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OT: Fussball World Championship 2006

Posted by fillmore 
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OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 09, 2006 12:20AM
hey you guys, don't we need a championship thread here? smiling smiley

i have almost zero interest in soccer generally but i am an avid follower of the two big tournaments, euro- & world championships. plus i regularly do read/hear the news about bundesliga etc., simply to stay up to date (and it's an ubiquitous conversation tool). so, while i am obviously no soccer expert i am certainly looking forward to the cup, and i will try to see (on tv) as many games as possible.

and after all i am posting from berlin, & oh boy, you wouldn't believe it, there is no way to escape the damn cup here. the sponsors, commercials, advertisements, people, tourists, blocked streets & whatnot are all over the place, the entire city is a commercial, and the people go nuts. lol. it's of course also pretty exciting.

anyway, here are my wild guesses for the first round;
who advances from which group in what order (1,2):

A: Germany, Poland
B: England, Sweden
C: Argentina, Netherlands
D: Potugal, Angola
E: Italy, USA
F: Brazil, Croatia
G: Korea, France
H: Spain, Tunesia

like i said, i am no expert, i am mostly following the teams' reputation here, except for cote d'ivoire, i simply like to see an african team in the next round, as always). of course i would like to see germany winning the cup (but we do not deserve it & will "only" make it to the quarterfinal at best), but my dream champion has always been england, i am hoping for some great games with their involvment & i would so like to grant them the cup smiling smiley

anyway, the "WM" starts tommorrow, so this is just to start the discussion smiling smiley


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Re: OT: Soccer World Championship 2006
June 09, 2006 07:29AM
my favourite is southkorea because i will spend my next holidays there!!! just 5 weeks left!! go southkorea go!!!;0)
Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 09, 2006 09:27AM
hey norman, brotherhood to play friedrichshain tonight! i am not familiar with that joint but we intend to arrive there sometime after the GER:CR match, just in time for the next one, POL:ECU, which will hopefully be screened at the venue. and here is of course to a smoking show afterwards smiling smiley see you tonight maybe?


sorry for the (slight) thread-drift folks winking smiley

Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 09, 2006 01:35PM
group G:

it's korea and switzerland of course. we just beat china 4:1 and played draws against france in qualifying twice and also against italy and cote d'ivoire last week.
france will drop out. '98 and '00 are way gone.

group E:

oh dear friend. you've forgotten the czechs. since one must not drop out in first round to become worldchampion!
Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 09, 2006 01:51PM
supernaut Wrote:
> group E:
> oh dear friend. you've forgotten the czechs. since
> one must not drop out in first round to become
> worldchampion!

i was actually considering the czechs but then i heard that koller is injured or something, plus i wanted to have something unpredictable in there. what about the usa? isn't their soccer star slowly rising, i kinda heard/read they have some excellent players...


Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 09, 2006 02:09PM
Spain will go out. They always suck in championships
Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 09, 2006 03:59PM
nah, koller's fine, it's baros who got hurt and misses maybe their first game. but the czech are THE hot team this time. baros, koller, poborksi, rosinecki, czech and nedved. hot shit. USA? never. not in this group. that would be sensational. well maybe italy will suck though because of recent events.

and yes, spain will be in tears as always. unfortunately.
Re: OT: Soccer World Championship 2006
June 09, 2006 09:02PM
let me be the first to congratulate all germans here! (this is tough coming from a dutchman :-p )

it was an enjoyable game; great start to the tournament.

now as for my predictions (Grp winner first):

GrpA: Germany, Poland
GrpB: Sweden, England
GrpC: Argentina/Holland (this is toughest to predict)
GrpD: Portugal, Mexico
GrpE: Czechs, Italy
GrpF: Brazil, Australia
GrpG: France, South Korea
GrpH: Spain, Ukraine

that means germany - england in the 2nd round and england/germany - holland in the quarters or semis. looking forward to those already!

winner to be brazil. unless they cock-up big time. black horses: sweden and unkraine
Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 09, 2006 11:42PM
Are you so sure Poland will go through from their group?
They lost to Ecuador 0-2.
Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 10, 2006 05:23AM

Japan and Brazil will survive!!! We have regendaly Zico! Never forget about that. Of course I know that Australia should be great, they have many players who are on Europian teams, but heyhey...we have KAMIKAZE!
Look at great player, Sunsuke Nakamura who has the same family nane as mine, but nothing to have with his family...hehe...he's the best player from Japan, I think. Takahara is good, but well... hope he will work well for his carrer as German leaegue for next season.

Best regards,

from another football lover in Japan : )

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Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 10, 2006 08:57AM
Hey Akane, I dont think kamikaze will help on the grass...winking smiley but well, Japan played great in 2002, but they had the advance of being (partly) on home ground. I dont think they will have anything to put against Croatia and Brazil (I think they're both really strong).

Germany, I think, will dropout in the second round, against England or Sweden? But *this* is somehow unpredictable, as their team is far from good, but in tournaments Germany tends to get beyond their normal strenghts.

Okay, what I think who will advance:
Group A: Germany, Poland (I think even after losing to Ecuador, Poland will still defeat Germany and Costa Rica)

Group B: England, Sweden (or vice versa - Paraguay could also be... and Trinidad will obviously will receive many many goals)

Group C: Netherlands, Argentina (well, my tip for world championship is: the Netherlands! In the finals against Argentina. I think they deserve it, after losing two finals - 74, 78 - where they should've won.)

Group D: Mexico, Portugal (well, actually I have no idea here, besides the fact that Iran is the weakest team here. Angola could be pretty good)

Group E: Czech Rep., USA (the USA is pretty good, actually they're #6 or so in the world ranking, did you know that?? And this is a wild guess: Italy to drop out in the first round. Not likely to happen, but you never know. Ghana is weak, they recently lost against a local team here in Carinthia, Austria - and third class in Austrian soccer means very, very weak, perhaps about the strenght of Liechtenstein-teams)

Group F: Brazil, Croatia (as I said, Croatia and Brazil are very strong. I just hope Brazil drops out soon, it gets so boring with them winning every crap there is. They could easily be defeated by their own pride)

Group G: Switzerland, Korea (or France? well, they were not so good in recent events, eh? Also I have to admit I'm not a fan of their team, so I actually hope they drop out. And of course I hold my fingers crossed for the Swiss, as they are Austria dear neighbours - and co-host of the Euro 2008, so this is the stage to present their strenght to the world, right? Go Switzerland!!)

Group H: Ukraine, Tunisia (another wild guess. But it's true, Spain always suck in tournaments. And Saudi Arabia is really weak, right? And Ukraine played very good in recent times.)

Well, as you know, Austria did not qualify, and if they would have, they would play in Group A, where they would lose every game. The team is very weak at the moment (and generally in recent years... there were some matches against Spain... 0-9 away and 0-5 home, very defeating actually) and I guess at the Euro 2008 (automatically qualified as co-host) the team will also fail to score anything.
Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 10, 2006 11:16AM
that's true. what's happening in austria? i rememember krankl & prohaska. they were quite a team once. back then when the swiss were weak. but now we're hot. i bet on the swiss and korea in our group.

japan has to be reckoned with. neither brazil nor croatia can take that one easy. zico's influence is obvious when you watch them play.

poland was so disappointing. and being low on spirit they play next against germany who is tanked with it? they need a big surprise.
Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 10, 2006 12:33PM
Austria just hasn't got any good players I reckon. Club football has also declined drastically in recent years. Our league is crappy beyond belief... Well, we will see what Red Bull Salzburg will be capable to do with Trappatoni and Matthäus. Our team was somewhat better in the nineties, when they did qualify for the World Cups 1990 and 1998. There were better players back then, the squad now is too young and not experienced enough.


Guess you're right about Japan. maybe they can kick out Brazil? winking smiley Imagine that... Brazil out in first round. That'd be cool. Just as the last European championship, where all favourites were eliminated quite early (besides Portugal).
And about Poland you're right too. I still hope they can score against Germany. Neighbour rivaly should give them at least some energy I guess.
Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 10, 2006 12:49PM
I do think Poland will do a better job against Germany. In the match against Ecuador Poland were favourites and they had to make the game. Playing against Germany they can play their natural playing style. They will probable let Germany make the game and react on the counter.
I was a bit stunned though to see how poor they were going from defence to the forwards. No good passes to set someone up. The only one playing defence who was half way decent in passing the ball was Radomski. And he better be good at it because he used to play in the Dutch league, he learned from the best. hihihi.
Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 11, 2006 01:18AM
poland is pretty much under pressure now. the second game is already an endgame. i also think that they´ll play a bit better than against ecuador, but i don´t think that they should let germany make the game. they are forced to rule the game, mais avec le massive fan support the germans develop a certain passion and strenght, though their defense behaviour is not that strong. if they continue to score like they did against costa rica they will be hard to beat, obviously. at least for poland. ecuador could become a surprise team in this group.

today we saw the best game by now. for me this was argentinia vs côte d´ivoire. i love to watch these african guys play ball. you can feel that they play with real fun. maximum passion. and they have the skills. sadly they lost against a strong playing argentinia, but i really hope they get to play more than three games! i did not like to see argentinia becoming too self-assured, and in my opinion, near by arrogant in the second half.

england and sweden were dissapointing. and you can already say t&t is playing their best cupo del mundo (right?) ever! smiling smiley

i´d say the world cup start-off is a good one and the germans are surprising the world, and me too. fun people all around. really everywhere! great atmosphere and warm welcomes for every team. very nice! and the weather rocks,too! i was laughing when i heard the argentinian players complain about the heat. ha!

originally i´m not that much into soccer, but this makes fun, somehow. seeing that the world cup is also discussed here is fun, too. thanks alex.


Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 11, 2006 02:02PM
well, Germany surprising the world is a bit exagurrated, no? They beat Costa Rica, thats not exactly world class. They've got an easy group, sure they'll make round 2, but then they will have to play against England or Sweden (or Paraguay? Sweden was indeed disappointing, or to say it better: Trinidad was great!) and if this could give them a sudden stop.

Côte d'Ivoire played really good. I did not see much of the game, just the end phase, but there they really gave it a go. The goal was stunning, fantastic combination. I wanna see more of this.

And today, I wanna see the Netherlands win! =)
Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 11, 2006 02:43PM
germany surprising the world.....i did not think of the game, here. don´t think that they´re that strong, but i´ve heard many visitors/journalists say that they are surprised by the passion the german folks/fans have these days. that´s kinda new. smiling smiley

Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 11, 2006 07:15PM
cote d'ivoire played very attractive of course, but i was more impressed by argentina's routine and coolness. some may call it arrogance, i call it control and professionalism. riquelme played awesome. best team for me till now.

england was bad bad bad. sweden well... tragic. bad luck. cheers to trinidad & tobago. holland & serbia were both lame, which is common with serbia i think. only when they're in some wild rush they play really strong, but more than often they play like this, which i don't understand. they do have the players.
Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 11, 2006 07:38PM
argentina has been the best so far for me, too. i have only really seen the first half of their match, but they just seemed to control the match. and ivory coast were not that bad.

i thought holland started great in the first half; i was really pleased with their performance. second half was indeed not very good. i expect to see them grow in this tournament so i thenk there are a couple of good matches in advance.
Re: OT: Fussball World Championship 2006
June 12, 2006 04:44AM
If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much.

Hihihihi. I am so happy that we won, and we only just begun. la lalala lalala lala.
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