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Favourite lyric piece

Posted by Brd 
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Re: Favourite lyric piece
January 10, 2007 04:11PM
Denial Wrote:
> "Don't break the illusion, I love you the way I
> dream of you."
> how true, how true....

That is my favourite as well smiling smiley After that long jam of psychedelic intensity and that single lyricline puts it all back together in one piece. Fantastic!
Re: Favourite lyric piece
January 11, 2007 08:04AM
By far from Demon Box
"I need you like I need gangreene"

Also the lyrics from Stalemate makes an impact
"The more you rage, the more you change, the more it stays the same"

In that aspect, from 30/30
"My favourite friend, my old compadre
Well here we are again...
Have you noticed how the years keep changing
and how they seem the same..?"

And of course; the entire Sailboat Song
"And as I leave the harbour,with the wind in my sails
the deep blue ocean rolling patiently
and every wave reminds me of the tremors of her flesh
as she came with me - I love the sea"
Re: Favourite lyric piece
January 11, 2007 07:54PM
first i thought bent sings...

"...do you wanna go mad and play
with me today?..."

well, guess i was wrong but it sounds good as well, doesn´t it?
Re: Favourite lyric piece
January 12, 2007 05:05PM
"...i am you and you are me - the battles are all won"
Re: Favourite lyric piece
January 13, 2007 10:59PM
it's impossible to name one single favorite, but most of 2006 it was actually "Before the flood" - a poetic masterpiece that described my feelings and state of being perfectly for a period. it's possibly be Snah's best work ever. The imagery is stunning and the phrasing is simply perfect. Boys and girls, this is poetry.

when you feel lost in the city and lost in the woods
and the whole wide world is an unknown neighbourhood
then the whereabouts of your only well
is sometimes to be found
playing hide and seek among the slurring words
on its homing run

"You're like the rain, the rocks and the steaming soil;
countless formations from endless toil
going with the seasons doing their job
and changing from day to day
whatever will be when the light goes out
won't matter anyway".

Working up a sweat before the great relief
Been a long time waiting, about a million years
Alarm clock tick tock a siren call for response from every cell
so the old rugged mountain will suck up the sea
Now finally

I wish I could know you like you know me
'cause I'm still smiling from your histories
But it's really unreal the way I think I feel
washed up on the self-a-shore
so I guess I'm gonna stick around and wait for you
while you find your way home
Re: Favourite lyric piece
January 16, 2007 04:45AM
I'm just now listening to Timothy's Monster, and I'm wondering why no one mentioned The Golden Core before:
"There is a time for everything, when even you can be a king
...or queen of no fixed stature
a prince amongst the castaways"

& I like this one too:
"you say that I don’t understand
that it’s how I survive"
Re: Favourite lyric piece
January 16, 2007 08:16PM
@Denial: I did. I love the whole Golden Core!
Re: Favourite lyric piece
January 16, 2007 10:40PM
true, most of MP's lyrics are incredible. really. it's impossible to choose one. obvious ones are the "big" songs like "un chien" and "vortex surfer" and "the golden core" - perfect songs with lyrics out of this world! i also love "plan #1", "greener", "sinful, wind-borne", "the nerve tattoo", "beautiful sister", "feel", "blueberry daydream" etc. etc. etc. -- i could go on and on!!
Re: Favourite lyric piece
January 22, 2007 09:18PM
...and I smoke anything that I wanna smoke
and I read through the lines till I get the joke
Re: Favourite lyric piece
January 23, 2007 04:31PM
I saw you on thursday,
I couldn’t see your eyes
riding your bike in that
summer-dress so nice
just when I thought you would fade from my sight
you smiled at me,yeah,you smiled at me

All those thought-forms you know
Ruining your every night
But who would concieve them
Until it is spelled out so right?
Re: Favourite lyric piece
January 23, 2007 08:16PM
I used to think "Greener" went: "I´ll head for the dictions that will buy me time waiting for someone greener", instead of "I´ll head for the ditch instead and bide my time waiting for someone greener".
Greener is great...
Re: Favourite lyric piece
January 25, 2007 02:46PM
Re: Comatose

Hehe, I also thought he said "buy my time"...
Re: Favourite lyric piece
February 02, 2007 09:32PM
"...iving grey and dreaming read..."

From "The Other Fool".
That is just pure poetry in my little ears because it seems so true in my stupid little brain.
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