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"BeukOrkest" with Geb ?

Posted by Rob 
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"BeukOrkest" with Geb ?
February 28, 2008 09:33PM
Today the people from Effenaar in Eindhoven sent out the announcement for MP on May 28th. The same announcement includes another gig at April 1, called "BeukOrkest" (dutch). It is supposed to be some experimental collective of musicians incl. Geb on drums. Other musicians are supposedly from:
"Stuurbaard Bakkebaard + kunstenaar Rik van Iersel + (ex-)leden van Urban Dance Squad, dEUS, YOTR, Motorpsycho, Buscemi, De Kift, Blurt, The Fury, Anouk en Krang.". See [url]http://www.effenaar.nl/event.php?e_id=973[/url] .

Anyone heard of this before? I didn't (though I admit to living under a rock for extended periods of time) but the date alone makes me really suspicious...
Re: "BeukOrkest" with Geb ?
February 28, 2008 10:56PM
I doubt it is an april fool's joke. Look here [url]http://www.myspace.com/beukorkest[/url].
Re: "BeukOrkest" with Geb ?
February 28, 2008 11:45PM
oh that's sound's quiete interesting!!!
anyone with more informations???
Re: "BeukOrkest" with Geb ?
February 29, 2008 09:39AM
Sounds very interesting!
Geb will playing banjo and guitar it says. See tivoli.nl. They do a whole tour and are playing tivoli de hellig on april 6th. Will be nice to see Geb again, even though he won't be playing the drums.
Re: "BeukOrkest" with Geb ?
March 01, 2008 05:50PM
Beukorkest is great imho.
It's really a project kind of thing.
Some of the musicians are the same every year, others change.
I saw them last year, once as beukorkest, once as a solo date of johnny dowd at cafe lafolie in eindhoven. Many artists of 'beukorkest' joined johnny on stage that night.
Anyway, those two gigs that week were among the best i saw last year.
The only 'complaint' i have is that they can be a bit artyfarty.
but, last year at least, the music was execiting, free and spontaneous.
i'll be in at the fnr april 1st.
Re: "BeukOrkest" with Geb ?
March 03, 2008 08:30PM
Thanks for the info everyone... maybe i'll see you there
Re: "BeukOrkest" with Geb ?
April 02, 2008 12:50PM
Well, yesterday I went to Beukorkest at the effenaar.
As oppossed to last year, this time it was overall a very boring, unexiting experience... jamming/freaking over 1-chord or two-chord-songs, it didn't work for me and for most of the audience... geen aanrader...

It was nice to see Geb. He only sang one song, i didn't know the tune ("my girlfriend is pickin on me, i am pickin my banjo"winking smiley
He played banjo on most of the songs, one or two on acoustic and one song he was sitting behind a drumkit hitting what looked like a piece of wood.

Motorpsycho-sighting: One ex-MP-drummer in the audience watching another ex-MP-drummer on stage.
Re: "BeukOrkest" with Geb ?
April 02, 2008 07:38PM
Was Jacco ever a MP drummer?
Re: "BeukOrkest" with Geb ?
April 07, 2008 12:19AM
Well, just got back from de Beukorkest in Tivoli de Helling. Have to say it was'nt boring at all. Andre Manuel was the star of the evening for me. Very nice. It was kind of freaky at times, with the jamming on one or two chords as said before, but it was fun and there were a lot of good moments.
Geb was having a lot of fun for sure. He had a sort of rap in Norwegian, which was excellent, and a banjo-song. The atmosphere in the crowd was very good. Party at some times. Geb was a sidekick as well as the center and star of the show at times.
And.. he played some serious drums in the last song. Was great to see. I got a bit emotional there...
Still miss him
But looking forward to MP end of May. Something complerely different of course..

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