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20 years of Motorpsycho - time for a gathering?

Posted by Thomas 
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Re: 20 years of Motorpsycho - time for a gathering?
January 14, 2009 04:15PM
> I suggest we go for a Motorpsycho
> gathering/convention etc celebrating the 20 years
> of pure pleasure that Motorpsycho have provided
> us. Would it be of interest? Anyone care to join
> and put togheter a proposal for the forum?


1) Charter a boat from Stockholm to Helsinki on March 3rd

2) Party at the Mercure Hotel in Tilburg, Roadburn 2009 Weekend...room number to be announced!

(note: Martin & Varg's room number; not mine)

(no guest list, but admission will be granted based on a short [20 page] quiz covering the history and music of Motorpsycho).

3) 20-hour long midnight mad sun gathering in northern Norway in summer
Re: 20 years of Motorpsycho - time for a gathering?
January 15, 2009 10:55AM

Rockens Riddere (www.rockensriddere.no) will also have some representatives on Roadburn. Will travel from Eindhoven to Tilburg, but will be rocking out with the best.. smiling smiley ..hookups should be agreed upon when we see the festival close in.

Motorpsycho. Neurosis. Mono. Shora. Baroness. Saviours. Om. I can't stop drooling.. grinning smiley

Motorpsycho gathering:

1) tribute record.
2) acoustic concert by the band.
3) elektric concert by the band.

ps! does anyone know how much VOW want for the masters? winking smiley

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