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DVD-box out 19.may

Posted by Far 
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DVD-box out 19.may
May 05, 2008 02:56PM
Looks like Hair Cuts - Motorpsycho on film is launched the 19 of may. And they put out an screening at Rockefeller the 14 of may. Hurrah

Re: DVD-box out 19.may
May 05, 2008 05:49PM
Yeah, looking forward to that, definitely going to attend smiling smiley
Re: DVD-box out 19.may
May 06, 2008 09:02PM


In norwegian, but understandable (-ish)
Re: DVD-box out 19.may
May 07, 2008 12:27PM
...ready to be shipped from the Stickman office NOW!!! Check the newsletter and the website!

Re: DVD-box out 19.may
May 07, 2008 01:06PM
Haha, "The Four Norsemen of the Apocalypse"!
Re: DVD-box out 19.may
May 07, 2008 02:23PM
It's hard to believe that the Motorpsycho deluxe 2DVD is actually here! We've been working on this project for years, and there have been many delays and hiccups along the way. In fact, I've called this project "doomed" and "jinxed" more times than I care to remember over the past couple of years (and even more often during the past six months) But it's here, it's ready, and it can be shipped out the door immediately.

Now I hope, that in the next few days the package will arrive with mail. Then I will open it, lock my doors and watch it for 3 days spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: DVD-box out 19.may
May 07, 2008 02:25PM
b.t.w., the text above, except the last sentence is from Jeanette/Stickman, not from me eye rolling smiley
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