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Posted by supernaut 
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July 07, 2008 09:56PM

there's a free demo, fullversion under 10$.

I'm just comin down from a ride with the Alchemyst, so I must share this:

Now it goes a-somethin like this: You steer your ship with your arrow buttons or better - 'cos smoother - with the mouse. Collect the coloured blocks to make them disappear tetris-style and avoid or jump over the grey blocks. There are different ships with different difficulty settings and options and blahblah but the real fun comes here:

The whole thing works with the music you feed it from your pc and it is extremely finely tuned to dynamics and frequencies. Meaning it doesn't change tempo when (or if) the music does, but when the music changes it's dynamics, i.e. by becoming louder or quieter and/or more or less bassy. So relaxing ambient stuff with sudden drops of maybe a moog bass can result in a pretty wild ride with tempo changes and a fast rock or techno track with hardly any dynamics gives you a rather monotonously uniform ride. Which can still be trippy, but Psychonauts demand more I guess. Like what happens when feeding The Alchemyst! Holy cow! If there's that light and tunnel thing when dying, please let it be like this!

thanx for interest. must go try SLOTSS.

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Re: Audiosurf
July 07, 2008 10:16PM
hm, i find sunship comes a bit less impressive than the alchemyst.
but it's one second stop and BAM! at 6'55" defines the dynamic thing I tried to explain and the whole experience very nicely. :-)

now STG!
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