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Radio broadcasts of Motorpsycho-Concerts

Posted by theOtherOtherNils 
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Radio broadcasts of Motorpsycho-Concerts
September 18, 2007 04:44PM
Just wanted to know, which concerts of Motorpsycho were broadcasted on Television and Radio, which ones in good/ bad quality and which of those concerts you like the most?

The ones I know about are:

-Fritz Corner in Stockholm (25.03.1998) (great psychonaut and STG)
-Kägelbanan in Stockholm (29.4.2000) (Tonight's the night winking smiley
-Oyafestivalden (10.08.2002)
-Rockefeller 1996 in Oslo (09.03.) (with Deathprod, but the sound is miserabel)
-Rockefeller 1997 in Oslo (14.03.) (with Deathprod, great great concert!)
-Rockefeller 2001,the first (01.04.) (this stream starts in the middle of "walking with j." and doubt that this is really a concert from 2001 because it has so many "cake-songs"
-Rockefeller 2001, the second (19.10.) (with Jaga Jazzist)
-Stavanger in Folken (21.03.1998) (nice acoustic song and a great hogwash)
-at the Bizarre-Festival in Weeze (17.8.2002) (from the german tv-chanel WDR)
-at the Lowlands-Festival in Biddinghuizen (25.08.2000)
-at the Quart-Festival in Kristiansand (05.07.1996) (also bad sound quality)

Are there more? and how are they?
Re: Radio broadcasts of Motorpsycho-Concerts
September 18, 2007 06:18PM
Rockefeller April 2000 (has some background noise, but an incredible setlist!)
Among others Blueberry Daydream, Sideway Spiral 3, early Go to California,
All Is Loneliness, Golden Core, Hogwash and Vortex Surfer.

Others: Roskilde 1993 (main concert + backstage acoustic appearance. Good sound)
Quartfestival 1996 (good sound, aggressive performance. Interview also)
Viva 1998 Special (German TV-special with lotsa live stuff)
Roskilde 1999 (very shitty sound produced by Finland radio or something)

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Re: Radio broadcasts of Motorpsycho-Concerts
September 19, 2007 07:34PM
there's also a 2 or 3 songs snipped of the haldern festival 2006 (video) and 2 songs were broadcasted in the radio but with an really bad quality
Re: Radio broadcasts of Motorpsycho-Concerts
September 21, 2007 05:11PM
I really love the Rockefeller 1997 bootleg. The contributions from Deathprod are amazing, especially what he did in the Un Chien d'Espace jam.
Re: Radio broadcasts of Motorpsycho-Concerts
September 23, 2007 03:30PM
Many fine ones here I believe. Of those I haven't heard, the '00 Stockholm setlist stands out in particular with an interesting set (including Ocean In Her Eye, Like Always, Taifun and Tonight's the Night). Was it as good as it looks? And since it was on radio, I suppose a decent recording exists?
Re: Radio broadcasts of Motorpsycho-Concerts
September 23, 2007 08:43PM
The songs below were broadcast for the Stockholm 2000 gig. Sound quality is good. However, the last three songs circulate in mp3 only and the sound quality is not as good as for the other songs.

-Like Always
-Go to California
-Upstairs Downstairs
-Now it's Time to Skate
-Big Surprise
-The Other Fool
-High Time
-Black to Comm
-The one Who went Away
-Tonight's the Night
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