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The Alchemyst live - how does it start?

Posted by gusse 
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The Alchemyst live - how does it start?
April 17, 2008 01:53PM
Soon to be revealed of course (tomorrow maybe?), but how will MP initiate "The Alchemyst" when playing it live? Will it start of slowly and build up as in the studio version or will it start off with great energy like the transition 3.44 min into the studio version? I think it will be a build-up, but quite different from what's on the album. There is great potential for an extensive jam, which I of course hope for.

I must say that LLM really stands out as one of my favourite MP albums now. I've probably listened to it two or three times every days since I got it and it's just fantastic. I'm really depressed about missing out on this tour......looking forward to recordings though!

Re: The Alchemyst live - how does it start?
April 18, 2008 01:20AM
It will start as it will start! winking smiley But have you recognized approx. at around min. 11:00, I wonder if they used a Moog Taurus for that deep frequency thing?! Whatever it is, they have to do that live also!
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