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MP vinyl for sale

Posted by Sindre Ernst 
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MP vinyl for sale
December 07, 2008 01:20AM
I'm selling the following;

LP's (all 1. press stickman);

Timothy's Monster (nr. 1092)
Kr. 500.-

Kr. 400,-

Angels & Daemons
Kr. 400,-


Sinful windborne
Kr. 400,-

Mad sun
red sawblade
Kr. 500,-

Mad sun
yellow sawblade
Kr. 500,-

I'm also considering selling the following for good bids;

Lobotomizer (signed)
Demon Box
Tussler 10"
Little Lucid Moments (multicolored, with the limited T-shirt & poster)

Tussler (dBUT 015 yellow cd)

Contact me for more info.
Oslo Norway
Re: MP vinyl for sale
December 08, 2008 02:27PM
Hei. Er du interessert i bytte? Har litt tynt med penger i disse juletider, men er interessert i opptil flere av disse skivene!

Drop meg en mail på heartattack.mac (a) gmail.com, så blir vi enige om noe!

Mvh Jan Tore
Re: MP vinyl for sale
February 02, 2009 10:37PM
Hello, first time on this site. If you still have Demon Box, already thought about selling it ? Can you send me a mail ? abuiter@live.nl
tenx, Berry.
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