can't tell if their songs are a bit close to MP songs or no (even I saw them play before), but Snah is a huge fan of them, really. Talked about Sigur Ròs many times...
Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 09, 2005 03:20PM
Sigur Ros is a great band, and the "Takk" album is too. Tho personally i like their previous stuff better. Albums like () and Von are abit darker and more melancholic. I wouldn't exactly side Sigur Ros with MP, as their music is quite different from eachother. Though they share the same teaste for long and intense tunes with a heavy buildup. So for you guys (and gals) with no knowlwdge of this great band; Check 'em out. A shitload of good music from this icelandic band. And be sure to check out all their neat collaborations and movie soundtracks (like "Angels of the Universe" and "Hlemmur", to name a few)
Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 09, 2005 05:03PM
agreed - while i like sigur ros very much i don't think that they will necessarily appeal to motorpsycho fans. however, if one managed to not notice this band until now he/she will want to check them out cause their music is beautiful. just don't expect too many similarities to motorpsycho's catalogue.

Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 16, 2005 11:51PM
I saw Sigur Ros at the Hurricane festival. It was incredibly good. I like their records, too, but I can't always listen to them, sometimes the high pitched voice freaks me out. Live, on the other hand, they also rocked really hard. So, if you have a chance to see them... go ahead.
Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 18, 2005 04:56PM
I wonder if you all know the band "Godspeed you black emperor".
They did an album some years ago called "slow riot for new zero kanada". Sure they did some more, but this one sounds so close to MP... Only 2 songs, but how they are instrumented and how they build up... Give this album a try.
here are two snippets of the songs
moya: [www.brainwashed.com]
bbf3: [www.brainwashed.com]

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Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 18, 2005 09:36PM
godspeed are so blatantly ripping off pink floyd it is just so incredibly over the top. i know they are being a big orchestra & that they are being all unique & original & all that, but man, when i listen to their stuff it seems to have written PF all over, i just cannot help it.

calling all residents from the 'i hate pink floyd' thread! :-P


edited to add further comment so as to not come across bitching & pissy winking smiley

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Mr. Skull
Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 19, 2005 10:01AM
The Residents ? Cool !!
Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 22, 2005 09:08AM
OOf alex!!

In my opinion, you couldn't be more wrong! Apart from a few similar song buildups, GYBE and PF are far apart. Dunno if you've heard all their material yet. If you havent, then i urge you to check out the albums; Yanqui OXO, F# A# Infinity, not to mention Lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven. Simply stunning albums!
As for the rest of you not knowing about this fab band, check 'em out. I would also urge you to check out the project A Silver Mt Zion (which is a side project founded by Efrim, the driving force behind GYBE). Alot of nice music here too, if you can cope with Efrims rather shabby vocals. In fact; Check out all the projects concieved within the Montreal based Post-Rock scene -->


On a final note; Thumbs up for The Residents!!!

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Mr. Skull
Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 22, 2005 12:53PM
>On a final note; Thumbs up for The Residents!!!

Oh, I’m right now so much in love with this gorgeous, magical and so very innovative band, that I really have to hold myself back not to just run into the shops and simply buy all of their records. For the folks who don’t know them check out the following albums:

- Duck stab / Buster & Glenn ep
- Not Available
- Commercial Album
- God in three persons
- Demons dance alone

Believe me, after this you will listen to songs like True Middle, The Other Fool or KR-3 (just to name a few) with different ears !

They also have so many great DVDs out and even CD-Roms which I have ordered and hope to get them tomorrow or at the end of the week. Yumm, Yumm. smiling smiley
Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 22, 2005 06:03PM
Primus sucks
Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 23, 2005 02:06PM
Mr. Skull! Mr. Skull! Welcome to the Residents community! I see you have some of the best ones already, but please consider checking out:
* Santa Dog (difficult to get)
* Meet The Residents
* The Third Reich 'n Roll
The earliest ones are the best I think. Enjoy!

And Harry: Yeah, they do, from the very beginning! ;-)

As a sideline: I have always suspected a tenuous link between Primus and The Residents (both from San Fransisco area, the various musical links (use of the voice, instrumentation, etc.), the many covers Primus plays live and on record), but maybe that's just me...


Mr. Skull
Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 24, 2005 11:20AM
>Santa Dog (difficult to get)

only 500 copies were made.

>Meet The Residents
>The Third Reich 'n Roll

Yeah, I know these. winking smiley However I think they are not so good to start with. Better first try the very essential Duck Stab ep if you ask me.

Meanwhile I have received the Freak Show CD- Rom which is very cool, lots of videos, comics and animations,
you can also listen through their discography and watch some live stuff. Unfortunately the Bad Day on the Midway & The Gingerbread Man CD-Roms are sold out.

In the last few weeks I’ve spend much time to read tons of articles, record reviews, interviews and live reports about the Residents, I have now the feeling that in the meantime I have read more about them than I did before about Motorpsycho or about any other band. There is so much to discover and therefore I love them so much.

Beside all the rumours spun around this mystery cult, there is no doubt that it is one of the most important bands ever. They are not just an independent icon, but also great performance artists. They had an deep impact on electronic music, hip hop, world music, free jazz and the avant-garde.

Still it’s unbelieveable that since 35 years now no one outside the crypt corp. knows who they actually are, how they look like and which names the band members have. Only the musical contributor Snakefinger (you remember Snah was called Snakebite on Tussler I+II) was known by name and face.

Next week I’m going to receive the American Composer Series Volume I and the Cube-E. Next month I will hopefully and finally get the Eskimo DVD. I’m still curious about the Wormwood DVD (Mr.Skull must be hilarious on this one!) and the many award winning Commercial Album DVD, which contains 56 one minute long video clips by different artists from around the globe. It’s still running on film festivals in Europe.

Also I’m looking forward to start my journey with the Mole trilogy, especially part I & II. Did you know that there will and should be some day a part III, V & VI ? That sounds awesome to me.
Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
November 29, 2005 05:43PM
Santa Dog: That's true, the first pressing was 500, but since then it was rereleased, in small numbers too. So I consider it 'hard' instead of 'impossible' to get! :-)

Duck Stab: You're right, that is the ultimate starting point in my book too. For years that was the only Residents-album I had and wanted to have. I figured if I understood that record, I could get the rest. It took me 10 years!

After that, I got 'Eskimo', what I still consider their masterpiece.

Don't get your hopes up about the remaining Mole-pieces, they have been saying that for years. Like the rest of the American Composer Series.

Things to get to go even further: Ian Shirley's book "Meet The Residents" is very funny and informative (sold out, but ISBN is 0946719128). Also check out the british website run by The Moles (if you haven't already).


Thomas 'my words are empty hollow bleatings from a mental crutch' vdR
Re: Tip in absence of psychostuff
December 02, 2005 02:17AM
the static cult label
VALIUM AGGELEIN (hier kommt der schwartze mond)
********************* stars
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