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MP & Supersilent

Posted by otherdemon 
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MP & Supersilent
October 29, 2007 02:36PM
Two large snippets up on Youtube:

Re: MP & Supersilent
October 29, 2007 11:49PM
Hey thanks!

Quite strange, but cool, though!
Re: MP & Supersilent
October 30, 2007 01:34AM
hell ya,
pretty cool, thanx a lot spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: MP & Supersilent
October 30, 2007 02:02PM
thank you very much! but that ain't kennth on drums, is it?
Re: MP & Supersilent
October 30, 2007 02:58PM
Nope, only Bent & Snah played there.
Re: MP & Supersilent
October 30, 2007 09:11PM
uuuuh kool thing! bent sometimes looks a bit disoriented...eheh
Re: MP & Supersilent
October 31, 2007 12:55PM
yeah, you're right, but i love the way he looks in that gloomy illumination, reminds me a lot of old footage of the early black sabbath, somehow^^

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Re: MP & Supersilent
October 31, 2007 04:25PM
Cool stuff yeah. I attended the gig, and the Youtube part 2 thingy
was the beautiful mellow encore they did. Reminiscent of King Crimson's
"Trio" improv.

My favorite part of the gig though was the 15-20 mins when Arve and Jarle
just bashed the shit out of their drumkits in almost synch, Ståle played
some random atonal mellotron and rhodes, Snah blasted out all kinds of
guitarnotes and noise while Helge filtered it thru some of his audio-virus,
while Bent played a weird-ass riff in E which could possibly be a new MP-song.
And they all did this at the same time, mind you. Fantastic.
Re: MP & Supersilent
October 31, 2007 11:20PM
Great vids, hope the taper will upload the whole show if it's taped.

My favorite part was when Deathprod played bowed guitar (not just because of that, but the whole thing). It was so droney, massive and dreamy!
Re: MP & Supersilent
November 01, 2007 01:48AM
Hello folks...

I'm the one who made this clips of this great giggg..I have some more if you guys want me too upload...I need a new camera.hehe..The great noisy parts ot the gig is broken... i was to close too the stage...

But i think the Demon Face of Bent is great...

Hope you like it...

Greetings from Jacob...
Re: MP & Supersilent
November 01, 2007 10:02AM
It would be cool if you uploaded a few more clips yeah. Didn't you tape
the Insect Machine-gig last year too? Is the sound similar to that one?
Re: MP & Supersilent
November 01, 2007 02:59PM
Jeppp....i have too by a new camera with better sound quality..The great noisy part that i like the most about supersilent is broken..

There was some others on the gig who was filming too...So i just hope someone release something better later..
Re: MP & Supersilent
November 02, 2007 12:06PM
You gotta BE THERE to get the real supersilent feeling. I've always thought so.
It's different with other bands, then a Youtube-clip can give them justice. But with Supersilent - you never can get the true feeling of what they're about if you're not there when it happens.

I guess what I'm trying to say is; I didn't get an orgasm out of your clip.
But I liked seeing Bent looking like the fucking devil himself. Scary!
Re: MP & Supersilent
November 03, 2007 11:10AM
Yepp yepp! Nice clips. Although i (also) found myself thinking that Bent semed abit "uninterested" in the whole thing. On the 2 clips, you almost can't hear him doing anything, while the rest of the crew blasted away on their respective instruments. But perhaps that was just on those ambient parts. I dunno. Anyway....semed like a nice little noise fest they got going there. Would have loved to be there...
Re: MP & Supersilent
November 07, 2007 07:33PM
pretty surely these impressions are due to "non-bent-demanding" ambient parts.
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