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European tour 2008

Posted by skylab 
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Re: European tour 2008
April 18, 2008 11:13PM
Når begynner konserten? Er det mulig å kjøpe billetter når man kommer, eller må man kjøpe på forhånd?
Re: European tour 2008
April 21, 2008 08:12PM
Roskilde! oh yea!
havent seen them there yet. will be a høydare inn a great program this year.

want to go to burg herzberg, se colour haze live, but not sure if ill make it.
does anybody know how many tickets are left?

..and really looking forward to rocefeller on friday of course, awesome setlist so far.
April 23, 2008 02:26PM

where's the setlist from trondheim?
i'm curious about what i'll experience in oslo this friday...
Re: Trondheim-gig
April 23, 2008 02:36PM
in the setlist forum perhaps? smiling smiley

Re: European tour 2008
May 07, 2008 02:33PM
So, this are the dates, given in the Stickman newsletter:
17.05.08 - (D) Berlin - Postbahnhof
18.05.08 - (D) Cologne - Live Music Hall
20.05.08 - (D) München - Backstage Werk
22.05.08 - (I) Florence - Viper
23.05.08 - (I) Rome - Alpheus
24.05.08 - (I) Rimini - Velvet
25.05.08 - (I) Milano - Alcatraz
28.05.08 - (NL) Eindhoven - Effenaar
29.05.08 - (NL) Utrecht - Tivoli
30.05.08 - (D) Bremen - Schlachthof
31.05.08 - (D) Hamburg - Fabrik
01.06.08 - (DK) Copenhagen - Lille Vega
20.06.08 - (USA) Columbus, OH - Wexner Center for the Arts
21.06.08 - (USA) Louisville, KY - Terrastock Festival
22.06.08 - (USA) Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
03/06.07.08 - (DK) Roskilde - Roskilde Festival
19.07.08 - (D) Burg Herzberg - Burg Herzberg Festival

It's missing the concerts in Lausanne and Antwerp, why? Are they not officially confirmed yet?
Re: European tour 2008
May 07, 2008 02:50PM
There seemes to be a new date !!!

Right the day before Berlin, Friday, the 16th Motorpsycho will play at Pustervik
in Göteborg, SWE
Have a look:

Got this information from last.fm
Maybe, there are even more dates coming in between the other dates?!
Re: European tour 2008
May 25, 2008 07:45PM
sorry for posting this again, but I've linked this in the setlist-forum and I don't think so many people recognize it there...

at the website: --> deranderenils.de.ohost.de eye popping smiley

you can find some pictures I took on 20may at the concert at the "Backstage werk" in munich!
(hm, strange: if I copy the correct http:// adress here it is regarded as spam?!)

Some informations:
I've uploaded them on my own webspace and don't know how to program menues, so you have to scroll the whole time, sorry for that!
The pics are out of the original order, the ones I felt are better, come first
Then at the end of the site, there are some made with flash light, where you sometimes see more details, but they don't have that atmosphere, you know...
Re: European tour 2008
May 26, 2008 10:39AM
Finally some good pictures of snah's new guitar! Good job!
Re: European tour 2008
May 26, 2008 11:49AM
Re: European tour 2008
May 27, 2008 04:42PM
The gig I'm gonna watch tonight in Antwerp isn't listed.
Re: European tour 2008
May 27, 2008 05:33PM
No, Stickman updated their site a while ago and since then, it's on the list winking smiley Don't worry!
Re: European tour 2008
June 08, 2008 09:24PM
'Guess that Motorpsycho will never ever come to play in Spain.....
(I know unreasonable to ask, but still, you never loose asking)
oystein w.
Re: European tour 2008
June 09, 2008 12:17AM
well, they played three gigs in spain in the spring of 2002 (barcelona, valencia and madrid; bilbao got cancelled)
Re: European tour 2008
June 20, 2008 01:57PM
Any of you lucky bastards going to Roskilde, you are in for a treat. Our friends will be playing the final gig on Odeon stage friday, going on stage at 2 am, after Battles. It will probably be an epic concert ending in the morning sun.
Re: European tour 2008
June 20, 2008 02:47PM
Can't fucking wait. I'm coming in there wasted at 2 am after running from scene to scene the whole night. I wonder what kind of songs they'll play at the festival. Anything from just LLM to lots of shorter songs is possible here.
Re: European tour 2008
June 22, 2008 10:53PM
MP @ festivals isn't a good idea, just a warming up, play time is to short, so mostly it's just a question of play some tunes and then get rid.
Re: European tour 2008
June 23, 2008 12:55AM
Well, the thing is. They're starting at 2AM with no bands playing after them. It actually looks like this will be a loong and good festivalconcert, perhaps they will even be allowed to play a full 2 1/2 hours show. And remember they have been great at festivals before. Just think of Roskilde 1993! (15 years anniversary at this years festival :-) )
Re: European tour 2008
July 03, 2008 11:02PM
En spelning på Malta skulle vara jäkligt kul. Den skandinaviska populationen här växer för varje dag. Mest Svennebananare från Göttlaborg, men en hel del norrmän också. Inget vinstprojekt kanske, men troligtvis skulle det bli en skön resa för bandet. Senaste skivan måste jag ju höra live någon gång. Riktigt bra är den. Skönt att ni kör på!

Re: European tour 2008
July 04, 2008 08:14PM
and Paris?

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