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Selling plenty of MP lps

Posted by Morten 
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Selling plenty of MP lps
May 01, 2005 11:31PM
I am selling theese copies of MP records or related (all in vinyl)

-The Nerve Tattoo
-Wearing Yr Smell
-Hey Jane
-The Other Fool
-Walkin With J

All EPs and in mint condition.Except Starmelt, which the cover is mint-.

Gebardt - Plays with himself LP (mint)

HomeGroan - Astro Dome Ep (mint)

Comin Down Fast - Var. Artists incl. MP. 1004/2000.

HGH - Pignoise (mint)

We`ll sail out far... - Var. Artists incl. MP. 1000 copies. (mint)

-Phanerothyme - sealed (mint)
-Let Them Eat Cake (mint)
-Trust Us (mint)
-Roadwork Vol. I (mint)
-Roadwork Vol. II (mint)

I am selling the record very sheap, except a couple of them. They are out of stock, and I cant give them away for free.

The highest bidder is the winner!
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