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Motorpsycho BUSTED

Posted by Henrik 
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Motorpsycho BUSTED
January 11, 2006 11:32PM
It's no secret that Motorpsycho knows their way around the block when it comes to "lending" stuff from other bands and artists. They are also (especially Bent) huge Sun Ra fans. Check out these covers, and you do the math:

An album by Sun Ra, the space-artist which Bent loves. Check out these covers:

Jan Tore
Re: Motorpsycho BUSTED
January 11, 2006 11:50PM
woohooo... check out the brains on Henrik? no offence dude, but that is so fucking old.. Everyone knows that! And by the way; the motorpsycho album is calles Angels & DaEmons at play, and is sort of a little nod to Sun Ra....
Re: Motorpsycho BUSTED
January 12, 2006 01:04AM
Sound sun pleasure rules the world...
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