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killing vinyl

Posted by mark de klerk 
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killing vinyl
September 16, 2008 09:58AM
ok all you psychonauts, stringwizards, needlefreaks, guitardemons and other super sonic jerk-offs of the motorpsycho family.Listen up!!! This topic
exclusively for any kind of music that lays below any layer of commercial intention an is like an unique experience you must share with other fools of the motorpsycho pack.So not so much of an disscussion topic but more an "must see-must-must-hear-must-have or must share" topic and maybe theres some for you in it that you haven't heard before.New musical experiences are always welcome to me, fact is that taste is above any judgement so dont dump any like oooohh thats crap or aaaahhh i dont like its.This topic may also contains rare music wich is hard to get on vinyl so theres some challenge to lay hands on the lps in it too.Ok people....lets fall in love with music.
Re: killing vinyl
September 16, 2008 10:06AM
Hers is something i found on my trip to spain, almeria, and is absolutly an must for any musical digger.

Triana-Un nido en mi ventana
Triana-El Patio debut lp
Triana-Hijos del agobio
Triana- Rumor single ( check out the emotion of the song about franco's death and the liberation that followed for may)
Triana-Sombra y luz

Can you dig this????
Re: killing vinyl
September 16, 2008 12:09PM
Mmm will search for Triana, sure. I can suggest those few mostly unknown bands:

Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo - Cramond (minimal/drone)
Vanessa Van Basten - La stanza di Swedenborg (italian trippy thing eheh)
2gi (a duo of electro-techno nerds lol)

Check this out winking smiley
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