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MP zipper hoodie (L), navy blue.

Posted by Eivind H. Olsen 
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MP zipper hoodie (L), navy blue.
November 06, 2007 11:08AM
I just bought a hoodie, with my own design (uploaded tatoo and logo) from the USA. It turned out to be too big for me (size: large), so I'm selling it. Cost me 39$ (215 NOK) incl S&H. You can have it for the same price, and either pick it up in Oslo, or get it shipped, if you pay for it yourself smiling smiley. I get no profit from this.

Navy blue (very dark blue) color, big tatoo on the back, small tatoo with MOTORPSYCHO (with the right font) on the chest, both prints in gold, and good quality.

Re: MP zipper hoodie (L), navy blue.
May 06, 2008 09:46PM



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Re: MP zipper hoodie (L), navy blue.
May 06, 2008 10:30PM
Concider it sold!
Re: MP zipper hoodie (L), navy blue.
May 06, 2008 10:52PM
Where did you buy it? It was a cheap prize and looks great!
Re: MP zipper hoodie (L), navy blue.
May 07, 2008 08:05AM
Sold to a guy who sent emailfirst smiling smiley

Bought it through spreadshirt.net. Made a vector design from the logo and text.

If anyone is interested, I can order more hoodies. Send me an email.
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