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Trade anyone?

Posted by Jan Tore 
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Trade anyone?
November 13, 2005 10:51PM
Anyone up for a trade? I am especially looking for the Rosendal, Trondheim gig from 30.11.02 or something like that. I hope that excists, cause it was a great gig, and it was the last time I got to see them with Geb, so it's kinda sentimental to me! I'm also interested in everything else I don't have. Please mail me a list of what you have! I have gigs from Köln and Rome 94 and upwards, but no tussler gigs! AAAH, tussler boot's I want also! Hahah...

Regards, Jan Tore
Re: Trade anyone?
November 13, 2005 11:42PM
köln 1994 is actually enger 1994, it's just wrongly labeled. afaik, there is no recording from köln 1994. the enger show can be easily identified by bent's introduction to "the one who went away": "and now pop music for the masses". winking smiley


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Re: Trade anyone?
November 14, 2005 08:05PM
Dunno what you collectors around here have when it comes to live gigs and such, tho i can list mine;

I've got

* Lowlands 2000 (Fairly good sound quality)
* Folken, Stavanger 1998 (Again good sound)

+ 5-6 other live gigs. Tho sadly these recordings lack the sound quality i feel is needed to fully enjoy listening to them. Though if any of you are hardcore enough to enjoy them in spite of the crappy sound quality, then i'll gladly post them for you.

I also have most of the MP music Videos + a AVI version of the Tussler DVD
(without the extra material that is). Aswell as all official albums and singles (including Maiden Voyage) Tho i suspect that this is old news for the lot of you smiling smiley

By the way; Where do you guys go to find all these different sets? I've been browsing around DC++ for ages now, but can't seem to find any more then the ones i already have. Any ideas? And further more; I stumbled across some kind of live compilation from the LTEC tour. A 6 cd "box" with a name i can't seem to remember at the moment. But sadly the user sharing this material signed off after just 1 tune, and i was never able to find it again (haven't given up yet tho). The sound quality was close to perfect, and made me want this compilation even more. Does any of you know about this?

And finally; On the Tussler DVD, there's one easter egg taking us to the rehersal of a song called Living in a trailer (a song that sadly didn't make the cut on the finished redord). Is there a studio version of this tune out there somewhere? To quote Bent; It's a simple song, but nevertheless a beautiful one (especially the lyrics). I want it bad.

Ok signing off for real now smiling smiley

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Re: Trade anyone?
November 14, 2005 09:55PM
golden blissard demon - drop me a line regarding the LTEC comp, i can provide you with a copy (as well as lotta more stuff)...


Re: Trade anyone?
November 15, 2005 07:58PM
I really wnat the MP videos! It would really great of someone could send them to me or something!grinning smiley
Re: Trade anyone?
November 16, 2005 08:56PM
I'l see what i can do.

Right now i've got;

* Hey Jane
* Wearing yr smell
* High time (live)
* Serpentine
* The Other fool
* Grinder
* The Slow phaseout
* + 4 live recordings frm NRKs Store studio (Uberwagner, Serpentine, Neverland, Custers last stand)

I know there are more, and i hpoe to get them all someday. Tho if you're interested, then let me know, and perhaps i can burn&ship them to you.
Re: Trade anyone?
November 17, 2005 04:07PM
That would be great!grinning smiley Thank you very much!
Re: Trade anyone?
November 17, 2005 04:08PM
Drop me an e-mail on rihno_thue@hotmail.com
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