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Motorpsycho should re-record:

Posted by Evol 
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Motorpsycho should re-record:
September 09, 2007 03:53PM
Name some songs you'd love MP to re-record.

My first choice would be Hogwash. The psyched out version they played live before Geb left was plain awesome. While I think the studio versions (both metal & country) are a bit boring, I find the live version to be one of their best songs.

Step Inside is my favorite song from Soothe, but the live versions they used to play with Geb were 10 times better and much more psychedelic!

Sideway Spiral III! I can't say they should re-record an unreleased song, but since it's a live version of I and II so I say, record that one!

Manmower is great song, but the live versions with Jacco were even better.

Well, if those live songs are included on Roadworks III i wouldn't complain - if/whenever that one'll get released.
Re: Motorpsycho should re-record:
September 09, 2007 04:32PM
Theese are song I think could have a bigger potential if they were re-recorded:

Come on in
Star star star
Re: Motorpsycho should re-record:
September 10, 2007 10:52AM
Yes, a Roadworks III featuring the most altered or never even released songs would be nice. Hogwash woah!
Re: Motorpsycho should re-record:
September 13, 2007 05:32PM
The Wheel was really great at the 2006 tour, much better than the studioversion in my eyes.
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