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Posted by mark de klerk 
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Re: OT
February 10, 2009 04:16PM
1 new book.2 new friends with all the good news,Went straight to m.b.f. after it, great work but the song didn't last that long like the last times.Rain all day, is that a monkey in the fuckface file?? Manmower/wheel did his job.B.E forever.Everytime.....this is getting funny.....the zines are getting to me.Sorry G.So the visions are as followed:

1 father.B.E bringing in the kid...........go figure what to do.

Cheers fools.

Northpole....wooden ship....blissard...castle in the gletjser....2 in the castle.Don't touch anything.leave to the east into the big hallway...big black.
mark the jerk
Re: OT
February 10, 2009 05:24PM
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Re: OT
February 10, 2009 08:44PM
grinning smiley haha! i didn´t understand anything since quite some time but your last post made me laugh bigtime, mark! thats dada, right? spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: OT
February 11, 2009 10:35AM

Re: OT
February 11, 2009 11:15AM
Excuses for not going psychonaut!!!

NOT GOING PSYCHONAUT? Why would you not want to go PSYCHONAUT? Shit, I don't know.Maybe you're too hung over, maybe your lower back hurts from sitting at a desk all day, maybe you'd just rather sit on the . All I know is sometimes you don't feel like going PSYCHONAUT. Which is fine. But you know when your friends call and ask if you're "in," you better have a good excuse why you're not going PSYCHONAUT. So what do you tell your boys without losing their respect? Shit, I don't know. But for fuck's sake, don't use any of these excuses:

1. TELL YOUR FRIENDS you can't go PSYCHONAUT because you have to go to Pottery Barn because they are having a "ridiculous" sale. Remind them about that duvet cover you've had your eyes on.

2. OR TELL THEM that you can't go because you have an appointment with your stylist and how she'll go completely freaking mental if you cancel. Mention what a "Diva" she can be sometimes.

3. YOU COULD ALSO tell your friends that there's just no way you can go PSYCHONAUT with them because you are just waaaaaay tooooooo sore from your Pilates class.

4. OR SAY SOME shit like, "There's no way in hell you'll find me PSYCHONAUT today. My complexion has gone all ruddy and this humidity is playing murder with my hair. Boyfriends, you're on your own."

5. TELL THEM GOING PSYCHONAUT sounds good, but there's an all day marathon of Sex and the City on HBO Be sure to fit the phrase" Little bitches" somewhere into that excuse

6. SAY ANYTHING about "not wasting 150 dollars on a pedicure."

7. TELL YOUR "I'd love to go PSYCHONAUT with you guys, but I really need to go buy some new scented candles for my rumpus room." An in-depth explanation of the soothing powers of Lavender is definitely in order here.

8. EXPLAIN HOW there's just no way you can go PSYCHONAUT because your fedora and sport coat aren't ready to be picked up from the dry cleaners until Wednesday.

9. OR ASK WHERE your friends are planning on going PSYCHONAUT and no matter what they say, respond with, "Oh, sorry, I only go PSYCHONAUT solo these days. Everything else is so Nasty Nancy." If your friends really are going PSYCHONAUT just tell them you can't go because your hormones are "all freaking out."

10. IF YOU FUCKED UP and told your friends that you wanted to go PSYCHONAUT when you really didn't and they're coming to your house to pick you up, just apply a facial mud mask and answer the door wearing it. Tell your friends that all you need is "two short hours before you're exquisitely exfoliated."
Re: OT
February 11, 2009 01:08PM
I.T.F....my best riverman.......I.T.F......you problably know...time for everything.....evernine has two sides.....
Re: OT
February 11, 2009 01:11PM
lines are open and honest.......hahhahahahahah...walking on the water ...you..turned out..a.................B.E...forever
Re: OT
February 12, 2009 08:48AM
The Coffin Party

What??? What???..,......so it was the whole f@##cking TUSSLER community at the mansion yesterday!!!! BIG TIME!!!! I mean talking straight business here.P's pulling their irons, thinking blood.This is I.T.F.....this is I.T.F.So that is how the mano/wheel completed and how the B.E. remains,

B....my best B....i found out the mountain/J.walking situation.Here is how it goes,..........1995 ,1999,2001 and last in 2003 another fire was lit, besides the one you lit in 2000.My luck!!!! Don't lose yr head.....yeyeyeyeye........

But back to business here.........monkey business.........blood began to boil but B.E blew the candle.Like Always..i bet yr gonna like her....
so the meeting ended with a big blackout for some....i puffed some philly's before i pulled the port out and played some PPP.

Cheers fools,

new lines are open as it is safe to say eva stood in the way....yeyeyeyeyey..

straight business man..just straight business.....and i am a cold business man when it comes down to a raw deal....no kidding??
Re: OT
February 12, 2009 06:36PM
pffffffff.can you believe this??? Incredible!!!!!!!!........fijate........she lost control over the new safe line...

I Can't enter........B hold yr horses.........there is no way out of this one......
Mark the Jerk
Re: OT
February 12, 2009 07:41PM
rst ze5tz rsuzhsr rthr
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iÄm so cool.
Re: OT
February 13, 2009 09:14AM
YOU KNOW HIS FACE, BUT DOES HE KNOW YOURS? Chances are, probably not. So how do you get your favorite professional PSYCHONAUT. to notice you at gig? Having his t-shirt on you is hardly doing to do the trick. If you really want that special guy to remember who you are at the end of the day you're going to have to be creative. Remember: he's probably a million other kids' favorite PSYCHONAUT, too. Here are some suggestions

... GO UP TO HIM and ask, "Are you part wizard?" When he looks at you funny, say, "I only ask because your songs are simply magical." Then tell him his songs could easily slay one million dragons.

... ANYTIME HE'S about to do song , scream, "You light up my life!" at the top of your lungs. Bring a bullhorn if you have access.

... BRING HIM a family portrait with his face taped over your father's. Hand it to him and say, "Sometimes I pretend I'm adopted and that you're my real daddy."

... HAND HIM a cigar box with a dead bird wearing a helmet inside of it. When he opens it tell him, "We used to talk about you for hours. Now I just cry a lot." Then ask him if he wants to see you do some guitar-shit.

IF THERE'S an autograph signing ask him to sign your guitar, "To my future PSYCHONAUT ..." Tell him you have a calligraphy skilled penmanship pen filled with your own blood if he'd prefer to use that.

... BRING A JAMBOX with you and play that Kenny Rogers and Dolly Partonpar·ton song "Islands in the Stream" over and over while pointing at him and saying, "That's our song. That's our fucking song!"

... EXPLAIN TO HIM your fascination with guns and killing things. Then ask him if he wants to go out in the woods to do a little hunting. Be sure to use the phrase, "Just the two of us."

... GET HIS NAME tattooed on your hand. When you show it to him explain how after you finished playing one of his songs you pat yourself on the back and how it's just like you guys are playing it together.

... COME TO THE GIG dressed in a tuxedo. Find your favorite PSYCHONAUT and tell him, "I skipped class to hang with you." Then ask him if he wants to come over to your house and watch ET with you and your mom.

(Political Correctness
If your favorite PSYCHONAUT is a woman then please replace he with she, him with her, guy with gal, father with mother, and daddy with mommy. If you are a girl skateboarder, please replace tuxedo with prom dress.)
Re: OT
February 13, 2009 02:36PM
About the pig!!!!

I don't know wich sequence should be best but i tried it out many times.Neverland....BE....Phanerothyme....(first some coffee..lol) or the Blinded Lady.......fuck....i don't know.But i do think this is the time to go PSYCHONAUT.Like it is said....Manmower/wheel is finished!!!!!! So now what?
First day of summer? Sure...but when.I know i can't steer things much more or straighter then this.Fuck the Big Brawl anyway!!!! But this is how it is as for us and them.Definitely!!! I could not be more the this then totally PSYCHONAUT.Hanging on here untill i am gone.
Time? Sure i am proud to see all efforts..must be likewise, right?...but in my opinion Neverland comes first.Is this the evidence then??!!!???
Safeline is open.....last couplet the other fool ( ##$%^&&%$#@#@##$$%%^) Tusslers are go!!! ]

So...LLM...any suggestions??
Re: OT
February 13, 2009 03:10PM
Song for The Baron.

YouknowwhatI'msayin'? I wanna say what's up to my man Louie you know he's
still here. Drop this one for you you know. For those that only know. 41st
side (word up yo this beat is ill).

I keep it real pack steel like my man Y.G.
When a fool try to play me wet 'em up then I'm swayze
You must be crazy kid
Man I never did forever wildin' that's how we live up in the Bridge
You just sit scared cock back the gat then hit a nigga like a big
25 naw kid you gettin' life
Forever burnin' in hell niggas is trife
It's the, semi auto you can bring it on yo
I'm pullin' out strippin' niggas just like a porno flick
I'm sick the Mobb rolls thick
Cross paths with my clique and get vic
I'm on some bullshit that's how I was raised G
Slept ? stage have you slippin' down blazin'
In pools of alcohol walk before you crawl
I'm in this to win this you gonna take a fall
Infamous Queensbridge kid we on the scene kid
Creepin' for those that's caught sleepin'
Don't ever do that I run with two macs
And plus my crew back my every move
I choose givin' crews the blues
I'm open off the Damey
Obey me or get sprayed with the street sweeper
Cause I'm my brothers keeper
The Grim Reaper holdin' with nothin' but big batters
And big ?hedence?
Blow ya three times leave a mark like Adidas
Jig you I know how to fix you
Pretty boy frontin' hard is the issue
Word to my unborn you get scolded
Old and molded when I get bent you get folded
Every rhyme is the truth that I must get cross
Put your right on your back take it to the source
No doubt I'm stuck and I can't get out
Of this lifestyle the 41st side get bent run wild
The 41st side too you know how we do
Violate motherfucker I'm a see you, with the linden
It's the start of your endin' settin' it again and again

Yeah kid, big time boy. 12th street representin' it. A big shout out to my
man. Tear Gas, Think, Nate whole crew kid.

You knowhatI'msayin'? I'm sayin' couso. Richie Fraud known to leave ya
scarred. Big shoot out to my man Heavy L. Big Palms representin'.

Yo it's the P. E. double push a Lex bubble in the winter
You can't come alone only the hoes can enter
Told him to meet me at six on the hill at the center
Took her to the west way and bent her right over
Stay intoxicated never sober
Face it, violate and get laced while you wastin'
Slugs you ain't buckin' nothin'
You better off buckin' yourself you need to stop frontin'
I use to drive an Ac and kept a mac in the engine
Little painted it black with crack sales intentions
To blow up the whole projects the Infamous
Our sons will grow up to be murderers and terrorists
It's the nigga in me accompanied by the Coniac
You can ask around don't fuck with the Mobb
I could of told you that where you been at?
You must of cut class
If it ain't me another member of my crew will kick your ass
(what what?) Who do damage to limbs
In '91 stompin' you out with black Tims
Prodigy and the H.A.V.O.C. from the Q.B.C.
Puttin' cowards where they're suppose to be
If I don't know your face then don't come close to me
I got too much beef for that
Drama in the 3rd degree
And to the kids you don't wanna be me
I'm up in the mix of action when niggas wanna kill me
But it's the start of they endin' my man's lendin'
Me his linden 42 shots dependin'
On wheather or not the clip is full to the top
We bustin' caps non stop
Blazin' in all the shows and even at the hoes

Naw naw chill son chill

And it's the start of your ending
Yeah yeah it's the start of niggas endin' youknowhatI'msayin?
And it's the start of your ending
All y'all weak ass crews that got drama with mines you knowhatI'msayin'
it's the start of your ending
And it's the motherfuckin' start of the ending
You know who you fuckin' iwth (yeah yeah nigga) you know what will happen
(recognize and realize) 41st side get bent run wild. 41st side get bent run
wild. Word up youknowhatI'msayin'?
Re: OT
February 13, 2009 05:01PM
summary someone?
Re: OT
February 14, 2009 09:46AM
Friday the 13th and my Funny Valentine.

OK...chill...chill....so instead of the whole card/ho stuff i'd thought i'd tell some more about the fire.I am a big fan of B.E. mother, especially since the office autograph session.LOL.Smart...very smart.I'd changed my name and cut my hair too!!! But about the fire...looks like someone is trying to lit it again and again and again.....but most important is that i gathered the evidence but still something like a doubt remains....something like a shadow of a doubt.I was thinking JFK, 2pac and the Dutch Vicar yesterday, since i'm a Vicar's son.Giving dogs the bones.....today???
Who knows...all i know is that i am fucking tired!!!!!!
Re: OT
February 15, 2009 09:45AM
So no much happend yesterday at the Mansion but some crazy laughings bout nothing with friends who had nothinh to tell in particular.So instead of going to the pub i hit the ground early.Guess what??? One of my friends pushed the strings back in my hands telling me to go kill it so that's what i'll be doing the rest of the week i guess....did some stuff in G still dont know if it is big or small but it definitly kicks ass like in plan Motzart.Skipped classes again and again......beter safe some for neverland...let's see if it lasts longer then the last time because i am very good at taking these long vacations..yeyeyeyeyeye....i had a strange dream playing soccer with then 3 spaceman.Still haven't found the right sequence yet.You should understand the lyrics of luminosa manana

yesterday i had a dream
high as the sky
when i woke up
something was burning inside me

the white pigeon sang to me
a sad melody
from the heart of the earth
without stopping for a minute

as soon as i left
i felt like a stranger
who started walking
without knowing where to go

the trees are telling me
stories from other worlds
with expresive dancing
for this thirsrty heart of mine

Bright morning
lit up my suffering
today i saw the light
that everybody carries inside

So that is how a spanish gypsy felt in time of Franco!!!!!! A little different then the gypsy of Fleetwood Mac wich by the way is a awesome song right??
Back to yesterday, spend some time with the Tusslers.But like i said boring....i worked on this classic one "who's fooling who" like in plan Maiden, Manowar, etc....pure metal/hard rock.You should hear it man.I''ll save my homework.Bentosaurus,yeyeye.

Guess that's that for today...
Re: OT
February 16, 2009 09:58AM
Evernine, the S.woman by the Well and the Penny Dropping.

SO i found out the sequence.Here is how it goes.First of all i have to say that all that i know comes from the Well.All i asked is all i felt...evernine...and a 1000 awnsers came back to me, changed my face, my mind and my eyes for a minute.Did you ever had that? Floating on the lines? I did not asked my compass again 'cuase the sequence came clear in mind.It is like the S.woman he met at the ancient Well.BTW i don't drop money, i drop papercuts to make sure it is all coincidence that guides me.Guess what, i pulled off evernine twice in a row on the same question back in 2004 ( with papercuts).
But again i have doubts about B.E sometimes, must be likewise for her since the whole Blind Lady situation.Only for some information about some shitty Vicar (priest they called him) i completely lost everything.Can you imagine that? Some shitty asshole decided back in the 80's to do some cc pushing and made me like the ghost you saw.But i whipped it!!!!!!!! I whipped it harder the ever!!!! So as for me i had to go trough the dirt for him and trough the dirt for THEM again.And after all i did i feel so fucking tired!!!!!!!! For some fucking info, man.The contract i (had) to sign(ed) made me promise not to talk about it or cross any law.Somuch for my innocence!!!! All i can say is that it is a fucking mess and it stinks like hell, worst of all is that i am the missing link in the Dutch Priest process, can you imagine that?? Go figure the mess HE pulled me in!!!!
Anyway, what is a book i read compared to what you said, B.Motorpsycho.....lifesavers i guess.
Re: OT
February 16, 2009 05:43PM
Blessed the 2 who almost got fired and kicked out on the street by wednesday for as it was set as ultimate deadline.No excuses.

But anyway, doggy food and comacreeps for the last few days.Untill tday, couldn't find anyone to hook up with at left but some mariconismo type of shoesellpunk.Finally bought the jacket i wanted to buy a year a go, came at half price.Same as for the krew slim jeans.Did not leave the Mansion, not even for some Phanero.Try to kill some strings but the time was not right.

I did some compass navigation do, without asking anything since the last time, wich was about some stupid fight.But about the 64 signs, i saw some light in 54 long ago on the question wich the secret of I.T.F was.The last time i thought about the process, the story, the way it starts en ends and all in between.There is the sequence in front of me but i rather try to figure it out some more.

Mobb deep rules!!!
Re: OT
February 16, 2009 07:11PM
Mark, drugs are bad, m´okey?
Re: OT
February 17, 2009 09:08AM
YOU KNOW HOW when you're watching a music video and somebody comes in the room that totally doesn't watch music videos and they're all like, "Oh, you're watching a music video again?" But they say it all shitty like there's something better you could be doing with your time? You know what I'm talking about, right? Well, fuck that. I've been watching music videos for as long as I can remember. And I think I've learned some really important and insightful lessons by doing so. What have I learned? As always, I'm glad that you asked.

1 IF YOU GIVE a 15-year-old kid all the liquor that he can possibly drink, without a doubt he will eventually throw up like crazy. And when he's done throwing up he'll pass out so hard that you can take a permanent magic marker and write as many funny things having to do with penises as you can think of all over his face.

2 IF YOU SEE somebody playing with their testicles in a music video, you take that footage and put it in slow motion, it becomes even more pleasent to watch. And every guy who has passed through the gates of puberty that watches it will totally be all like, "Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh!" For real. Every single time. They might also grab their own junk to show how serious they are about their sympathy.

3 IF YOU HAPPEN to run across an underpaid security guard who is either a) extremely overweight, b) marginally mentally or c) a member of the elderly community, and you harass the living shit out of them, they will totally give you a performance for your video camera that will elicit laughs from people who have never had to work a shitty job in their life. Fuck 'em, right?

4 IF YOU FIGURE OUT how to use a Super-8 camera and you film anything that I type in the next sentence, then you my friend will have embarked upon a totally unique artistic endeavor: Birds in flight; trains; birds not in flight; sunsets; sunrises; people walking in a city; people artfully walking down a sidewalk or street anything in the woods. Did I mention birds?

5 I FEEL LIKE this one completely needs a disclaimer. So here it is: Dear Rotterdam City , I have visited your fair, fair city and I am completely of the opinion that you are indeed one of the most inspirational and magical cities on the entire planet. That being said, I've learned that if you watch a music video that has lots and lots and lots of footage of people just totally walking through the streets of Rotetrdam, then a whole shit load of people who watch that video are going to feel completely alienated. Most people have never even been to Rotterdam. That's just true.

6 IF YOU WATCH a music video that pretty much doesn't have any music in it but totally does have tons of footage of you taking pisses in your dad's face, there's a good chance you might end up with your own show on MTV. Which is actually pretty awesome because then you can wear eyeliner just like all the dudes on the cover of Spin. Oh, and you can also wear trench coats and top hats. Which is like, totally eccentric.

7 NO MATTER HOW GOOD you are at playing guitar, if you film yourself playing a MP song and stick it in a music video for let's say their 20th year anniversary ,then your part is going to be skipped over when the video's played. That's just how it goes. But at least these days all you have to do to skip a part in a video is push a button. It's not like back in the VHS (Video Home System) days when people didn't want to watch your music video so badly that they'd sit patiently through a few minutes of fast forwarding. That makes it a little better, doesn't it?

8 IF YOU MAKE a music video that primarily showcases young men performing MP songs, really, really crappy type shit performing and those song gone wrong, and you incorporate dripping blood into your music video and have really "heavy" music to accompany your project, then you'll probably make a lot of money being completely derivative. (PS: We already know MP can play those songs. We totally get it.)

9 YOU CAN MAKE a music video with a VHS Dadcam in a week and a half that will be better than 87-percent of the other videos made that year. I know you think I wrote that just because I write for Motorpsycho , but I didn't. I just know that "Fucking beats "Thousandth try" any day of the week. Nobody taught me that. I just know that.

10 I'VE LEARNED THAT if you spend all of your time watching music videos and getting totally into them and memorizing all of the songs and all of the fantastic loops instead of actually getting your ass off of your couch and getting your ass playing guitar and living your own life, then you might end up being more impressed with music videos than with music itself. And as a man of the world, let me assure you: You and your friends are just as important to MP as any dude you see in a video. Except Neil Blender, but he's special.
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