MP references
January 29, 2007 12:33PM
Went to the record-store today to buy the new Shining album (ex-Jaga Jørgen
Munkeby´s new band). It has a shitload of MP references:
First of all, the album is called Grindstone. Second, one of the tracks
is called Stalemate Longan Runner (and is co-written with Andreas Schei, still
in Jaga).
Thirdly, Bent is in the thank you-list with the subtitle "Sail on!". Possibly
a hint that he wants MP to keep going on?

Another piece of useless info: Askil Holm (yes, one of those godamn Gitarkameratene)
released his solo-album today (Coincidence? Hardly). Motorpsycho, Geb and HGH are
in the thank you-list, alongside Idol-Kurt, Ali Baba and Sway. Never thought I´d
see that day coming...
Re: MP references
January 30, 2007 04:41PM
After playing/touring with MP, Jørgen Munkeby really discovered MP and bought the whole backcatalogue (I read this in an interview some time ago). In an old Munkeby inverview in Pitchfork, he states the following "...But Motorpsycho has been one of my latest big influences. These guys are directly responsible for Shining's rock renaissance..." (whole interview: [url][/url]) Cool that Shining still is influenced by MP!

Regarding Askil Holm. I completely agree that he on his own or together with the "nye gitarkameratene" really sucks. However, he's a friend of Martin Hagfors, and plays in the Hagfors allstar band "Cream of the Crop" where he does a hell of a job on the accoustic + harmony vocals! Cream of the Crop have given me some of my ultimate concert experiences (very good tunes with long jams). Cream of the Crop also hosts Gebhardt of course, and mabye thats where they've linked up. Holm also comes from Trondheim, I think.

Re: MP references
January 30, 2007 06:12PM
Yeah, I saw something like that. It was an interview on Lydverket where
Jørgen basically kept on praising MP big time.

I'm guessing touring with MP in 2002 was a dream come true for him...
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