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New album and DVD

Posted by Junior 
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Re: New album and DVD
March 09, 2008 02:32AM
no, really great photography! i esspecially like those blurred ones.
Re: New album and DVD
March 09, 2008 04:38PM
Digital Polaroids. I like 'em. Could have been little better technically, but hey, these kinda pictures stand out because of their 'some weird shit'-look. Not like anything else out there. Dig.
Re: New album and DVD
March 09, 2008 10:20PM
The pics are a joke, work of a child?
Re: New album and DVD
March 10, 2008 07:10AM
who cares! it's just a picture
Re: New album and DVD
March 10, 2008 09:26PM
About the photos: I think the blurry ones are...well, forgettable - and the one with the three of them smiling is kinda nice, dont you think?
Re: New album and DVD
March 11, 2008 01:39AM
The manipulated photos are quite uninteresting. The photo of the band looks more like a family portrait than a band picture. They look really happy though. Mabye it's intentional..... it kind of reflect the current emotional status of MP i guess - a "happy family" again.

Re: New album and DVD
March 11, 2008 12:47PM
More info on runegrammofon.com:


Quote: "four long, energetic and evolving tracks clocking in between 11 and 21 minutes"
Re: New album and DVD
March 12, 2008 01:28PM
"Great luxurious double vinyl edition. 180 g vinyl and 350 g extra thick gatefold sleeve."

yep, that's how it's got to be.
Re: New album and DVD
March 12, 2008 04:18PM
nEW ALBUM NEW dvd...WOW...tnx motorpsycho! see you in RoME 23 MAY grinning smiley LOveyou.
Re: New album and DVD
March 13, 2008 12:52PM
would be nice if the infamous dvd were a part of the new album.... maybe that´s why there isn´t any news of the disc.

just dreaming...
Re: New album and DVD
March 15, 2008 03:26PM
Here, from the german Mag "Intro":

Re: New album and DVD
March 15, 2008 04:21PM
thanks! guys, less then 2 weeks...
Re: New album and DVD
March 15, 2008 04:27PM

If any of our German speaking friends would take their time to do an approximate translation it would be very much appreciated! From my extremely limited knowledge of German it seems like they must have listened to the album, am I right? In that case, I'm somewhat curious (understatement).
Re: New album and DVD
March 16, 2008 07:03AM
Volker posted this translation on g-35:

Little Lucid Moments
Stickman / Indigo
Text: Joachim Henn

4 songs, 59 minutes. Certainly it's not the only reason why LLM is not just another Motorpsycho album, can't be.

Reinforced by ten years younger drummer Kenneth Kapstad, Motorpsycho are again a trio. And the regained joy of playing oozes out of every (halluci)fuge. The title track alone, a suite with four parts, is a monster. Two PowerRock tracks, a giant jam, that apparently declines through all varities of Rock music, always finds back to straight parts, and then the solution: sublime and well hung...soulfood.

Everything seems to be interweaved, also on the lyrics level, describing the process of transition and the accompanied disorientation. One might have fun regarding the again generously existing quotes, even those surprising (Bent states for the second part of "She Left On The Sun Ship" Steve Reich), one can wallow in the dynamic interplay and discover with every listening new connections within this work. Or enjoy insights which the band shares with us and simply carry away yourself, when Snah in "Year Zero (a damage report)" soul-stirringly sings: "We turn our backs on what we knew...".

Many parts seemed to be highly improvised, there are only few simple and consistent song structures. You had fun jamming?

Bent: After the recordings of our last record we got a constant new drummer und are a full functioning band again. That changes things radically. In opposite to the last couple, we had recorded this album live all at once. This approach relieve the arrangements and everything gets organic and freed. And actually makes a lot of fun. We haven't catched the "real" MP on a studio record yet. This one comes close to our concerts. The songs bleed (sic!) into another, parts and transitions between the songs are improvised, and regarding the whole thing, it's not important to play the songs "perfectly" but in fact to produce a stream without a break; an all thorough experience for all participants, that hopefully goes beyond a "normal" listening experience.

Following the title, you had described it as little, lucid moments, surrounded by a "pile of shit" (translator's note: he actually said "weird shit"winking smiley. Is this "shit" a (necessary) path to wisdom?

Bent: The concentration, which is necessary to remember such long tracks and to be able to play them, constrains one as a performer to totally dedicate yourself to the moment. Thats the kick: When you are so busy to play, you forget the rest of the universe and nothing else has left a meaning. Anyhow: a device to find clarity. Maybe not absolutely necessary but certainly a great chance to force on oneself Zen! ...to this, trippy as fuck!

Rosenborg muscles really good in every participation. Will we see the day when they'll win the Champions League?

Bent: No. Not in the foreseeable future. Though there's a new generation at the start and I have great hopes!
Re: New album and DVD
March 16, 2008 02:28PM
Thanks so much for the translation!

Now I'm even more curious. And overexited, this sounds just too good to be true.
Re: New album and DVD
March 16, 2008 04:08PM
from platekompaniet.no (nothing new, really):

Little Lucid Moments er lyden av Motorpsycho anno 2008, et band som fortsetter å utfordre sin dedikerte fanskare. Denne gang med en utgivelse som består av fire lange, episke og evolverende spor med mektige crescendoer og en superenergisk live-følelse. Den nye trommisen Kenneth Kapstad (Dadafon, Gåte, Animal Alpha) tilfører ny vitalitet og en ekstra musikalsk dimensjon med sin allsidige bakgrunn. Little Lucid Moments er Psychos første album på Rune Grammofon. Det er produsert av Bent Sæther og Helge Sten, samt mikset av Jørgen Træen.
Re: New album and DVD
March 17, 2008 03:13PM
I actually had a dream last night, where I bought Little Lucid Moments, and I had it for a day, but didn't listen to it sad smiley

Can't.. wait.. any longer..
Murb Elo
Re: New album and DVD
March 17, 2008 09:35PM
Fra Farojournalen.no

Motorpsycho går indie
Motorpsycho satser på Rune Grammofon etter 14 år hos Sony Music/Sony BMG.Rune Grammofon lanserer Motorpsycho Little Lucid Moments 31. mars. Så indie har ikke Motorpsycho vært siden Demon Box i 1993.
Motorpsycho hadde syv topp tre-album fra 1996 til 2006, alle via Sony BMG i Norge. NÃ¥ skal lille Rune Grammofon utgi deres nye album Little Lucid Moments 31. mars, men har ikke prestasjonsangst av den grunn.
- Det er selvfølgelig spennende, men jeg har ikke tenkt så mye på akkurat de merittene. Det som er viktig for meg, er at jeg har vært stor fan av Motorpsycho i alle år, og synes det er veldig riktig det de gjør nå, forteller Rune Kristoffersen.

Rune Grammofon tar sikte på å selge 10.000 av sin Motorpsycho-debut i Norge, og peker på at markedet har forandret seg mye på bare de to år som har gått siden Black Hole/Blank Canvas.
- Den situasjon bransjen er i nå tilsier at artister som selger en del plater, men som har et indie-preg, vil søke seg mot mindre selskaper. Det ser ut til at utviklingen går den veien at store selskaper ikke lenger ønsker å jobbe med denne type artister, selv om de selger en del, mener Kristoffersen.

Motorpsycho skal være godt synlig rundt lanseringen og fram til europaturneen i mai.
- Det er mulig vi gjør noe i samarbeid med butikkene som skal ha nattåpent i forbindelse med slippet. Det ser ut til at det blir et lytteparty i Oslo for utvalgte forhandlere. Ellers gjør bandet presse for første gang på lenge, og de har gjort en reportasje på Lydverket. I april følger de også opp med norgesturné, som fort kan bli på 12 - 15 konserter, forteller Rune Kristoffersen.

Albumet utgis samtidig på dobbel vinyl med 180 grams plater og forseggjort cover i ekstra tykk papp. Vinylspesialisten Big Dipper i Torggata i Oslo skal ha nattåpent for Motorpsycho-slippet, og regner med en del forhåndsbestillinger innen den tid.
- Blant vinylkjøpere i Norge er et nytt, påkostet vinylalbum med Motorpsycho det største som kan skje. Det er alltid stas når Motorpsycho kommer med vinyl. Vi tar inn kanskje det dobbelte av andre store vinylslipp, og vi tar inn kvartparten så mye på CD, forteller innehaver Bjørn Hauge.
Re: New album and DVD
March 18, 2008 10:16AM
MOTORPSYCHO "Haircuts" is listed on indigo.de as a release in 05/2008.
Does anbody knew anything about this? Maybe a EP or even better the long awaited DVD!?

Re: New album and DVD
March 18, 2008 10:19AM
@Vosti: Haircuts is the name of the DVD. Looks like a may release then?
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