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Posted by mark de klerk 
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Re: OT
February 17, 2009 09:11AM
Look guys, it's my new devil.

Re: OT
February 17, 2009 09:55AM
eewww, alice in chains
thumbs down
Re: OT
February 18, 2009 12:38AM
well, the videos suck big hairy bum, but the music's alright.....
Re: OT
February 18, 2009 09:20AM
Get over it guys!!!! Man's still classified by me as most honest of the whole Seattle's dead horse ranch scene.

A'way, yesterday evening changed a lot of today's course as yesterday my P.O showed up at night at the Mansion with 2 friendly looking police officers, the kind you wanted to bust you ass, asking me for 75 euro's for this ticket i'd hadden't paid yet.The response i gave let to an full interrogation by one of the sweet looking police officers.First i'd thought she'd asked me if i'd digged some pills, but from the looks of the other faces i''d knew it must had been a trick she was pulling of so i just responded with my must innocencent gaze and said that i don;t use drugs wich is actually true since i am Jehova's first wittness and i have all kinds of religous rituals like ....ahna, let"s keep that for my next story.
So there i was frontin these police chicks who obviously seem to know me better then i knew them as one of them asked if i'd had a job wich let to several un-uesfull awnsers, most of the time these questions do that when people ask me if i have a job, like "Oh Yeah, i am totally Psychonaut nowadays, you could ask my friend Bent if i'd had the number" or "Nah, I don't have to work anymore.The Gods told me to relax".Ya know, the kind of anwsers you would most definitely NOT use to repsond with unless you want a full body...nevermind.The other Police Officer who i thought asking me if i digged some pills earlier, now showed me some package of papers of what looked to me at the first sight the files of some Wall Street Businessman, ya know, the kind with all the statistics of the markets.This again brought a numerous of questiosn to my head like if this was the 3th world crisis and like if they aspected me to act somehow to this World tragedy.....but nahhhh........

"We know you got a record" she said.Again i didn't knew how to respond but looking at the tops of her mountains wich seem pretty dangerous at the same time since i'd forget all about B.E!!!!!! Somewhere in what seemed to be a sort of confession of highly involved background research, she again smiled at me and again i'd hear her asking if i digged some pills."Got shitload of good records, yeah.Ya haven't heard the last one of Motorpsycho,right? Wanna go diggit with me?.Again the same silly un-usefull anwsers came to mind so again in silence i just blinked with my eyes and tried to smile with the idea i was totally outsmarted here.My P.O then again pulled me of my cloud and back to reality asking me the 75 euro for the ticket.I'd say he go to hell but i had some Phanero going on inside."I'm as broke as a flat tire" wich is really the case in these cases."No friends that can help you out here?" wich seem to me as a pretty fucked up and brutal violation of my human rights."I don't know" i said "Maybe you can help me out here" "i'll give it back to you at the end of this weekend" but that didn't worked.

SO, what did i say and what did happend? Fuck nothing.The deal is that one of these police-chicks, the one who seemed most well informed told me to go pay the ticket by friday.If not, she would again show up at the Mansion next week, wich seemed a pretty good deal to me, "without this fool here" i reminded her pointing at my P.O.

I think i just take my bible and leave today for a full day of policedepartment stay.Sleep tight for me.Ill let you know if she gave me the full.....nevermind.
mark de klerk
Re: OT
February 18, 2009 09:29AM
Anonymous User Wrote:
> Mark, drugs are bad, m´okey?

m'okey !! What about the Wave Dyndorf i got going on here??
Re: OT
February 18, 2009 11:16AM
Oh, yeah, good ol´ dave.
Come to think of it, Dave stopped doing drugs and making good records around the same time....
Re: OT
February 18, 2009 03:31PM
Sorry ''bout the ( ''zines) guys, oh yeah and the music on the tape wasn''t mine either (Does this make me a yerk yet ??) come to think of it, only thing what was mine was a phrase that said "Please come blow our city rotterdam away" or something like that.Oh yeah and the call to 013, i paid for that! Fuck my music then i bet y''all going to have to play MP songs for the rest of your lifes without me , wich is an excellent idea!!!! And i'll be the forever Chickless yerkoff wich doesn't sounds so nice to me.Fuck i might as well die right now, i bet that would be the ultimate crown on the anniversary right ?? Shit, you got to me.I definitely feel something, wait, yes.There you are, i'm crying like a little boy now.

BTW, drugs?? The only one doing drugs is the farmecy boy from PPP, you know the one i mean right? Let's keep that one in mind the next time we discuss the drug topic.
BTW, y'all didn't know the whole martial arts story about me right? Too bad, i love to kick ass!!!! yeyeyeyeyey

Let's live!!!!!
Re: OT
February 19, 2009 04:49AM
Hi. Does anyone have/know where to get the full footage from the Øya concert 07? I’m trying use torrent, but I'm stuck at 44%.. no one is seeding.. sad smiley
Re: OT
February 19, 2009 09:05AM
Giftland? Yeah, great song from a great album.Yet BH/BC is somehow related with it, could be the sound, the set-up of intruments or the way they recorded it.BTW, if another smartass or yerk steps up telling me my life is in my hands and i should be the one steering it i got one message for them. FUCK OFF!!! No one ever had a life like me and it has been a tough ride so far, i don''t compare it with others but please don't ever tell me how to live or what to do, no one ever liked me, sounds sad huh?, I.T.F but it is not like most of you brads who just go all fucked up at home, not listening, not having respect, thinking stupid and having no reasons at all to act that way!!!!! I suppose i can be the only one who said that they fucked it up big time.The ones who made me ,really are sad sad sad people with no vision in life!!! Wishing it would be you who could have said that would be as stupid as having fears.

Pffff, there is just no way back that leads me to her, the only way i could ever embrace her again is to hang on here.It is not like i want to be totally......, wait, yes, i was totally sad yesterday wich actaully scared the hell out of me, why would i be sad about her? , emotional ties? fuck why? I don't even know her.She doesn't know me but all the crap i've been trough.I might have scared her, scared her mother, her father maybe her brother too.But i don't want to have another crack down within the next 10 years like the last time about V ( and that was just shadowy glimps of this one).But like i said, no way back, i could give her a call but i don't.I could give him a call but i won't.

Anyway, this pretty much turned out to be someting like my diary here so i might as well fill it with some teenage bullshit babble.
Re: OT
February 19, 2009 12:03PM
About my friends.

You know, my friends are really special, yes they are even do they might not believe me, it is just the fact that they carry so much information with them wich they are not affraid to share it with everyone.So it is a daily job for them, more or less.But they have been giving me a good time, good books to read as well as some nice conversations.Last tuesday morning, like always, they came to visit me again and we spend like 2 hours of talking.A little surprised to see me read so much, one of them said to me ( in dutch) "Gosh mark, you do read a lot, more then us.Amazing!! " They could not have done it like me.At least that is what they said.Actually, i try to find new things in the book ( i should ), things i have not take notice off before but most of what i read is just old news to me.Difficult to interpetate at first sight.But nowadays i don't feel ashame for my religion, in fact it seems pretty normal to me.I can even understand the aliennated strangeness of others but not the sin, that's one thing i'll never understand.So they bring me new books, nice illustrated books and i really care for this, yes i do, i might even be more consistent then they are.Fuck my birthday, Fuck Blood transfusions, Fuck The Tele, id love to say that!!!! but i love sesame street!!! Fuck other religions.Fuck money.Etc ..etc......just make fun..make love..make music.Oh yeah....and Fuck the Drugs!!!! Fuck the Pope, Fuck Church and fuck Armani armoured silver stallion saints.Fuck my poor President who's ass goes where the wind blows!!! Fuck Public Traffic in Rotterdam since it is a AASSS Proffit only company.Yes, this is all part of my religion.Crystal clear and divine sacrification of my holiness!!! I'd never be so happy without them all.Oh yeah, and fuck WS hip hop too.Fuck the anti islam politicians, i love the islam people in Rotterdam, fuck GEERT WILDERS too.

I guess that's that.
Re: OT
February 19, 2009 12:24PM
Lol..uuhhhhh, something's wrong with yr bass guitar on Oya's Kill Devil Hills or is it just my stupidness here? Oh shit i see, left handed right? LOL.Sweet big surprise.
Re: OT
February 19, 2009 12:36PM
gosh,.......svartlamoen looks pretty cool man!!!!!!! Where the hell i've been? You know, teenage bullshit.
Re: OT
February 19, 2009 01:22PM
I'd love to come over there and play by this time.BTW should i be waiting here all day, or should i just send her cards from Norway? Any suggestions??? Time is precious, now.I totally going PSYCHONAUT here.Who's fooling who is itching in my fingers, like a million riffs in my head.Blablablablabala.....MP rules!!!
Re: OT
February 19, 2009 03:47PM
I FINALLY GOT off my buns and got the rock stage going. Yeah, no turd. I'm looking out my back door at it right now. Am I excited about having my very own rock stage in my backyard? Well ... yes and no. I've lived at enough houses with rock stages to be more than aware of the drawbacks of living at a "rock stage house." The trash, the noise, the constant visitors, the complaints from the neighbors ... Don't get me wrong, I'm stoked that I have a built-in spot to rock anytime I want, but I just know I need to lay down some ground rules. I thought I'd print up a little list of rock stage rules and hand them out to my friends when they come rock. But then I remembered that I have a column in OT and figured that'd be a way better way of spreading the word.

1 THIS ONE IS pretty simple (and I would think obvious). But I know better than to assume it is. Call before coming over. Yeah, it's that simple. Just give me a call and see if it's cool to stop by. Don't drive over here thinking that somehow the sight of your face is going to make it cool to ride. (You remember what your face looks like don't you?) And if you don't have my phone number then there's a good chance we're not really friends So I don't really need you hanging out at my house anyway, right? Go hang out at one of your actual friend's houses. Like Greg's. Are y'all still friends?

2 ANOTHER OBVIOUS ONE. When it's time to go it's time to go. So if we're rocking and I have to leave to go to Linens & Things with my wife to shop for new shower curtain rods, then you need to get your trap together and head out the gate. Don't ask if you can stick around and lock up behind yourself. The only reason this is a rock is because I've hung out at enough stages when none of the owners are there to know that it doesn't take long before taking photos with the equipment on fire starts sounding like a good idea.

3 THIS RULE IS pretty standard issue and a matter of common courtesy but I'll go ahead and write it in case you've never lived at a stage house. The rule is that anybody who donated money to the construction of the stage is pretty much welcome to come rock anytime. Even if I don't really feel like rocking. Since the number of my friends who I asked to contribute money towards the construction of my stage equals zero, this rule works out pretty well on my end. Yeah yeah, I know--you would have given me five to ten bucks if I'd asked. That's why I didn't ask.

4 THIS IS WHERE I start adding rules to the list that may be specific to my particular rock stage. If your buddy has a stage these rules might not apply. Different stages, different rules, you know? So at my stage, the rule is: if you're bringing beer then you better bring enough for the house. Like at school where you're supposed to bring enough candy for the whole class, you know? So anyway, I drink Pacifico while my wife is more of a Belgian Brewery type of lady. And don't forget those limes.(For the Pacifico, not the Fat Tire.)

5 IF YOU HAPPEN to come rock my stage and you're one of those child prodigy type of kids just keep it to yourself. Seriously,I've been playing guitar for damn near 20 years and my bag of loops is still pretty slim-pickins. So if you're one of those freakishly good kids that hasn't even been alive as long as I've been playing guitar then try not to cover my whole set of riffs.I have enough self-esteem issues to contend with already (my big ears for example).

6 DON'T SMASH the crap out of your guitar against the floor every time somebody does something that's slightly radical. I know this habit is going to be hard to break, but I'm really trying to keep the volume down at my stage due to the high number of retired people in my neighborhood. I'm sure we can come up with some other way of showing our combined enthusiasm that is a little less noisy. Maybe we can all give simultaneous thumbs up and blow little kisses? Is that too sucky?

7 THE HIPPIES LIKE to use the following phrase to describe appropriate stage behavior: "Take only photographs and leave only footsteps." Now I'm no hippy, but I'm still going to adopt this phrase as rule number seven at my A stage. Because the message is pretty clear, right? Basically it's saying to pick up your god-darn trash and take it home with you. But I think you can also interpret the message as saying: don't put your crappy ass recordlabel sticker on my stage.And actually, don't even take photographs. Because the only one that really needs to be shooting photos at my stage is B.E. Speaking of which,when are you going to get your lovely ass back to the Mansion?? xxx

8 IF YOU DON'T KNOW where I live, then don't call me and ask for directions. Yeah, I know. You're thinking, "Damn, Mark's a real dick!" Maybe I am? But in my head if you've never bothered to come visit me at my house before I had a stage then maybe we're not really that good of friends. You've had plenty of opportunities to come over and prove that we're homies This article is about a toy series. I mean, you've all been invited to my weekly "Come Pick Up Mark And Drive Him To The Bar And Then Drive Him Back Home Parties" which I have to tell you have not had a very impressive attendance. Oh come on, I'm just kidding. I'll tell you where I live in Beverwaard Rotterdam.....No Wait ..... there I used to live. My bad.

I'd like to thank Britney Spears for hooking with Casper, Kelly Bundy for donating all of the Arts from my old house, and my buddy B.for taking time out of his schedule to build the stage for me.
Re: OT
February 19, 2009 04:54PM
I'm trying again

mga Wrote:
> Hi. Does anyone have/know where to get the full
> footage from the Øya concert 07? I’m trying use
> torrent, but I'm stuck at 44%.. no one is
> seeding.. sad smiley
Re: OT
February 20, 2009 01:13AM
Man i laughed my ass off... Your rules rul hahahaha

By the way that linked photo to the Award party there made lovely SNAH look like my fuckin Boss I hated so much on Christmas Dinnerparty... But the cool thing is he got fired got fired a few months ago.. But that with the Foto is so unfair...
Re: OT
February 20, 2009 09:43AM
Morning Guys,

Like always coffee comes first thing the morning.Second thing that comes to mind is....a cigaret....mmmm...yes.Now, let me immediately get to the subject here.I feeeeeel sooooo proud.LOL.Yes, i do.Proud of the music you guys have been making since the first time i ever went to an MP concert, guess it was back in '96/97 somewhere, Noorderligt Tilburg during the Blissard tour i guess wich is actually a great album, i do not hear much people talk about it these days but it contains a numerous of great songs and great melodic motion.I could not instantly name out the title of the songs like nowadays at that time and the whole concert remained blurry afterwards.It reminded me of my friends reaction who i took with me to the last gig in Watt, (???!!!?????!!) "They looked like hippies but they played like anarchists".......but it has all to do with knowing the set wich i did not know off at that time since i was a few minutes MP fan at that time.It was also the time in wich i started trying playing guitar and i still try that do i can barely play, yeyeyeyeye.From there next up was the trust-us tour, the unbelieveble awesome gig at Tivoli and on...untill the last concert at you know where and what happend.....
Making music or the reasons behind it has changed a lot these days.Thas why i'm really proud guys, yous took it in the right direction.Doing this for like 10 years with all the patience and consistency is like for me the key to succes.I haven't seen much like it anywhere.Do the real reason behind it is somewhat slightly different, to me as a rockband you guys have been filling up my dreams various times and showed me true meaning of making music.Besides this, the loyalty and friendship between each other is a lesson of wich many other rockstars could take example off.Instead of turning into a buch of selfindulgent brain dead consumers, you guys have been putting the spots where they're supposed to be...at the fans!!! A lesson wich i would love to share, wich i would love to learn.Going Psychonaut really has become a way of life.
One other thing wich really shows me a lesson to learn is the patience you guys have.MY GOD!!!! This is one of the best things i've ever seen.I have never seen anyone with that much patience!!!! A million thumbs up guys.You rule.I find it somehow really hard to have that much patience, like in waiting on B.E, this is killing me!!! Why would i wait for something or someone who's obviously not interested, does not have same spiritual inspirations ans asperrations and drops faith like trashcandypapers.I know, i should be silently praying and i do many times, but again i guess i am not that strong yet.I don't make decisions when i am like that but you know those up-nights get to you at some point.I promise i keep trying for i know that making the wrong decision is out of the question.But, just to let you know what's bothering me.And yeah, fuck, i tried to tell her, showed her the whole picture, i'd even pushed the rose in her face but things have stayed the same.Always behind me, never next to me wich is pretty stress-full and somehow unfair.The 29th bulletin, right? Thus the superior man walks in lasting virtue And carries on the business of teaching.If you are sincere, you have success in your heart and whatever you do succeeds.
Keep up the good work guys!!!
Re: OT
February 20, 2009 10:06AM
yeyeyeyeye, BIS BIS BIS for the super tight version of OYA's Kill Devil Hills....it's so good it's almost scarry!!!
mark de klerk
Re: OT
February 20, 2009 02:56PM
Anonymous User Wrote:
> Oh, yeah, good ol´ dave.
> Come to think of it, Dave stopped doing drugs and
> making good records around the same time....

eyes of fire
back to the cross
who's foolin who

another 14 days for the ticket.wow, nice gril commin in here.btw, what's up, felix?????
Re: OT
February 21, 2009 11:14AM
...people in this room definitely should listen more to Heavy Metal.....
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