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Drug references in Motorpsycho's lyrics

Posted by Mr. nelson 
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Mr. nelson
Drug references in Motorpsycho's lyrics
June 10, 2008 12:04AM
I had a look through some of Mp's lyrics the other day and come across an astonishing number of drug texts. In particular references to psychedelic drugs: Dr. Hoffmans bicycle, Demon Box (written by LSD-guru Ken Kesey), Sinful Windborne, Drug Thing, Psychonaut, 7th Dream, Phanerothyme (a direct reference to the psychedelic experience), Stained Glass, Little Lucid Moments, and I guess many more. I know they are fond of bands that had a lot of experiences with such drugs. I just wonder if some of the texts are based on self experienced trips or if it's just a quasi-nostalgic flirt with good old hippie ideology.
Re: Drug references in Motorpsycho's lyrics
June 10, 2008 04:52PM
Don't forget the more recent "YEar Zero" which in my opinion stands out as very self biographic. Don't really know anything about MP and drug relations, but judged by their music (take all the psychedelic jamming for instance), and my own experiences with the music/drug relation amongst musicians, i think it's safe to assume that both bent and snah have puffed the magic dragon from time to time. Living and playing at Svarlamon might also be a clue, as this place is a haven for creative souls. And we all know what thends to make them creative smiling smiley

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Re: Drug references in Motorpsycho's lyrics
June 10, 2008 05:04PM
I once heard Bent say in an interview that for a very good recording of a song that sounds like "being high" or "psychedelic" the performer should absolutely not be high in the moment of recording it.
They surely did their drug thing every now and then but I think it's a matter of having control over it. You can go on stage drunk or high or whatever but you have to know how much and how you can handle with it then.
Re: Drug references in Motorpsycho's lyrics
June 10, 2008 06:41PM
I`m sure the guys never did any drugs, especially no LSD or Mushrooms...
Especially Snah and Bent...
They could work as marketingdirectors for a Bank or something like this....

Re: Drug references in Motorpsycho's lyrics
June 10, 2008 08:55PM
of course they're pot- and probably shroomheads. but as mentioned, they're pretty straight when it comes to playing. you can't do these shows and songs high on whatever.
experience shows that high musicians sound shockingly boring.
penny lanegan
Re: Drug references in Motorpsycho's lyrics
June 11, 2008 06:49AM
i'm pretty sure the guys would never indulge in anything I wouldn't do....
Re: Drug references in Motorpsycho's lyrics
June 11, 2008 06:16PM
Oh man, there are so many drug references in their lyrics, hard to remember. Some of my favourites include Dr. Hoffmans Bicycle (obvious) and Sail On (their good bye to psychedelics?).

But alot of the lyrics are pretty philosophical (especially metaphysics and ethics to a certain degree), not just stoner ramblings though it can sometimes be hard to tell between the two..

Without a doubt they have consumed their fair share of pot and I guess lsd/shrooms. But like Albert himself said you have to use it with care, and they probably follow that.

Sail on, psychonauts!
Re: Drug references in Motorpsycho's lyrics
June 12, 2008 06:10PM
This made me think about the AADAP-box, where POT is spelled out in signlanguage on the side of the cover.. Btw, my sister won't stop referring to Snah as Hasj. "Det er han derre Bent, også er det jo Gebhardt.. Ja, også han der Hasj". Haha.

Loads of drugreferrences but, thankfully, their done in a "tasty" fashion. Would be terrible too have them sing one of those Pro-legalize lyrics or see a huge cannabis-leaf on their albumcovers.
Re: Drug references in Motorpsycho's lyrics
June 15, 2008 04:33PM
from the other fool:
"let´s get some weed and chill out to pink floyd"
...pretty evident, eh?
but i remember too reading some interview where bent said playing on drugs doesn´t work for them and covering wharf rat is surely a hint to their opinion about drugs.
but i pretty much agree with that attitude. One more thing, which makes them so sympathic.

Sail on!
Re: Drug references in Motorpsycho's lyrics
June 24, 2008 10:42PM
I once met Bent at Lademoen pushing around on his son while I was on a mushroom-trip. It was freaky.
Re: Drug references in Motorpsycho's lyrics
June 30, 2008 10:20PM
After a show in Hannover in 2000, I talked with Geb for a long time out back and from what I take, he smokes pot sometimes but the others aren't that into it. You don't always need drugs to go into various altered states. Try taking the self-titled Return to Forever album, putting it on in the dark of your room with a single candle burning and trip on that!
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