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Posted by érdna 
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June 11, 2006 02:25AM
what will they do? how will they continue? WILL they continue?
there are many questions that come to my mind when i think about future mp.
we have:
geb has left, old school heavy rock lp as a two-man-band, no interviews ( japanese forced them with their devine winds smiling smiley ) and: very good, earshaking europe tour (to be continued)............and then?

wanna guess?

Re: !...direction?
June 11, 2006 09:20AM
i think theyll continue. if they get the drum section to work (meaning that they are satisfied with jacco or not) i dont see no reason why they shouldnt go on. plus there is more touring to be done, a dvd release + i think bent and snah has got alot of creativity left in their fingers
Re: !...direction?
June 11, 2006 01:57PM
I think they seem to be happy with Jacco. They go along very good. Dunno about Oyvind, he adds some nice touches to their sound, but overall he could be omitted easily.

My guess is they will continue to make music together with Jacco after the touring and hopefully some DVD and Roadwork releases (Tussler roadwork, pleeeeeaseeee!!).
My hope is that they will keep changing their sound again. I like hard rock, but I love transitions.
Re: !...direction?
June 11, 2006 04:43PM
i dont think tha`t will be a problem. The psychos arent exactly known as being stale and repetative. It will be a blast to see what they come up with next. As for Øyvind, i dont know. Havent checked them live this summer, but ill get my chance at Øya. But from what i heard on the darmstadt gig, it sounded rather well. I especially like that body synth thingy. A nice addon to an already powerful live setting. But as far as new albums go, i doubt he will make the cut. It depends on what direction theyll take i guess.

By the way. I was thinking about that dvd release. Perhaps the long delay is due to a plan of making one of the discs a concert dvd from this last tour?! I mean, to underline the fact that geb has left the band and stuff. Would certainly be a well aprechiated turn of events if this is the case. Dont you think?

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Re: !...direction?
June 13, 2006 12:40AM
I think Øyvind was a great addition to the sound. Partly he kinda did the same what Bard did on some songs. Since he can put all kind of different sounds on his vibraphon synth, this is very cool.
I have to admit, my opinion on Jacco is rather average, he did a good job but nothing very special. But I may have not been to the show where he was on fire.. ? He may also need some time to get into the songs completely to dare to do more live.
And yes: More Tussler please! I really think this band can take it very high! When I compare this MP tour to the last Tussler tour I almost would say the Tusslers took it a little higher sometimes... smiling smiley The concerts I attended, these guys where really really on fire!
Re: !...direction?
June 14, 2006 05:15PM
I like Oyvind much better than Baard. In Münster where I could hear his input clearly, it was a really great addition to the music (in Hamburg I almost didn't hear him). Baard really annoyed me in the end, first, because, I didn't like that jazzy stuff that much and second because in the end there were keyboards on almost every song they played live and if they rock I can live without keyboard sounds.
Re: !...direction?
June 14, 2006 11:40PM
I liked Baard pretty much. I´ve got that Tilburg bootleg which is/was on the net for stream (VPRO? Don´t remember.). He plays great solos in Sideway Spiral and on most of the songs, partly pretty psychedelic. But yeah, the keys sometimes softened the heavier stuff. But you can´t have everything! smiling smiley
Re: !...direction?
June 15, 2006 01:50AM
I´m just listening to that Darmstadt recording. And I have to say that in addition to my expirience to the gig in Cologne it´s the best stuff they ever did! First of all how fast Jacco became a part of the Band and how good they fit together. In my opinion he allready added a new sound! That kinda stonerrock groove especially in the version of No Evil they played in Cologne.
...Damn! Just can´t put in words how great this band is! They have to go on!
Re: !...direction?
June 29, 2006 01:32PM
expect the unexpected!

what if....

....geb returns?

....they mix their sound with classic styles?
for example: MP vs Rondo Veniziano

....they come up with another double album by the end of this year?

Re: !...direction?
July 02, 2006 06:28AM
I've actually dreamed this album out as "Surogate for arrogance-woven wings"..
How bizzare..
How bizzare..
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