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In Memory of Elisabeth Reed

Posted by Theodor 
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Re: In Memory of Elisabeth Reed
April 04, 2008 07:43PM
Just for fun:

Here's the setlist from the one-off Tussler reunion (w/special guests) at "Blæst Saloon" in 2000:

Six Days on the Road
Lazy Day
Wild Nights
Act Naturally
I'm Only a Woman
Liz Reed (almost nine minutes)
Up on Cripple Creek
Casey Jones
Makes no Difference
Dance Dance Dance
Sonnyboy Gaybar
Polka With the Devil
Waiting for the One
Norwegian Country (!)
Queen of the Silver Dollar
Re: In Memory of Elisabeth Reed
April 04, 2008 10:12PM
supernaut Wrote:
> true. i remember thinking this too in '99. when
> their show was pretty much the same in terms of
> sound and attitude as in '98. due no new studio
> album out probably. but they played blueberry
> daydream and taifun as starters though. that was
> killer.
> then in 2000 it started with a 40min K9 suite
> followed by 2 hours of straight songs, songs and
> songs. hardly any hippie or space jams. i really
> dug this kind of set for a change.

Dampsaba proves me quite wrong though. lol. Sheesh, memories of an old man...
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