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ROSKILDE 4,7,2008

Posted by Dave 
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ROSKILDE 4,7,2008
July 05, 2008 04:31AM
WOW, this was once again e masterpiece.

thanks for the graet show
Re: ROSKILDE 4,7,2008
July 05, 2008 02:10PM
Re: ROSKILDE 4,7,2008
July 05, 2008 05:21PM
Re: ROSKILDE 4,7,2008
July 08, 2008 09:42PM
thanks fillmore & laika

i see motorpsycho first time in roskilde 1999, then i see the play this year so i go to the concert and it blow my mind away, a rockband plays 5 piece in 85 min like in the old days.

for my it was the highlight of this year roskilde, so if anybody got a tape of this concert, mail me, i got to have it
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