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Best Motorpsycho Album Poll

Posted by alexander 
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Re: Best Motorpsycho Album Poll
October 28, 2008 05:47PM

to me composite head is a great song as well as the slow phaseout. and I like Trust Us a lot, especially Ozone and 577 and Taifun. It has a strong 70s feeling to it, a bit like Led Zeppelin. Great album. I started with Trust Us into the MP cosmos, so it will always be a big favourite of mine.

The only MP album as i considered before that doesn`t really work for me is Love Cult. I like most of the songs, but somehow it doesn't work as a whole thing.. But take one more demon or this otherness, or what if.... great songs. But there is no flow between all the songs...

and äh... I love the 2nd Tussler Album. winking smiley
Re: Best Motorpsycho Album Poll
October 28, 2008 07:16PM
Anonymous User Wrote:
> @karma defect, otherdemon: I'm not too crazy,
> trust me ...The thing with TU is, there are some
> super songs on there, but as a album as a whole it
> never got through to me. I dont even like both
> openers, Evernine and Psychonaut / Ozone may have
> great titles, but the songs themselves ... I dont
> really like that much. And after that, we got some
> mediocre songs and some fillers and it is not so
> much a unity as it should/could be. Maybe with a
> rearranged tracklist I could like it more as an
> album - this way, its just a couple of songs I
> love off that paticular record (VS, Jane, RadFreq,
> Taifun, 577, etc).
> And, granted, everyone has an opinion of their
> own. I will never like Trust Us in a way I like
> Timmy or LTEC, and that's that. No need calling me
> crazy for that. I guess it is just that I am not a
> prog-rock fan per se and TU is clearly a more
> proggy album than most others. I love the
> psychedelic jams *in concert*, but on record, I
> get tired a lot more quickly. Perhaps because of
> that I cant really love the new album either.
> ~
> Concerning Blissard: I never get rid of the
> feeling that Greener and especially True Middle
> ruin the flow of that record. They are nice, sure,
> but I think they dont really fit in. But on the
> otherhand, I really like the two mellow songs at
> the end. But again, thats just me.
> Oh and I also like Composite Head, and also the
> Slow Phasout. Yeah, you can bash me now if you
> want winking smiley

Of course you are entitled to yr opinion. And you give great reasons why.
But there's one thing I disagree with you on: That Trust Us is so very proggy.
I don't think so. It's much more stoner-rockish, in my opinion. I also agree with
you on the great songs of the record. But I more or less like them all (except Ozone, which
is boring, and Dolphyn which is a pointless way to end the album. I like the other interlude,
Siddhartino, though.)

About Blissard: In a way I sorta agree that Greener and True Middle kinda fuck up the flow.
But Timothy had very little flow, but still is an amazing fucking album!

I also like The Slow Phaseout. In fact Phanerothyme doesn't have one bad track, it's a very
even album. But no standout-tracks (quite a few of them though would be awesome live)
Re: Best Motorpsycho Album Poll
October 28, 2008 08:33PM
Well generally can be said that even the songs I like less by MP are still good, there is maybe not a single MP song which I would call bad. And as you see, I still give TU a 7/10 rating, so I am far from disliking it completely. You're probably right about the stoner-rock-thing, I dont make clear cuts between the genres and Motorpsycho is of course a band that don't care that much either.

In a way, and in the right mood, I'd find all the songs great, but perhaps in another order ... hm, thinking about it, how about: Hey Jane, 577, Ocean, Siddhartino, RadFreq, Taifun, Superstooge, Conventry Boy, VS... and the rest of the tracks perhaps splattered over some EPs. That would've been I TU I could have loved.

About the flow: Yeah right, Timmy had some major breaks - but every album has its own dynamics, some need to be heterogenic, some need to be more of a whole... I dont know, it also depends. I can listen to Timmy bit by bit, from back to front, just the second disc, or the whole thing and its still great. Considering the flow in Love Cult, I think almost the same as helm, and I never really listen to that one in a whole. It starts out great and then Circles throws me out of the concept completely. I would've loved to see Bubbles followed by Neverland or One more Daemon, that would've seemed much more cohesive.

Oh and I also think there is not a single bad track on Phanerothyme, but also no highlights... well perhaps BS. And the second Tussler album is also very nice. I really want the Tussler Society back on the road.
Re: Best Motorpsycho Album Poll
October 28, 2008 09:26PM
Phew, where to start... I can't really give an absolute ranking, it's different depending on my mood. My top 5 is pretty stable though, not in any particular order:

Demon Box
Timothy's monster
Little Lucid Moments
Angels and Daemons

On Blissard: I even like the last two songs, though the last one (Nathan Daniel) I don't consider a song. It's a mood, set to music. It works for me late at night. No lights, just some psychedelic images from the milkdrop screensaver. Very relaxing, but also saddening somehow. No mushrooms involved... When it was just released, I was less enthousiastic. Now, many years later, it turns out to be an album that "sticks".

Missing: the albums from the 2000-2003 era. They're generally not my cup of tea, with the exception of some songs. They even made me "quit" MP for a while (though other circumstances were involved winking smiley ) I'm specifically talking albums here, MP live is a whole different thing and I actually listen a lot to recordings from this era (eg. the fall 2002 tour). To name some live favorites: Painting the night Unreal, Song for a Bro, Stained Glass, Close your eyes, Dora peach, the upgraded Sideway Spiral, ...

Also missing: Trust Us. I have always assumed I was the only one to think it is overrated. Some fantastic songs (for me: VS, RadFreq, Taifun, Ocean in her eye) but not enough to carry a double album. It should have been 1 CD I guess. Close to my top 5 nonetheless...

I can see how some would say Demon Box is overrated. For me, it is the album that got me into Motorpsycho. As helm pointed out, such an album will always be special. But even if I try to be objective, it still makes my top 5 easily. I have always liked the early, somewhat rawer side of MP. I'm generally a sucker for the long epic songs (like many psychonauts) but also really like the short, fast tracks like Babylon and Sunchild. An not to forget Junior.... the first song that got stuck in my head and made me buy Demon Box. I heard it live only once, long long time ago and regret I'll probably never have the opportunity again.

BHBC. Close to the top 5, but the same problem as TU I think. Some great songs, more mediocre ones.

Finally, the earliest 2 (Lobotomizer/8 soothings songs). They spawned some classics (Hogwash, HotB, Step Inside, Loaded) and a couple of underrated ones (Frances, Lighthouse girl). Still, no match for the other albums.

Regardless of how good the albums are, most of the time I listen to live material. Makes it all the more interesting to grab the original album once in a while and be amazed at how the songs originally sounded...
Re: Best Motorpsycho Album Poll
November 02, 2008 12:31PM
Here's a fan of Trust Us. Ah yes the Zeppelin thing. To me it's the Physical Graffitti of the 90ties. And I actually got tired of Vortex Surfer like I got tired of Stairway to Heaven, although they are perfectly crafted and a great pleasure to listen to WHEN I do it once a year. I mostly I skip them. Weird. Not like other biggies like The Golden Core, STG or Taifun, they leave me floored everytime. Ah, Taifun, for this one alone I must cherish TU way up high in such a list.
Evernine, Mantrick Muffin Stomp, Ocean in her Eye and Taifun, please do 'em live more often.

Demon Box got me into MP. I love its variety and energy and madness. Timothy probably remains my all time best. When it got released, I couldn't imagine they or any other band could ever top it. But being MP, they simply do something different every year, so no comparisons are possible anyway.

I'm biased towards Blissard, it's beautiful, has some of my fave songs like STG, s'Numbness, Manmower and Nerve Tattoo, but it feels somehow incomplete despite it's tight structure. Where Angels feels complete despite it's loose ends. And that one's got the amazing Starmelt, Source, Spacesuit and PPP.

I liked the following albums just as well, they just may not have touched me that much anymore as a whole. But some songs did. 30/30, Phaseout, For Free, Carousel and later live versions of Upstairs and Stained Glass are heartshaking beauties like their best vintage faves. The Fishtank was grand, the 2nd Tussler Album is pure joy.

BHBC was almost too much to take at first, now it's sleeping with their best work and the same goes for LLM.

I so wonder what the next one will sound like... Shorter songs is probably a pretty safe bet. But then...? Another double? With a concept? A northern Quadrophenia?

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Re: Best Motorpsycho Album Poll
November 03, 2008 04:45AM

You know you're a dork fan when you spend unjustifyingly much time reading [i]other[/i] peolpe's opinions on MP, haha



The rest?

... Epic as well.

Re: Best Motorpsycho Album Poll
November 03, 2008 09:04AM
you know you're a dork as soon as you register to any board. smiling smiley
Re: Best Motorpsycho Album Poll
November 03, 2008 06:41PM
1. Timothys` monster 10
Blissard 10
Little lucid moments 10
5. Trust us 9
Demon box 9
Barracuda 8
8. Phanerothyme 8
Black hole/blank... 8
10.Let them eat cake 7
It`s a love cult 7
12.Lobotomizer 3
8 soothing songs... 3
Re: Best Motorpsycho Album Poll
November 07, 2008 06:35PM
In my opinion, LLM is by far the most proggy album they've ever made. And these days, i'm leaning more and more towards placing it in the top 5, along with the classics! So my list now would be like this;

1 TM - It's just so brilliant. All over the place stylewise, but killer songs all the way
2 Blissard - I never seem to loose interest in this album! It just grows, and grows and grows!!
3 TU - Another gem!
4 LLM - Goes to show our gods are still worthy of our worship. Fucking brilliant!
5 AADAP - What can i i say......pure pleasure
Re: Best Motorpsycho Album Poll
November 07, 2008 07:09PM
Right now my list would probably be:

1. Trust Us (for ever and ever)
3. TM
4. Blissard
5. LLM

I've been reviving the pop-trilogy lately, right now LTEC is my fave of the three. Cake sounds so very Scandinavian to me (I like that), whereas Phan sounds more like American westcoast 70's yacht rock from time to time (BS anyone?). There also seems to be some consensus over here that Love Cult is one of their weaker efforts, even though it has Uberwagner and Serpentine to redeem it's place in the canon. Opinions?
Re: Best Motorpsycho Album Poll
November 19, 2008 09:06AM
I started with Let Them Eat Cake. Back then I was touring with my parents through Norway and I always had that album on my headphones during that trip. Don't know why but this made the country even more intensive to explore, I kinda thought this music fits very perfectly to that landscape. So I have to pick LTEC to my favourites just because of that.
Otherwise I also have to count Trust Us to my top ranking, my first psychedelic experience! It was the moment when I heard Taifun the first time live. Blew me away... smiling smiley
Third place is hard... Maybe Blissard or Timothy or LLM. I really love the drumming on LLM and the fact that they just don't care about a specific song structure like verse-chorus-verse. And on tour they were just on fire!
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