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Your rewiew of LLM

Posted by trolland 
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Your rewiew of LLM
April 01, 2008 08:27PM
LLM sounds fresh and sharp. The instrumentation is more complex, the guitars (and bass) play under and over eachother, and the melodys/compositions are constantly changing. There are no (or very few) boring moments. They manage to constantly tease my curiosity. Quite a few parts sounds very Sonic youth-inspirated (a couple of parts reminds me of Blissard (s.t.g), others are classic hard rock-riffs.
Motorpsycho are ”present” all the time, no matter if they are in the structured, melodic parts or if they are far out in ”jamming-land”. The only part on the record that I find a bit to long, is parts of the last half of ”She left on a sun ship”. However, the structured part (the first third) are intelligent power-rock at its best.
As you can see, Im bored with this critics that write that ”the songs are too long”, Thay have done it before, and they will do it again. They have been right at a few occations, but his time they are wrong (after my opinion).
This is rock solid, motorpsycho!
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