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Do not click this.

Posted by Onkel 
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Do not click this.
November 24, 2005 01:46PM
I knew you would click this!
Double-post, sorry.

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Re: Do not click this.
January 14, 2006 02:50AM
Don't click this is a fine headline,I think.

You know, when "trust us" got released, there was a serious amount of prewievs, and release-party-like stuff going on. And it basically ended up with me listening to all of it; wich resulted in me having heard allmost all the songs on the album -pre release.

What a downer...I spent allmost an entire year figuring out that albumn.
There was no momentum, if you know what I mean, as in magic spent. In time it got better, but I have decided:
I'm not going through this crappy tour again, and I guess what I'm hoping for is a really Psycho album... Something that matters.Something new.

Since Geb left I have been feeling really down. I took it like a man, I think, but when I heard "B.S" at "somewhere" I just cracked. I'm still feelig really bad about this, and I feel and I feel and I feeel that this undismissable third is missing. This is still much on my mind, and will be for some time.

Some have said that Geb leaving is not the end of the world. Well, it is not. But I would like to see anyone deny, that MP will be both pre- and will now be post- Gebhart. He is a one-of-a kind drummer(and guitarist for that matter) and personally I think Bent & Snah knows that they are missing their "soulmate polarity", because, make no mistake, that is what he is.
Remember the man say: "Bent is a really "burning guy" and maybe I'm more of the
"icy guy", and we say like in spinal tap; Snah is somehow the melting water between us."

I'll allways be a "psychonaut" whatever it brings, but BH/BC is too soon, however strange that may sound, but I think some of you catch my drift.
I wait nontheless in cramped longing for "a thing I can not name".

Just to kill some time in the next two months; have you noticed all the Charles Manson-stuff in their lyrics? And why do Italians dig Manson more than any other nation? Tell me I missed something importantewinking smiley
Lest I creep into "The Box" and see you sometime in March. Ein Stein

Re: Do not click this.
January 14, 2006 04:38PM
Daddy knew, he left when we were born...
Re: Do not click this.
January 14, 2006 05:00PM
Well, studio-wise, it could be refreshing for them to do something as a duo. So I'm really not that afraid of BH/BC being badder because Geb ain't with them anymore.

What I'm VERY worried about though, is their liveperformance....
Re: Do not click this.
January 14, 2006 05:10PM
Ah, faithless people...
Re: Do not click this.
January 14, 2006 05:21PM
I'm not worried about Geb leaving the band because Bent & Snah have
always been the most prominent song writers in the band. A lot of the
magic songs we know by MP are signed Ryan/Sæther. TGC, Vortex Surfer,
Plan #1 (w/ Burt also), Go to California, Manmower, Giftland, Kill Some Day
and others.

The live situation however is different. The chemistry between those
3 guys will probably never be matched again, regardless of who they bring
along on drums. But it will probably still be good though...

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