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New album and DVD

Posted by Junior 
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Re: New album and DVD
April 09, 2008 02:30PM
TvdR Wrote:
> Consider me floored by the new album.
> Greets,
> Thomas

Me too.
Re: New album and DVD
April 09, 2008 11:32PM
GoodMansBrother Wrote:
> Only Let them Eat Cake and Motorpsycho presents
> The international Tussler Society have reached #
> 1.

I'm pretty sure BHBC was #1 too...?
Re: New album and DVD
April 09, 2008 11:39PM
Oops! Nevermind... Didn't spot it in that list there right away. I stand corrected.
Re: New album and DVD
April 10, 2008 09:04AM
I finally recieved LLM (pre-ordered from Stickman) three days ago. The waiting time was unbareable when reading all the album comments. I've listened through LLM about 10 times now and I love it. The suite is so well composed and I can't get enough of it (even after listening to the Rosendal bootleg over and over again). Snahs vocal is great! YZ is also excellent and shows the qualities Snah has as a song writer/composer. SLOTSS is also great and it was indeed the opener of the Quart festival gig some time ago (as mentioned by mountaintop in an earlier post). I especially dig the guitar riff. The Alchemyst very cool and may give some very psychedelic jams in the future. I especially like the ending lyrics: "a brand new day is rising before our eyes, no fear no hatred no mercy no compromise". Can be interpreted very positively for the future of MP smiling smiley In general LLM makes me feel that the band hasn't let anything restrain them from playing exactly what they want for as long as they want. I hope they do a late autumn tour so I can catch a MP gig before an new album is released smiling smiley

Re: New album and DVD
April 15, 2008 11:13AM
@Gustav: I agree with the lyrics on The Alchemyst, at the end there, very cool. Also, the lyrics on the Suite gives me associations to the way Kenneth has revived Motorpsycho with his drumming, lovely.

In other news: No DVD yet?
Re: New album and DVD
April 23, 2008 07:24PM
I don't know if anyone has posted something about it already, but for all you psychonautic collectors out there, check this out!:[url]http://runegrammofon.skryt.no/news/[/url]
Re: New album and DVD
May 09, 2008 01:08PM
The new album, LLM, is now out on splattered vinyl, limited to 500 copies worldwide. Mind that this issue is twice the price compared to the black vinyl. It's still pressed on heavy vinyl (180 g).

Otherwise I'd like to mention that this new album is a divine show - off in prog, freejazz and psychedelic heavy rock. The best album since Trust us (it's actually even better!). Enjoy !
Re: New album and DVD
May 15, 2008 01:05AM
Damn! The new album sucks :-( what's happened to mp???
Re: New album and DVD
May 15, 2008 01:14AM
What just happened to you man??

But seriously....i for one have listened to MP for many years now. I've heard all albums countless times. And in my opinion LLM ranks among the top 5. Granted, it's last behind Demon Box, Timothys Monster, Trust Us and Blissard, but it's still a fucking great album. The Suite for one continues to amaze me for every listen.

Too bad it didn't float your boat
Re: New album and DVD
May 15, 2008 06:49PM
it demands quite a few listens. nothing for the impatient here. it's a monster.
Re: New album and DVD
May 15, 2008 08:23PM
I, too, don't know what to make of the new album yet. Pretty undecided here if I should regard it as hit or miss. The suite stands out though, that is true.

Re: New album and DVD
May 15, 2008 10:01PM
Not for the impatient indeed... it did little for me at first, but has grown a lot since. You know, at some stage there will be this persistent tune in the back of your mind, and then suddenly you realize it's bits of the new album that are starting to stick... I like it a lot in general, though there are some boring parts as well. Right now I'd rank it about the same as Golden Blissard Demon, though I (usually) prefer Angels & Daemons over Trust Us tongue sticking out smiley

Unfortunately the same has not yet happened with the live material. I've listened to the Rosendal recording. The recording is really good, but the show itself does not (yet?) manage to excite me. Partly it's the setlist, another part is something I miss that I cannot quite put my finger on. Maybe this requires some more spins as well... or i'm simply not in the right mood...
Re: New album and DVD
May 15, 2008 10:45PM
strange. to me it is a really brilliant and mindblowing album, and i loved all the other albums too. so maybe it is about anticipations?

to me the killersongs are the alchemyst and she left on the sunship. it has that space-rock vibe that i really love... and on the other hand the album has such an emotional tune: year zero.

so no worries from my side. i'm falling deeper and deeper with every listen, and that happens not too often with albums to me...

looking forward berlin.
Jones AMteriale
Re: New album and DVD
May 16, 2008 11:42AM
Here is a song from the DVD:

Re: New album and DVD
May 16, 2008 11:47AM
Jones AMteriale Wrote:
> Here is a song from the DVD:
> [url]http://www.nrk.no/p3tv/motorpsycho-akustisk-live-1[/url]
> 996/

There's FOUR songs from the DVD at Youtube. With correct aspect ratio and all...
Re: New album and DVD
May 21, 2008 03:39PM
Both items are great. I really love you more and more MP.

Though "Blissard" is still the outstanding album, musically and in puncto production, the newest album is amongst the best ones. I love the improvised touch on it. This is how "free-jazzrock" should sound.

I finally want to thank my local record dealer at "Rex Rotary" in Saarbrücken for helping me entering this sonic universe by MP.

Go on (both).

Cheers and vielen Dank, I gonna support you as long as you or I live I think (best directly through Stickman of course).
Re: New album and DVD
May 21, 2008 09:22PM
Mp, thank you a lot for those two pearls.

The DVD it's amazing, it's like an old album of photo, very emotional...
Little Lucid Moments, in my opinion it's the beginning, over the past experiences with gebbart, a new mp-era. So I want see what is going to append with kenneth and his powerful creativity. It's a great album.

See you in Rimini, Saturday, in Velvet.
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