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mp vs. shellac

Posted by marc 
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mp vs. shellac
July 14, 2006 12:19PM
it's nothing too spectacular, but i thought i'll tell you about it. i got myself shellac's "a rude gesture"-single a few days ago and when i was listening to the "billard player song" "in our tree" immediately came to my mind. mp are definitely not ripping off, since the songs as a whole are quite different and mp probably don't even know this song exists, but it's funny that the weird rhythm and the chords played are almost identical. even if you don't care check them out, they're a great band.
Re: mp vs. shellac
July 14, 2006 01:37PM
funny, the first time i heard In Our Tree i immediately thought of Shellac. Great song btw from a great band. Especcially 10.000 Hurts is great i think. Go see them live, there is no band like them. Btw, i don't think MP ripped them off too.
Re: mp vs. shellac
July 17, 2006 11:25AM
I have listened to the "Watch" song from the album "1000 Hurts" of Shellac yesterday and this sounds like good.
But where can I hear more of this guys still, then?

P.S.: Excuse for my bad english!!!

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Re: mp vs. shellac
July 17, 2006 12:12PM
This is true guys.

I've got that "Wow, this sounds like Shellac"-Impression too when I heard IN OUR TREE for the first time.

The beginning till the first singing starts definitely reminds on to that special dry Steve-Albini-Guitar-Sound. And now listening to Shellac's BILLARD PLAYER SONG as recommended by you, marc I hear this relation once more.

And so it's is really exciting, to conjecture if they know Shellac and their special sound or if this indeed is a complete coincidence...


BTW (@ maniac 1978): Check 'terraform' (1997, touch & go records), cause it's my favorite Shellac album.

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